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April 17, 2021, 12:51:39 am

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Author Topic: Live It Up Until You Last Dying Breath...  (Read 1126 times)

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Live It Up Until You Last Dying Breath...
« on: May 06, 2010, 09:29:07 pm »
May 6th [256] - Live it Up Until Your Last Dying Breath...

Life is something unexpected. In fact, life is something to rejoice in even if it does like to give you a swift kick in the ass. No matter if you feel you are stuck in the land of nowhere, life still goes on. Life still has, well, its life to live. You are either going to make something of yourself or you are going to end up regretting not doing anything when you lay in your death bed. For me, life has gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Things have happened for a reason and I do not regret it. Do I wish I went about it another way? Sure, but considering the fact I inherited to the trigger temper, it is always a beauty and a curse. A beauty for I can at least drop snarky and fast comments at the drop of the hat. A curse because it can get this female into trouble. Already, I am still trying to get the police officer to forgive my intrusion into his son's house a few months ago. I told him he invited me over but his son just had to say I...well, that is another story for another time. Nonetheless, there have been certain items in my life I have wondered the 'what if'. Somehow, I think everyone has those moments of pondering over what could have happened if they went left instead of right at the cross roads.

Tis almost the end of the semester and the mark of a year in a new place with new friends and new experiences. I have enjoyed the antics I have gone through with the old and new people who wandered and sat down to enjoy my life with; though there are a few people I truly could have been without but it aided in seeing that I am stronger than the wrath of three females looking to pick a fight. In fact, I did see a glance or two of one of the old roommates, the one whom I disliked with a passion. She was supposed to graduate last semester but I assume she managed to fail the class that she needed and has to take another semester or two to graduate within her time limit. I know I need to step up my own game to get out in the time limit I put myself in.

Next semester, I plan to take on fifteen units of regular classes and another three units of work if I manage to secure the job I have now for the next semester. Thinking of work, I have to say that while I stressed myself out with the portfolio and the work conferences, I found kindred spirits within the organization. I even have some loose plans to hit the road with a few of my female co-workers. Either hit Los Angeles or even Vegas because none of us is willing to travel more than eight to ten hours depending on who is driving and the shortcuts to get to the destinations. Never had I thought I would become close to my coworkers let alone to six of them. They are a part of the familia and women who come from all different walks of life. Even they accept the side of me to which is Domme and to which is polyamorous. In fact, we all joke about the lovelies I have on my speed dial and the care packages I receive or send their way. It is a blessing to have their friendships and there are plans for the next two days to have dinner together and a BBQ.

Speaking of BBQ, familia are invited to join in the festivities this Saturday. Familia has been a great support system since the move to San Francisco. It has not always been easy considering I am one of the second individuals and I believe the first female to move away from the nest (well, moved more than two hours away). Usually, no one leaves the familia neighborhood unless it is next door or around the corner. Nothing wrong in sticking close by to familia but it does become a small world where one does not get out to see what is going on in the rest of the neighborhoods. Since moving to San Francisco, I have come to appeciate the Bay Area scene, as well as, the famila putting up with the odd hours I have to keep. A few have come to learn of my night job but it is still a work in progress with the older generations to see me as someone who enjoys her lifestyle and not condemned to the flames of hell. Besides, the Devil is afraid I am going to take over and wants nothing to do with moi.

I have raised hell the last year in San Francisco and around other places. I think I even managed to get myself kicked out of a bar but I am not certain since the bodyguard who escorted me out later gave me his number and to come by later at the club. I never went back to the club and I did enjoy myself for a few nights with the bodyguard but nothing came from it. We still talk from time to time and...wait.

Apologies, seems I went off on the sexual explorations I have checked off on the list for the Bay Area. So far I have done what I wanted in that I have gone to the Wharf, rode on the Muni, went to the beach, met a celebrity in or around San Francisco, went to the Haight district, headed to the Civic Center, almost got into a bar fight with a 'Dom, dated a few individuals and managed to secure a few friends and lovers. Right now, I need to cross off visiting Castro for more than a few minutes, visiting the set of where most of videos are shown, visit the SF Citadel and overall party it up in the city. Of course, money is tight but with the night job, I should be able to get to the rest of the events. Also, since I plan to stick around for part of the summer, I will have easier access to Carnival, Gay Pride and few other kinktastic events which take place in the summer. I cannot wait to see the breasts swinging and the hips shaking downtown. Until then,

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,


P.S. I do enjoy comments.