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Author Topic: Seeking females [EX and more inside]  (Read 463 times)

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Seeking females [EX and more inside]
« on: May 08, 2010, 11:03:33 AM »
The Plight [EX] :: Minor, incest, anal, oral, cousins

Growing up on a farm, then moving to the city to spend the other half of your life can be rough, and very changing, in the grand scheme of things. Ray did just that, not by choice of course. Had it been his way, he never would have put up with the ridicule and teasing, the taunting and jeering that emerged from his accent and the way he dressed. Turning those things around, Ray became quite successful, finishing second in his high school and getting a full-ride to a prestigious college. At twenty-years-old, Ray is nearing the graduation date that had been set for him two and a half years ago. Suddenly, there's a knock on his door, interrupting his statistics work. There stood his aunt, holding a crying young woman at her side. She asked Ray to help. See: his younger cousin had made the same transition, from rural to urban, and had just started high school at the same time. Without any friends, she was made fun of and trash talked her entire first day. Ray was asked if be could give her some advice. The talk he gave hadcomforted her, and also made her want to come back. Her curiosity burned for his knowledge... All of it.

Something in the Shed [EX] :: beast, demon, intercourse, anal

Don't you just hate when a game of hide and seek goes horribly wrong? Especially when said game is supposed to just help two lovers build some sexual tension? But when the unlucky lady closes the door to the shed, she hears a growl, menacing and evil. Its not something one should hear from their shed. From the darkness a shadow emerges, when she flicks on the light, it vanishes. Not runs, but just disappears. She gets found. But curiosity plagues her and she must do something. When she's alone, she returns to the shed and faces what sort of creature is in there, only armed with a steak knife and a hope that something doesn't exist.

Escape to a Dream

Everytime Susan falls asleep, she dreams she is older, much older, with a ripe body and desires of older women. In her dream she's always dating, seeing or sleeping with the man of her dreams. When she wakes up, its always a new day, brighter and fresher. Today, however, a most unfortunate event would befall her. A truck drove through a red light, striking her mother's vehicle on the driver's side. Susan's head riocheted off the window, causing her to fall into a coma. She wakes up in her dream, ready to make love with her dream guy. But her world is crumbling. Like some post-apocalypse, the world had only broken buildings and barren wastelands. Suddenly, strange creatures began to emerge, threatening to attack. Then her dream guy appears, attacking and fending off the creatures. The man tells her she must escape this dream. Her life depends on getting out and never seeing her dream guy again. She must decide, but soon more creatures arrive, ready to feast on their flesh. He takes her hand and tells her to run...
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Re: Seeking females [EX and more inside]
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 02:33:55 PM »
This is not a scene... :: furry/anthro

A metropolitan city, full of diversity, buzzing with busy-bodies, every road full of life and motion, then everything comes to a screeching halt. As the first witness screeches (that owl), the scene is revealed to everyone passing by. A murder. Stab wounds (from claws) and a gash across the throat (from teeth). The scene is soon secured by the ASA (Arilla Security Agency), and the CSI begins collecting evidence. Staring at the shaky old bird stands a very formidable figure, built strong and fast, nimble but aggressive, with long ears and a... bushy... tail? Yes, Officer H. Maxfoot (the H stands for Harold, which every one just calles him Hare) was a very annoyed rabbit trying to discern the owls squawking and screeches from her account of what she saw. The officer waved her off as he turned to return to the scene. He began to shadow an interest of his, a female on the CSI unit, who had plenty of secrets to hide and the perfect means to keep them hidden.

((female must be carnivorous, but you get to choose what))