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Author Topic: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)  (Read 1821 times)

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Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« on: May 06, 2010, 01:11:57 PM »
**Why I was Gone**
-Sorry everyone I was gone so long. Sad to say a few of our aircraft went down over seas and a few of the people in them had to be sent home. Thank God no one was killed. However, I was part of the crew that had to get State Side aircraft up and ready to be sent to replace the ones we lost. After we got that done we had to dismember the ones that had been shot down and get them ready to be sent to the "Grave Yard". Then the worse thing happened.....internet went down in my area because Cox ((The place I get my internet from)) was doing some updates or something in the area. Well know I have my internet back and hope that I can really get started now because it seemed as soon as I joined this wonderful site everything went to hell and back again. I hope everyone understand and will give me another chance at RPing with ya'll. Now because I was gone so long and forgot half the plots I had planned with people or forgot what I'm RPing with who I would like to restart all my RPs. I hope you all understand.   

~*~Craving Right Now~*~
!!~*~Senior Enlisted/Teen Student (Plot)~*~!!
~*~Harry Potter~*~
~*~Legend of Zelda~*~
~*~Enemy Soldier/Military POW~*~
~*~Foreign Officer/US Enlisted~*~
~*~Nazi x American POW~*~
~*~Officer/Enlisted (Plot) ~*~ NEW!!
~*~Senior Enlisted/Junior Enlisted (Plot)~*~ NEW!!
~*~Arranged Marriage (Any Time Setting))~*~
~*~Silent Hill-Boogie Man/OC (Plot)~*~ NEW!!!
~*~Supernatural-Castiel x Fallen Angel~*~NEW!!!
~*~Werewolf/Werewolf (Plot)~*~NEW!!!

~*~RP'S ((OPEN))~*~

PM Based:

~Original Setting: Filling Mah Zoo ((Theik & LadySheikah))

Light: Exotic Solo
Like an Outlaw ((TenchuFall & LadySheikah))

Bondage: Human Solos
Orchideous ((Padwen & LadySheikah))

NC: Human-Freeform Solos
Delving into madness ((Samael Grimaldi & LadySheikah))

NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos
Legend of Zelda: Fate of the Banished ((LadySheikah & DigitLninja))
Yo ho, the Pirates life for me ((LadySheikah & Maniac))

Extreme Solos
Prisoner of War on Supernatural Terror ((vin26m & LadySheikah))
Population Control  (Shadowsire & LadySheikah)


~*~ABOUT ME~*~

- No I do not have IMs and no you can not have my e-mail….but thanks for asking ^^
- 10+ years of roleplaying experience
- Plays males and females
-I only Play swtich and submissives roles....I DO NOT PLAY DOM
- Capable of playing multiple characters
- Up to ten paragraphs for introduction posts, an average of four paragraphs per regular post. But can do more or less depending on RP.
- Does original and fan-based pairings (But prefers original pairings)
- Does homosexual (M/M & F/F) and heterosexual pairings
- Dose Forum and PM Rps
- Dose Not do E-mail or IM RPs
- Likes to chat OOC with partners
-Also I like using Character skeleton: Please feel this out if you RP with me with the character you will be using for our RP.



- No one liners.
- No characters below the age of 16 involved in romantic situations
- No Furries/Anthros
- No male pregnancy
- No E-Mail or IM Rps
- Tell me what you want to play: I need to know the fan-title/pairing, and what gender pairing you want.
- Know what you want
-No Scat or Death
- Please Understand that I do I have two small children, a husband and a job so if I don’t get back to you right away know that I will in the next day or two. DON’T SEND ME PMS CRYING THAT YOU THINK I’M TRYING TO AVOIDE YOU!

~*~Pairings and Genres~*~
The characters I would be playing are the second listed.
Ex. Student x Teacher
I would be playing the Teacher, as it is the first character listed.




