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Author Topic: Battle Ultima  (Read 393 times)

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Battle Ultima
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:12:43 AM »
Information for Tournament

The Battle Ultima is a galaxy wide tournament and for humanity it’s first their official first.
4,000,000 contestants from across the universe wage war for the purpose of becoming reigning champ, for whatever suits them. For some it’s about endorsements and money, others it’s about prestige, honor, or maybe about testing one’s skills in glorious combat, and some are just in it to kill other beings legally on a galactic stage to the chant of bloodthirsty fans.
This is Battle Ultima (English translation of the name from alien script) good luck contestant, and don’t worry, the Revivication Tubes are standing by when you are brutally killed…

Entry Form:
Call sign:

There will be a vast number of rounds, starting with the planetary Elimination battle of Rigas XVI where contestants will be whittled down to 2,000 members.
From there the Lucky 2,000 will be allowed to choose a team of 5. Team Warfare Battles will be held constantly for the next 5 years in order to get points. The 100 highest teams move to the next round, from which another 75 will be eliminated, the next will be standard tournament duals until a champion is crowned.

(OOC: PC’s are Major characters, the ones that will make it to the final 25. all other contestants are NPC’s and feel free to free write your battles and interactions with them and post them.)

Major NPC’s (cannot be fought without my approval)

Name: Maltuk Skullgrall
Call sign: Champ
Species: Krull
Gender: Male
Biography: Maltuk Skullgrall is the reigning champ, this tournament marks his Centennial (100 years) as champ. He’s a paragon of the Krull species and one of the most popular Ultima players for his ability to play to the audience His contracts as a private security consultant, adventuring, and endorsements from various Galactic Companies make him richer than some planets. He is used to having the best of the best. Skullgrall is a galactic superstar, his power is legendary and his sexual appetites are infamous. Fame and Fortune haven’t dulled his edge, he’s still able to crack a human’s spine over his knee (demonstrated last season) or go toe to toe with the best the Universe offers.
Appearance: 24 Perc high (10 feet 7in, 2 cm) four armed humanoid creature covered in black carapace over red flesh. His fleshy eye, mouth, and sensitive areas are hidden by solid carapace that splits open when he eats or actually needs to use them. Imagine that with golden warpaint (actual gold, he can afford it) and a large champion’s symbol on his face carapace.

Name: Charles Bishop
Call sign: Father Bishop
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Biography: Father Bishop was a chaplain in the ROH military, and developed a “unique” theocratic view of his faith, one that The Church of the One on Earth does not endorse. He was the first human to make it into Ultima, and made it to second place before Skullgrall broke his spine in the championship match. It is because of Bishop’s success that humans signed up in droves the next time Ultima year came around. He’s slotted as a main contender this year, part warrior monk, part Commando Bishop brings a steady eye and calming presence to the battlefield.
Appearance: an athletic balding man in his mid 50’s in White armor with a Gold Cross. His teammates wear White armor with a Red Cross, you’ll see the red cross from his rifle’s laser long before you see him.

Name: Lars Fontelli
Call sign: Boss Lars
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Biography: a human athlete from New Orleans that excelled in football but was banned after his Gene steroids caused him to mutate on the field and kill the opposing quarterback. He makes it to the second round and forms Rolling Thunder with the backing of Advent Genetics. On the condition he puts a number of their Moreau (human animal) on his team. Sara Tumar is his oversight officer from the company, she also preticipates in battles providing the Tech support for Lars brute force.
Appearance: a hulking blue humanoid tiger in heavy armor, he speaks with a Cajun accent.

Name: Brugha
Call sign: Paladin
Species: Lanor
Gender: Male
Biography: Brugha placed third in the last Ultima, bishop opened his skull up with a sniper round. Brugha thinks it was a Dishonorable tactic. This time he’s returned with heavy armor in toe, and is determined to reclaim his honor. Lanor are both one of the most honorable and sexually charged species in the known Galaxy. Meaning he’s stubborn, tough, and passionate
Appearance: Humans call Lanor Centuar or horse men, due to their centaur like bodies, and horse like heads. Brugha advances in heavy armor akin to a Tank, behind a Psy-shield and carries a force lance, anyone who wants to beat him has to get through all that heavy armor and avoid his lethal charge.

Major NPC teams that will make it to the next round
SkullGrall: champion
Rolling Thunder: Lars Fontelli
Templars: Father Bishop
Ronin: Human
Psych: Trivallian
Numaria: Lanor

Entry Form: My personal character
Name: Nova 227
Call sign: Nova
Species: Alandri Star Mech
Gender: None physically-male persona
Biography: Nova was a Starfighter Astromech, over time he started learning from his dogfights, and became Self-aware. When he questioned orders, under the ROH Sentient Rights accord he became a living being with all the rights and privileges afforded a human being. Alandri decided to set him loose instead of spending a fortune in the ROH courts to win a court case, and dealing with all the bad publicity that would come after. However never one to lose an opportunity for profit Alandri slapped Nova with a massive bill for his own construction (and every repair he had previously). With Ultima coming up, it seemed a way to make the money he needs. Alandri is fine with letting him do it, if he succeeds they look good to the public and their product is advertised like never before, if he is destroyed, they remove a potential media nightmare from their list. While he is not a slave Nova is deeply in debt, and always looking to make money to pay it off. He is brilliant, logical, and has a connection to the Extranet
Appearance: with a body made of Carbon fiber-synthetic muscle covered with White Ceramic alloy plates Nova has painted himself blue in a mechanical pattern with a Nova burst on his left breast. A positronic brain, nervous system, and advanced sensors mean he has some of the fastest reflexes on the battlefield.