Story ideas- mind control and others

Started by Mr Marks, May 04, 2010, 05:22:57 PM

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Mr Marks

Hello fellow writers,

I have the urge to start up a couple of new stories

1. Mind control: A male character discovers he has the ability to control other people through mind control.  They do whatever he tells them to do- though they are aware of their situation... until he tells them to forget!
He is a seriously twisted individual who decides to go and have some fun with some pretty women he knows.

I'd like to play the male character on this one.

2. More mind control: A female character- who acts like a proper bitch- is cursed so that whatever she is told to do she does without question.  A great many of the people she has wronged and insulted take this opportunity to get their revenge.  Through sexual situations and just plain humiliating ones.

I'd be happy to play the female character or those seeking revenge.

3. An attractive woman finds herself stumbling from humiliating situation to humiliating situation.  These focus around her losing her clothes, becoming indecently dressed, getting locked out partially naked etc.

I'm looking to set up the situations or play the female character on this one.

4. My old favourite.  An overconfident female adventurer- or small group- enters the wilderness and soon falls foul of a vicious group of orcs. 

I'll play the orcs in this one.

PM me if you're interested in any of the stories.