Werewolf/Werewolf (Plot)


~Angels and Fallen~
Fallen/Angel (Plot)



~Elf and Drows~

~Mystical Creatures~


Brother/ sister ((Taken))

Collage Roommates

Arranged Marriage

Doctor/Patient (Plot)
Nurse/ Patient


Enemy Soldier/Military POW (Plots)
Officer/Enlisted (Plot)
Senior Enlisted/Junior Enlisted (Plot)
Foreign Officer/US Enlisted (Plot)
Senior Enlisted/Teen Student (Plot)
Nazi/American POW

Apocalyptic (Plot)
Post-Apocalyptic (Plot)
Zombie-Apocalypse (Plot)

King x Thief
Prince x Thief
Guard x Thief
Warrior x Thief
Other x Thief
Thief x Princess
Guard x Princess
Warrior x Princess
Prince x Princess
Other x Princess
Prince x Slave (or servant)
Other x Slave (or servant)
Prince  x Warrior
King  x Warrior
Other  x Warrior
King (or prince) x Gypsy
Guard x Gypsy
Warrior x Gypsy
Other x Gypsy
Other  x Injured Troublemaker
Other (ie. warrior, prince, etc.) x Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider x Other

~Movies and TV shows~

Harry Potter
-Dean and/or Sam x Death
-Dean and/or Sam x Angel
-Castiel x Fallen Angel
-Castiel x Demon

~Video Games~

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 13
Legend of Zelda (Plots)
Call Of Duty
Silent Hill
-Boogie Man/OC (Plot)
Alone In the Dark

~Anime and Cartoons~

Wolf Rain
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z (Plot)
Lion King
Princess Mononoke
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Dark Shell:Lust in the Cell (Plot)
~*~Gail Ralohs~*~
**Note** All characters and Art work is copy righted to me. These are my OC and I payed for the art work. Please do not steal them**
**Note** If my main characters do not fit into an RP don't worry....I'll make a character to fit into our RP.**]

The list of costumes from left to right:
sleepwear, everyday, school  uniform, military uniform, swim-/summerwear, winterwear, semi-formal (business),  formal, wedding, victorian, pirate, Hyrule commoner, Hyrule royal,  Sheikah

Gail was my first Character I ever made. She is based on me and each costume shows how she would look in different RPs. Below I will list each costume and they types of RPs they are used for.
-Sleepwear, Everyday, Swim-/Sumerwear, winterwear, semi-formal, formal: These can/will be used in Modern day type RPs or Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic RPs
-School Uniform- School Type RPs
-Winter Wear- Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
-Military- Military Type RPs, Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
-Sleepwear- Stripper Setting type RPs
-Semi-form (Business)- RPs who's settings is in the work place.
-Wedding- Arranged Marriage RP in any setting
-Victorian- RPs who's settings are in the Victorian age
-Pirate- Pirate type RPs
-Hyrule Commoner- Legend of Zelda, Mid-Evil, Fantasy or Elf RPs
-Hyrule Royal- Legend of Zelda, Mid-Evil, Fantasy or Elf RPs
-Sheikah- Legend of Zelda, Ninja, Fantasy or Elf RPs
((If you have an Idea don't be scared to ask. I'm open to just about anything.))
Now her history and story may change with each RP. But this info will not:

Name: Gail Rolahs
Age: 16-24 (Depending on RP)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125

Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Liquor or Coke
Favorite Music: Rock or Celtic
Favorite Movies: Horror

Religion: Unknown

Personality: She is a very cocky, Sarcastic, Arrogant. She is quite intelligent and having a knack for getting herself out of problems. Despite her age she is still somewhat learning about herself and what she really wants in life. Although she can come off as a cold hearted bitch, Gail can be rather kind natured to those she really cares about. Finding herself to be outgoing and fun loving if the time and place is right.

**Note** All characters and Art work is copy righted to me. These are my OC and I payed for the art work. Please do not steal them**
**Note** If my main characters do not fit into an RP don't worry....I'll make a character to fit into our RP.**

Name: Thgil
Age: 16 or 17.....her age is unclear
Sex: Female although most think she is Male
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120

Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Sweet Wine

Religion: Unknown

Personality: She is a very quite and mysterious. If you see her you might even question if she was there at all.

History: Thgil's history is a rather sad one. It all started in her mother's and father's youth. Her father promised to another at child birth, but he never loved the woman he was to marry. No he loved a woman that was nothing more then a story teller and dancer. Himself a high class Sheikah knight. But nothing seemed to stop his love for this Sheikah woman. Until one night she found she was with his child. Leaving in the middle of the night with out even telling the Sheikah knight of his child or why she was leaving. Fore she knew if the tribe was to find out he would be banished and she would be killed along with her unborn child for such a sin.

