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Author Topic: Looking For Heroes and Villains  (Read 809 times)

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Looking For Heroes and Villains
« on: August 09, 2006, 08:38:03 PM »
Currently the JLA game I'm running is low on players, so I thought I'd give this another shot to see if anyone else is interested.

Basically, the Big Seven have all dissappeared (post 52, post Infinity Crisis), and an emergency League has been formed. A threat will soon make itself evident, a threat that could pose enough danger to unite even the villains against it.

For those of you who don't keep up with the comic books but like the characters, Wikipedia is a great resource, and, for those who don't have the time to slog through Wikipedia to find a character they like, yes, original characters are allowed, though they aren't automatically in and may require some tweaking. Currently on the team are:
The Green Arrow
Mary Marvel
The Ray
Jason Blood
Shifter (an original character)

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Re: Looking For Heroes and Villains
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2006, 02:35:59 AM »
Is interested in joining in.  Would Zatanna be ok to use as a character.

She is a prominent consultant on paranormal matters for DC superheroes and has been a longtime member of the all-star Justice League

Offline Darwishi

Re: Looking For Heroes and Villains
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2006, 10:32:48 PM »
I might be interested in playing Black Canary or an original character.  Also don't want Canary attatched to Green Arrow, not sure the whole continuity thing with pre- and post infinite crisis.  I know she was a member of the Justice League, and then went to the Birds of Prey later on...

Offline Praxis

Re: Looking For Heroes and Villains
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2006, 09:04:02 PM »
So I lost my write up for "Homicide" who is a toned-down, more sociopathic, visceral version of Deathstroke.  I've been swamped with little time of late but hopefully I'll get some time to write him up soon.

I really want to get my "villain-on".

Also...I wouldn't mind playing a hero in a pinch...

Such as...

Resurrection Man - fringe hero/vigilante - could be turned villain if you're looking for that

Booster Gold - great opportunity for character development although he was just killed in "52"


Nightwing - Either Dick Grayson, or Jason Todd (Way more psychotic and a "ends justifies the means" kinda guy

Although my heart really lays in being a villain.
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Offline Praxis

Re: Looking For Heroes and Villains
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2006, 12:52:00 PM »
Sorry if this is rambling.  I'm a bit tired.  :(

If I'm approved then I'll get caught up on what's going on in the game and incorporate myself accordingly.


Luke Sterling spent much of his younger years hopping from orphanage to orphanage, and as he got older, from one juvenile detention facility to another.  Luke was smart.  Luke also had an ability to display absolutely zero patience with anyone that he perceived wasn’t as intelligent as him.  Taking these two traits and combining it with a complete lack of any parental support as well as simply instilling a sense of humanity in Luke; he grew up to be quite unhinged.

On a winter day when Luke was sixteen, a man showed up at the detention facility Luke was currently staying at.  Luke didn’t know about fashion but he knew that the suit the guy wore was probably one of the most expensive things he’d ever seen in his life.

Luke was given an interview.  He was asked a number of strange questions, but he wasn’t stupid and when a man in an expensive suit takes the time to interview you in person; you treat it seriously, and you answer to the best of your ability.

It turns out a number of people in the detention facility were interviewed, and two weeks later, Luke was on a bus with seven other kids and being shipped to god-knows-where, but for the first time in a number of years, he felt hope.  Concepts such as hope, and excitement had been wrung out of him, but the interview had planted the seeds, and the bus trip allowed them to sprout and spread through him and where the other seven kids were stressed out, he felt fantastic.

A year later, Luke was part of the “Garden”.  The Garden was a state of the art facility that was run by Maxwell Lord before he ‘officially’ took over Checkmate and Batman’s Brother I satellite.  It was where Maxwell was trying to come up with a less invasive and obvious solider for the OMAC Project (One Man Army Corps).

Luke was unaware of this at the time, and he, and one hundred-eighty-four other kids his age began training.  It was like school with classes such as world history, art, physics, chemistry and math.  Homework was enforced by vicious beatings from the faculty, and performance was encouraged with  luxuries.  Dessert after dinner.  A chance to watch a movie in a private room.  Some kids cracked.  Some kids continued to fight back until they simply were never seen again.

Luke excelled.  Besides school work, they were taught hand to hand combat, infiltration ,  escape and evasion techniques, and the lessons Luke loved the most; firearm training.

Luke was in the Garden for two years: and in that time he and the remaining students had never stepped outside of the facility.  There were no days off.  They trained everyday.  Holidays and birthdays were a thing of the past, and the only celebrations were quiet nods of approval by the instructors when the students had performed exceptionally well. 

Things changed on a day that the remaining one hundred-thirty-six students were gathered in the main assembly hall.  Maxwell Lord stepped out of the shadows at the far end of the hall and explained to them how special they were, and how proud he, and all the instructors are of their efforts and their growth.  From the ceiling a duffel bag crashed to the floor, and when the bag struck the floor a number of melee weapons and sidearms tumbled out across the floor.

Maxwell revealed to them that there were great plans in store for a select few.  That group would prove beyond all doubt that they desired great things.  Only nine would be chosen, and those nine would be recognized by the instructors because they would be the only nine people standing in this hall.

Many of the students stood and tried to process what exactly Maxwell meant; Luke was one of them.  Right up until one of the students made a leap for one of the guns, rolled onto her side and pulled the trigger, and the kid standing next to Luke; well…his head simply disappeared in a cloud of blood.

