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October 02, 2022, 11:19:03 pm

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Author Topic: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]  (Read 1269 times)

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Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« on: May 04, 2010, 10:36:50 am »

[noembed]Soundtracks to Sleepless Nights[/noembed]

...something so melancholy about ferris wheels. The sea was a bitter tang in the back of his throat that stuck and stuck like thirty years spent smoking thirty a day. He
gave up a cough to the night and the sea responded with that rhythmic, rushing purr it had. The fairground was a mess of lights beneath him and, behind him, the sea
was a roaring expanse that sounded hungry. It had rusted the spindly arms of the ferris wheel and had malformed the faces airbrushed on the sides of the ghost train.
They screamed silently. The salt in the air had half-melted their faces and it clinged to his skin with a cloying, greyscale feeling. It felt dirty? It felt like someone was
sitting on his back or hugging him too hard. The wind played strings on the rusted ferris wheel's spokes and voices from down below, trudging across the wormwood
ribcage of the pier - they looked like they weren't quite real from all the way up here, like dolls - accompanied it. There was always something so melancholy about
ferris wheels, but it kept on turning and turning until nothing was real. When he bought candy floss he couldn't taste it for thinking: there was always something...

- - -   - - -   - - -   - - -

Okay, then. I officially pronounce myself open for business. In brief, I'm putting up this little thread to announce that and to state that I am currently looking for roleplays...Right now I have none going on at Elliquiy and, well, I want to get settled in again. As such, having now finished my, probably over-long, Ons and Offs page, I'd like to try and find myself some roleplays. I will not be providing definite plots in this thread, though I do have some stashed away in my head somewhere. Currently, I want to direct people towards my Ons and Offs and see if anything catches their eye. I have settings there, I have, well, sexual preferences there, I have the sort of characters I play and the sort of characters I like to play with, I have information about myself as a player...All the stuff you could want. And, uhm, I just hope that some people might bother to read through some or all of it and may well be inspired to PM me, with or without ideas.

If that didn't say it clearly enough, I will certainly not be requiring fully fleshed out ideas from those who reply to this advert. Indeed, I have no particular ideas or settings in mind while writing this thread. Its purpose is simply for me to find those with whom I share interests within roleplaying so that I can chat to them and, I hope, brainstorm some ideas. Reply if you feel we might be like-minded to any extent, having looked at my On's and Off's. However, while I did say I have nothing in particular in mind in terms of plots while writing this - just reply in PM form and, please, tell me what happened to strike you as interesting - I do have some guidelines for what I am looking for in a prospective co-writer.

Here they are to mop up ambiguities...
I would prefer it if both the player and the character were female, though
I will not reject males (or anything else) outright
, so long as they can play
a convincing female and fit all the other conditions I have for potential co-
writers.//Writing style and writing quality are of paramount impo-
rtance to me. You may be able to belch out great long posts and yet if the
quality isn't there I won't so much as sniff at the sheer quantity of it. I clas-
sify quality writing as having three things: a style suitable for the roleplay
in question (I like experimental styles, they excite me; feel free to bring
them to this roleplay, if you like); an expressive level of detail and descri-
ption, preferably studded with lovely bits of imagery and other such liter-
ary devices; and characterisation. Ah, characterisation :) . I am picky about
writing and roleplaying but I am not elitist; I do not look down my nose at
those who do not fulfil the above prerequisites but I will reserve the right
to refuse roleplay propositions from them. Thank you for listening to that
bit...Hmnnn...other stuff...//Creativity and imagination and originality, oh
my! This goes for your setting-conception abilities, your character creation
abilities and the way in which you roll with the roleplay (god that sounded
cheesy, didn't it?). I hope it doesn't sound like I'm being a complete [cens-
ored into: 'nasty person'] here. I just know what I want and I am promising
I will give whosoever I roleplay with all of the above, also (except the pla-
ying of a female character and real life femaleness; I won't give you them,
logically enough). These are things I feel would improve this roleplay no
end.//Again, thank you for reading this list and, well, I do hope I can make
the time you've spent so far worth every second. These are all things I att-
empt to bring out in myself as well; I'm no hypocrite...I hope?

Annnnnddddd...That's it...for now...for this thread. Uhm, now, I hope this'll actually work and I hope some people might PM back whether with ideas or without. Really, I'm looking for RPs that involve any of the genres, settings or turn-ons or elements listed in my Ons and Offs page. I am looking just as much for a contemporary-realism-based unusual romance as I am for a gritty, sci-fi, survival horror romp or anything else for that matter.