Thgil was born on a small farm in the land of Hyrule. Knowing of her race and her mother's sad past when she turned of age she left. Looking for the tribe they had left so long ago and the father she never knew. A year or two passed and she found such tribe and the man who her mother had left. Seeing him with wife and children of his own Thgil waited to tell him who she was and why she had come. Passing herself off as a traveler she was invited to stay with her kind. However, when time came to tell the tribes leader, her father, who she really was he was not kind as she had thought he would be. No, he was angered by what her mother had did. How she had left him all those years ago. But he was also scared that his wife and tribe would find out about his past sin and marked his own child as a trader and had her banished not only from his tribe but any Sheikah clan and village. Marked as such Thgil now lives as an enemy of her people and the people of Hyrule.

**Note** All characters and Art work is copy righted to me. These are my OC and I payed for the art work. Please do not steal them**
**Note** If my main characters do not fit into an RP don't worry....I'll make a character to fit into our RP.**

His history and story may change with each RP. But this info will not:

Name: Clayton
Age: 16-26 (Depending on RP)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 180

Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Drink: Cola
Favorite Music: Rock and Classic Rock
Favorite Movies: Horror

Religion: Unknown

Personality: He is a very cocky, Sarcastic, Arrogant and most find him to be very rude. However he is quite intelligent. Around large groups of people he tends to be a little shy and likes being alone or in small groups rather then large parties or busy public areas.
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Offline LadySheikahTopic starter

Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2010, 01:17:24 PM »

Apocalyptic (Plot)/Post-Apocalyptic (Plot)

1~ The sites are being over ran with newly build clans that are more or less starting to eat there slaves because they are running out of food. My character...a slave of theirs....has ran away and finds herself lost in the forest that had now grown outside the city limits. Your character finds her and catches her. Taking her back to his small farming village that was built with in a clearing in the forest where she now serves him.

2~ A military base seems to be the only last save haven from the raders and flesh eatting clans that have been growing in the city and towns after a 3rd world war ended modern life. Little dose your character know there is still one Marine living with in the base and she seems to be doing rather well for herself. Will you take what you want or find other means to make it threw the winter that is only a few weeks away. Or will you find yourself on the wrong end of her gun.

3~A top secret bio-weapon was stolen from a research facility just as it was nearing completion. A globally broadcasted warning of a potential invasion of the undead was ignored, allowing the warhead to be dropped right into the middle of Detroit. The virus, programmed to stay dormant for a week after being released, found its way to nearly every country in the world before half a billion people dropped dead in the streets. Without a kill switch or vaccine, the vast majority of the corpses reanimated after exactly 24 hours.
This is war. The fight against a threat far greater than any formed army. Strict military curfew has saved a small number of cities, but communications are down and the outside world is the perfect place for a masochistic suicide.
(A quest for two people to make it to one of a few small agricultural plot protected by deep pits and walls or A viruse has left undead roaming the streets of every small town and large city in the world. It seems that the only safe place is a newly build mall in the city you have been living in. Little do you know there is someone that already calls this mall home. (Mall is fully stocked [4 levels] Open to a chat RP))


A young princess is being forced to marry a prince she has never meet. Little dose she know not only is the prince still has many lovers but he is also rather cruel and eager to take is young wife's virginity.

Military ((New Plots))


1~ Fresh out of boot camp and MOS school a young low ranking marine gets roomed up with a Male Sgt. Will her stay in the fleet be hell or will she find something more?

Enemy Soldier/Military POW

1~ While flying over a war filled city, a military helicopter is shot down and three of the soldiers on bored is taking POW. One of them a young female who wakes up with a bag over her head and tied to a chair. She can hear her attackers talking, even though she can't understand what they are saying.

2~ A young Army Sniper is taken POW after her team is killed before her eyes.

3~ In the middle of the night a U.S. Military base is attacked, and everyone is thought to be dead....well almost everyone. A young female solder has been taken POW by Enemy Soldiers. Why? They have not seen a female in months and the officers can not just pass up this little prize.

NCO/Teen Student

Between her first and second years of highschool a girl's parents sign her up for a recon/teambuilding boot camp. Naturally, NCOs have little tolerance for the. And this girl happens to be the worst they're ever seen, she also managed to rub her entire team the wrong way as well and no one cares enough to stand up for her when she is called out, put on the spot, humiliated, and generally taught a sound lesson by my character. No one else knows about the late night PT runs he takes her on either. But then again, there's very little running.