That was when all hell broke loose.  Students that had been friends since entering the Garden were now rolling on the ground trying to strangle one another as their training, indoctrination and manipulation took hold of them.  The first kill for Luke had been hard. So hard that he was slumped against a wall, sitting on the floor crying when he had been torn out his sorrow when a bullet punctured his shoulder, and his training took over once more and he was rolling for cover.

With each progressive kill after that, the sorrow became less and less and by the time he had reached his eighth kill, the hall was significantly less crowded, and it became less of a battle and more closely associated with cool, calculated murder.  The students stalked one another, formed alliances only to be stabbed in the back.  It wasn’t until another duffel bag fell from the ceiling, full of canteens of water that a number of them realized how long they had actually been in the blood-drenched hall.  It had been thirty-nine hours since it had started and the appearance of the water caused more combat, dropping the remaining numbers of forty-two students down to twenty-eight in just a matter of minutes.

Where some of the students felt secure in numbers, Luke and a few of the other stronger students stayed strictly solo.  Where some students had a chance to sleep while others watched, Luke didn’t have that luxury.  To sleep, was to die, and Luke didn’t want that; so…he didn’t sleep.  It was a simple decision to make in Luke’s head and with three more kills when the initial havoc regarding the water had quieted, Luke was in possession of two canteens of water which he rationed diligently.

All in all, it took just a little over one hundred hours for it to end and it took armoured men with tasers to keep the remaining nine students from carrying on and killing one another.  Luke remembered little of that time, or of the next few days that followed.

He awoke, strapped to a bed, his body felt like hammered shit, and over time he began to learn that he was now called OMAC Echo.  When released from the bed, his training truly began.  The previous two years felt like a warm hug compared to what he underwent now.  Besides the training, he was subjected to massive amounts of genetic therapy, chemical treatments and hypno-therapy.

After another year, Luke had changed dramatically.  His was now little more than a weapon than an actual person.  The genetic tampering, coupled with the chemicals now coursing through his body left him stronger, faster and more resilient than even a top Olympic athlete.  He had been well-versed with all manner of hand to hand combat, melee weapons as well as firearms.

Luke was now able to simply hear the sound of a gun being fired and could recognize the model of the gun, the ammunition used as well as the location and distance between himself and the gun.

Luke was now able to lift a little over two tons over his head with both arms.  With this strength he was able to run far faster than normal as well as leap an impressive distance.  With the improvements came an enhanced level of resiliency and endurance as well.

By the end of another year, Luke was completing his training and growing more acquainted with his gear.  A black body suit that functioned as full body protection regarding firearms and most melee weapons.  It was believed that a gun of substantial calibre would be needed to penetrate the suit’s surface.  It came with built in infra-red as well as low-light capabilities, as well as it’s own internal oxygen source when needed.  Although never tested, it was revealed that if needed, the suit’s wearer could theoretically survive being in space for a limited period of time.

Beyond the suit were Luke’s weapons.  Although capable of using any firearms, Luke preferred pistols, and they were as exceptional as he was.  The Garden; being backed by Maxwell Lord had a number of exotic technologies at it’s disposal and some of it was made available to Luke.  Rather than be concerned with constant reloading, and giving Luke the opportunity to be more dynamic in his selection of, and utilization of appropriate ammunition depending on the situation, his guns had included a unique form of technology.  Using a crudely reverse-engineered version of Boom Tube technology from the villain Darkseid, the Garden was able to create what they called “Flat-Space”.

To put it simply, it’s an inter-dimensional warehouse.  Store something in Flat-Space, and simply pull it out when you need it.  Revolutionary, but it has it’s limits.  Things going into and out of flat space can’t be much bigger than six inches long or wide.  Anything large causes energy bleeds between the storage dimension and our world which can be quite lethal.

What the flat-space technology allows Luke to do is pull whatever ammunition he needs and fire it from his gun.  Each gun has the capacity to fire fifty rounds before the flat-space generator needs to recharge which takes thirty-three seconds (Luke knows this all too well.)

Luke also prefers to use knives if he must fight up close and he keeps two of them sheathed in a modified back pack on his back.  The knives are feather light, composed entirely of a modified ceramic composite and have been sharpened down to the micron level using modified laser-tech.

The downside to the change Luke underwent?  The chemicals and genetic manipulation have a price.  Three times a day, Luke needs to take medication that allows his body to cope with the tampering that was done to him.  The pills taste like he’s drinking gasoline and battery acid, and feels like someone is digging out his eyes with a fork.  It’s never gotten easier; not in the two years he’s been taking the meds.  Without the meds, he’s wracked with pain, and his intellect slowly deteriorates until he’s little more than a howling animal.

Luke was put on assignment, and they all entailed assassinations as killing seemed to be something he excelled at.  The Garden would reap the rewards in the form of money and political favours with each successful operation and he was no longer called OMAC Echo, but Homicide instead.

When Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord and everything began to unravel, the Garden was thrown into turmoil, and Luke, out on an operation in Khandaq was cut out of any manner of communication.

During the Crisis, Luke stayed in Khandaq, keeping his head low, and his presence unknown, making contacts where possible until the smoke cleared and he thought it was time to head back to America and see what opportunities waited him there.
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Offline Darwishi

Re: Looking For Heroes and Villains
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2006, 03:26:32 PM »
Ooooo.  And if you don't get accepted for some reason, then I'll gladly make up a character for a one on one game ^^