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Author Topic: Population Control ((Post-Apocalyptic RP))  (Read 864 times)

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Offline LadySheikahTopic starter

Population Control ((Post-Apocalyptic RP))
« on: May 06, 2010, 02:08:31 PM »
I have the first post ready to go, I just need about 7-9 people before I start the RP.

Time- Sometime in the near Future.
Place- Somewhere in the North US. (Portage IN)
Population- 6,000 (Most NPC)

Dr. VARICK, owner of one of the largest Medical Companies and a group of Five stars Resorts around the world, has been plotting the start of his new race for years. His build his Resorts, invite groups of people that he thinks should be saved to stay in them...then when all is good unleash a deadly virus that his Company has been working on for the better part of the new century. A virus that will spread quickly and bring hell to the world outside the safety of his Resorts large walls.

Our story takes place in the "Nevaeh Gardens" a 20 square mile resort outside the small town of Portage IN. Guarded by its large castle like walls "Nevaeh Gardens" new residents are save from the hell going on outside. After all its been only two days sense the virus has been unleashed. However, unknowing to Dr. Varick his plan has back fired in most of the resorts after a group of people he trusted took it into there own hands to save as many people as they could. Sending out invitations to groups of random people for a so called "Fully Payed Vacation for them and there families" using the the Doctor's own company to pay for the rescue mission.

Kidnapped, locked in their hotel rooms for the past week....the people of "Nevaeh Gardens" now face a new life in this so called grand resorts. Making a new life within its walls with people from all political, racial and religious backgrounds....and the new race that saved them all.

Sheik- A new race made by the viruse. Because of there rare blood type the virus affected this group of humans differently. They are human in all sense of the word....well besides for there red and gold eyes.....and the gifts they now hold. Gifts: Dreamers, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychokinesis, "Green Thumb", "Techno" and "Guardians."
((Dreamers- They hold a gift that is keeping the Resort alive. It is unsure what it is...but let it be known that there is only one Sheik Dreamer in each resort. They are also the only sub-race of Sheik that was given a sub name.))     ((I will only allow 6 in the RP---5 spots left))

Stitches- What happens to humans that come in touch with the virus. They are also called Zombies or Undead by most.
-Stage One- When they are still alive the human infected seems to loose control of all emotions Living only feed by rage and hunger.
-Stage Two- When the humans in stage one die there bodies live on. Reanimated dead, Hunger and Rage still full these being. They can be slow moaning type or quicker smarter kind the virus affecting people differently.

Humans- They are well human. Most have gotten the anti-virus when they came to the resort.

(Everyone is allowed up to 4 characters

Race-(Human or Sheik)
Short History- (Should have what you character's life before the virus, how they got to the resort and what happened when they got to the resort before getting locked in there room)

~Places in the Resort~

Mall/Hotel/Medical (Hotel-30 Levels, Mall-4 levels)
Farm ((Located in the back of the Resort))
Fruit Trees ((Located in the back of the Resort))
Animal Farm ((Located in the back of the Resort))
Green Houses ((Located in the back of the Resort))
Golf ((Located next to the Park))
Park ((Located in the middle of the resort))
Housing ((Located next to the park))


Name- Gail
Age- 22
Race- Shrik ((Still Turning))
Job- Dreamer
Skills- Jake of All Trades/Head of the "Resort" (Use to be Military)
Weapon- Twin Hand Guns and Boot Knifes
Personalty- To most she comes off as a Cold Heart Bitch.
Appearance- ((art is a ruff draft))
Short History- The poor girl was more or less kidnapped against her will to work for the doctor. Her family killed before her eyes by the men Varick hired to take her. Brought on to help design and build these so called Resorts. She really didn't know why he picked her. ((See Race)) After all Gail was nothing more then a common soldier, about to get out and finish collage. But he was a fool to trust her and her team. Her hate for him and the plan to kill everyone like he killed her family fueled her plan to save as many souls as she could.

Name- Zek
Age- 26
Race- Shirk
Job- Security Monitor
Skills- Tecno (Computer Wiz)
Weapon-  None
Personalty- Clam, Happy-Go-Lucky
Short History- Not much is known about the young Shirk, but he is one of the few Shirk in Nevaeh. He is often found watching the Security Monitors and reports most of his findings to the guards and Gail.


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Offline Aethian

Re: Population Control ((Post-Apocalyptic RP))
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2010, 09:09:30 AM »
May I just say I love your location for this to be happening.  ;D

Name- Tridia
Age- 24
Race- Shiek
Job- Green Thumb
Skills- Ability to run plants through their whole life cycle in the matter of moments. The max of this being up to a half acre in size. But generally just uses her power to help along seedlings, helping dieing plants, and the like.
Weapon- Plants are her weapon, vines to wrap and hold. Thorns to piece the skin, trees to crush and drink upon the blood.
Personalty- She's generally a very soft spoken person. Liking to be in her gardens then around others. But when she finds one that she trusts that trust is very strong and only a backstabbing could break it.
Appearance- Long brown hair so dark it looks black. Deep gold eyes that look almost like molten gold. But she is small and only five feet tall along with being a bit chubby, but still well proportioned.
Short History- She was a florist before and seemed to have the talent before being changed. With people coming to her with help on plants they already had and those coming to her to get some of her clippings. She had been approached about a great opportunity to do what she loved to do on a larger scale. While at first she had been nervous about what was happening, she now just keeps to herself and to her plants.