Foreign Officer/US Enlisted

A new MOS has been put into place, putting snipers on military helicopters. Our story starts with a young U.S. Enlisted soldier that has been in this program sense it started. Best of all the soldier has a room all to herself and its been like this for the past three years. What a shock to her when she gets back to her room one day to find a Foreign Officer has been placed in her room. Not only that but he turns out to be one of the new instructors for the new MOS.   

Harry potter

Coming Soon


1~ On their way home a young solder seems to have become the target of a cruel slaver looking for a strong spirit to break and turn into his toy.

2~ A new girl has been brought to the pens of a rich slave trade. Her story unknown and her clothes a little less then clear silk and jewelry. A fine Harem slave she would make if only someone could brake her.


1~ A young girl, A new town....a sister who is working three jobs to give them a good life after their mother and father passed away. Onica has found herself walking to and from school every morning and evening. Both before and after the sun had went down. Making her a target for a local vampire.

2~ A POW has be saved by a hungry vampire....but only because he wants her as his own and thinks it would be a waste to kill her (Taken but willing to do another)

Vamp /lycan

1~ A young girl, just turned into a lycan has been taken in by a clan of vampires to guard there leader. But is she just a slave....or maybe more?


1~ Vampires have brought together two lycans.. One Male and One Female. There plan is to breed them, and to rase there pups to guard there clan during the day. Caged in nothing less then small forest and cave in cased by magic glass. The male once free to roam the wild, the female inslaved sense birth. While they mate or will the male's wild spirit keep them from breeding?

2~ A large male werewolf is being hunted by....well another werewolf. Little did he know when he was younger he turned a young female human. Now it looks like she wants to get even with him or will his power be to much for her?


1~ After 100s of years of hiding in human form, The dragon race has had enough of the humans spreading like a virus across the land. Killing the earth and everything in there path. Taking matter into there own hands the dragons have all but killed every human in there path. Human governments and military disappearing as the human world fades away. But there are a few humans left...trying there best to stay alive while the dragon's hunt them. But will one human girl meet a fate worse then death when a male dragon catches her? (Taken)


1~ A Naga price is coming of age and as a gift his father has found him a young human pet.


The Elves have long been slaves to the humans, but after a great war the elves where freed. They now live in the slums of the human cities, working as servants and labor workers for the humans. It is my character's wedding day...but a human lord has other plans for this lovely elf.


When God loses faith in Mankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. But thanks to the request of seven angels God has given the humans one year. One year for the seven angels to find a reason why the humans should be allowed to be safe. Thus the angels where cast out of heaven and into the world of the living. There grace torn from there hearts, wings being ripped from there back as they fell to earth. Each with a virtue they must fine in at less one human.....
But they have a few challenges awaiting them. Because of the collars the wore to serve God fully they not must serve the first human that touches them and also to enter back into there heaven they have to find the grace (Heavenly name) they lost in order to help ManKind. A legion of God's angels are also among them, waiting for the sign to start the Apocalypse but also to prove the seven fallen wrong. Can the Fallen safe the mankind or will there task be fruitless.

Dark Shell

At the end of World War II, after dividing up the nation, the countries that defeated Japan failed to rule the island. As a result, many independent powers were established, fighting amongst each other and trying to seize control. They developed a hatred of one another, leading the country into a never-ending spiral of a civil war. Our story opens with a gang of soldiers raping a girl in front of the another women. The fact is that the women are under the protection of these sexually charged soldiers. The women and the soldiers are trapped in enemy territory, separated from their main force, and they must find a way to rejoin the main force -- if they are to survive the war.

Legend of Zelda

1~ Death Mountain and Turtle Rock, a mystical place that has its roots in all Hylian history. An old man is known to live on it, never coming off the mountain. Yet despite its inhospitable nature he seems never to want for supplies or fear the dangerous monsters of Death Mountain. Ahriman, the dark wizard knows one of the keys to the Master Sword is on Death Mountain, and SOMETHING must be keeping this old man safe. The shiekahs, or perhaps merely the power of ancient hylians. Either way, he cannot allow the hero of time to gain this power. He sends several of his enslaved Hylian knights to death mountain to find this old man, his secrets, and bar the way to whatever powers await the legendary hero. Thus my character would probably be part of this squad to find the Old Man and his secrets, leading to the Shiekah. I quite imagine that most of his fellows will die off before the RP starts. Death Mountain is a dangerous place after all. No idea how you'd want to play that.

