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Author Topic: Rayne's search for a new rp ( looking for Dom M)  (Read 686 times)

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Rayne's search for a new rp ( looking for Dom M)
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:14:08 PM »
Hullo, I'm searching for one or two rps since I have more free time than usual now that I'm on break. Anyways feel free to check out my rp preferences and my rabbit hole to get an idea of what I'm interested. Rp ideas are at the bottom of the post.

The main things to be aware of is that I do not do gore, vore, or watersports. I also do not like heavy blackmail, humiliation, degradation etc. I enjoy being dominated, bondage, all that, and I don't always play willing characters, but too heavy handed of a response doesn't make it very fun. I like things hot and sometimes a little rough... not distressing. PM me if this part seems fuzzy to you, I'll admit its hard for me explain exactly what I'm looking for here.

As for where, I only do forums. I will, however, talk over im or pms to set up rps.

As for plot ideas, I don't have many, but I'm open to hearing whatever you are interested in doing so send me a pm! I am also happy to make tweaks to these ideas.

The Farm

In this alternative world, farms are not places where cows or chickens are raised. Instead, they are where anthro girls are kept, where they are milked and used for breeding, or sometimes used by outsiders who pay for the privilege.
 Some farms are cheap places where girls are kept in shacks where they sleep on the floors. Others pride themselves in pampering the girls and keeping them happy, arguing that such treatment ensures better milk.
In this rp, I will play an anthro girl, newly caught in the wild and sold to one of the top farms in the region, where she will be assigned to a handler who will introduce her to the lifestyle and break her into it, as well as take care of her, with the eventual goal of entering her  into the annual state fair.

Involves: Bondage, lactation, semi non-con and any other elements we wish to include


She thought she could make a fortune. Break into the richest mansion in town and never have to steal again... but things went horribly wrong. The owner of said house caught her and, instead of turning her over to authorities, decided he might enjoy having a servant/slave/pet to entertain him.

In this rp I'd be interested in a twist, such as maybe the owner of the house is a vampire, or werewolf, but I won't require it. Just throwing it out there. Also, like the rp above this can range from non-con/bondage to something more extreme.


Whims of a God

The kingdom had been without war, famine, or disease for over two hundred years. It was a wonderful place, where academics and the best entertainers flocked to live.
But such a place does not happen naturally. The ancestors of the current king made a deal with a god. The god could pick a girl to take with him back to his realm whenever he pleased, in exchange for his divine protection over the land.
Now the god has come knocking again, and one girl is about to have her life changed forever.

This can go several ways. I would either play a common girl, or the king's daughter. The god can be kind or less so.

Possible kinks to include: Bondage, transformation, mind control, and any others.
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Re: Rayne's search for a new rp ( looking for Dom M)
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2010, 06:11:23 PM »
New idea, Whims of a God, added