2~. Impa and Shiek, supposedly the last two of their clan. Shiek is spending the dark years of Gannondorf's rule stalking Link as most everyone knows. While Impa waits to unseal the Shadow Temple, and otherwise lies low. The Hylians flock to Kakkariko village as the King of Thieves takes over Hylia Castle Town. In the wake of Gannondorf's rise to power, the Master Sword is missing, locked away with Link and the Triforce of Courage between times. Several survivors of the Hylian Knights gather to decide what to do. Some realize the need to find the Sword of Evil's Bane, if they are to have a chance against the Triforce of Power. Others just want to cling to what they have, defend the village and hope to achieve some measure of peace and stability first. My character, a Hylian Guard decides that the sword must be found. In the middle of the night he leaves the village when no one, except perhaps the Shiekah, are watching. He hardly knows where to go, but he has heard rumors of the ancient protectors of the Royal Family and their ties to the Legendary Heroes. Following what rumors and legends he can, he looks for the Shiekahs, hoping they know where the Master Sword may be.

3~. A villager is traveling the plains of hyrule, making his way towards the great desert. His road takes him dangerously close to the Castle Town, and he has a bad encounter with the Re-Dead, leaving him badly injured. Between his wounds and the undead Poes that wander the field he barely makes it to the canyon entrance to the great desert before passing out. Why did he go there? What was he looking for? What was so urgent that he traveled such a dangerous road rather than the longer, safer route south of Lon Lon Ranch? Who will find him first, monsters of Gannondorf, the thieves of the desert people, or some one all together unexpected?

Doctor/Patient **Taken**

The police have received a tip that a male  psychiatric doctor in a mental hospital is raping patients. A female detective goes undercover as a self-committed patient with the intent of investigating but either a the female detective gets raped but finds she becomes attracted to him anyway and stays committed to participate in his crimes.


Dr. VARICK, owner of one of the largest Medical Companies and a group of Five stars Resorts around the world, has been plotting the start of his new race for years. His build his Resorts, invite groups of people that he thinks should be saved to stay in them...then when all is good unleash a deadly virus that his Company has been working on for the better part of the new century. A virus that will spread quickly and bring hell to the world outside the safety of his Resorts large walls.

Our story takes place in the "Nevaeh Gardens" a 20 square mile resort outside the small town of Portage IN. Guarded by its large castle like walls "Nevaeh Gardens" new residents are save from the hell going on outside. After all its been only two days sense the virus has been unleashed. However, unknowing to Dr. Varick his plan has back fired in most of the resorts after a group of people he trusted took it into there own hands to save as many people as they could. Sending out invitations to groups of random people for a so called "Fully Payed Vacation for them and there families" using the the Doctor's own company to pay for the rescue mission.

Kidnapped, locked in their hotel rooms for the past week....the people of "Nevaeh Gardens" now face a new life in this so called grand resorts. Making a new life within its walls with people from all political, racial and religious backgrounds....and the new race that saved them all.
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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2010, 01:42:02 PM »
I pmed you.

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2010, 01:23:29 PM »
**Up Dates**

-New Plots ((Military))
-New Pairings ((Supernatural **TV Show**))

Offline curiousjames

Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2010, 08:00:49 AM »
Hi would you be interested in doing  M/M pairing two university friends go on a trip away to the family cabin but get snowed in for a week. They experiment at first tentative and awkward but by the end lustful and perhaps even love may develop

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2010, 10:43:48 PM »

Added Info on my Main character
Added ***Why I was Gone***

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2010, 02:30:20 PM »

Added my character Thgil and her info

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #7 on: July 03, 2010, 03:23:45 PM »

Added My Male character Clayton and his Info

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #8 on: July 06, 2010, 09:41:46 PM »
**UPDATE** Updated Current Stories
**NEW** Cravings

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Re: Viens jouer avec moi! (RPs Open M/F F/F M/M)
« Reply #9 on: July 08, 2010, 02:25:40 PM »
**Update** Pairings RENAISSANCE