My current cravings, as of 25/11/2010 are for:

A roleplay set in a contemporary or recent, modern setting:
i.e. in the last thirty, or perhaps forty years. I would like this
roleplay to focus wholly on the interaction between two young
characters who develop a psychologically intricate, realistic, and
somewhat dramatic relationship which would, eventually, become
sexual. (Currently I imagine that these characters would both be
at university and would be studying either English or Art; some
knowledge of these subjects would be very, welcome in partners.)
I would like, if possible, for the style of this roleplay to be somewhat
experimental. I would be decidedly open to trying out a First Person
Narrative for this.)

A roleplay set in a somewhat dark, gritty, low-fantasy setting of
our (that is to say, my partner and I) own design and conception.
I had the idea that it might be Renaissance or Medieval influenced
but I do not want a Dragon Age, Diablo, or Dungeons and Dragons
carbon copy. I want originality. World-building is something I enjoy
far too much! Apart from this, the actual plot is open to negotiation
and discussion. So too is the influences of the setting...In other words,
I am not set on Medieval or Renaissance. Enlightenment/Age of Sail
would be great, as would Feudal Japan, as would the Victorian Age,
or really anything else you can persuade me towards. Even the last
days of Rome. Oooh, decadence... *grins*. I suppose this would
probably be more conventional in terms of style.

Similarly, I am open to anything else that my O/Os might indicate
I would potentially be interested in. (Please note, I am currently
re-working some of the very slight specifics of that particular page
but the content and impression you get of me should still be the same.)


Click on the polaroid to zoom off to my Ons and Offs thread.

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Re: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 05:09:03 pm »
I've met a couple of lovely people through this thread but nothing's certain as of yet. I'd love to meet summore people, if you, the public, will let me.

Oh, and I'm still wondering whether my Fallout craving will ever go away.

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Re: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2010, 08:09:33 pm »
I've met a couple of lovely people through this thread but nothing's certain as of yet. I'd love to meet summore people, if you, the public, will let me.

Oh, and I'm still wondering whether my Fallout craving will ever go away.

Hello fellow writer!

I am interested in your  Fallout story, but do not know if I am qualified.  I am not familiar with most of the stories/games you mentioned, but I love the story idea.  The one positive of not knowing the games as you do is you can lead me anywhere you want and I won’t have any preconceived ideas about what my character should do or be.

I have seen post-apocalyptic movies and think I have a reasonable handle on the nuances of the genre. 

I love to experiment with RPs.  I love to throw in unexpected twists.  I don’t do it to be mean, but to be more realistic.  Life always throws unexpected twists at us and it would be unrealistic to act otherwise.  As such, we might be in the middle of a quiet moment of reflection and attraction, perhaps walking along a path left by some machine who seeks us out, when I suddenly slip and fall about ten feet down a ravine.  I want it to be a surprise to you so you will have to react the way you would in real life, where you don’t get to know ahead of time what life will bring. But I don’t overdo it.  That would be an entirely different type of writing.  I am also very teachable.  If you like my writing but wish I would be more descriptive or detailed, just tell me and I will do my best to meet your requirements.  I am easy-going and don’t mind any helpful criticism that makes the story better.

Since you spoke of yourself in the third-person, I wonder if you might permit me to let my character describe herself in first person.  It makes it easier for me to get into her head.  I am including two pictures that might meet your desires in an apocalyptic female.

My name is Hope.  My troubled mother gave me that name shortly before she died of toxic water poisoning. She could barely speak, her throat partially eaten away, but managed to make me understand the only hope left to people like us was my generation and the next. 

I lost everything the day the earth was literally destroyed.  Nothing was left but the hard crust normally covered by several feet of life-giving and life-producing soil. I had no father and my mother and brother, Jason, were all I had.  Our home had turned to dust after the annihilation.  Jason, only six, had been blinded by the scorching light when the ‘happening’ occurred.  The light was so bright it pierced the first six feet of the ground, searing its way into the caverns and tunnels where many had sought safety, the heat from the light turning them into underground ovens.  I am told it was worse than any nuclear bomb they had seen in the Five-Year War before I was born.  I am also told people looked different before then, but I have no point of reference, as no pictures or anything of paper survived the ‘happening.’ 

My brother, Jason, was left in my care when my mother died, and I promised to take care of him.  I was ready to protect him with my life, if necessary.  Or worse, with my virginity, or enslavement.  The idea of a male touching me made my skin crawl.  It was so unsanitary, I believe I would have to wash for days to get rid of the stench.  I left Jason for only a moment.  Just a quick, fleeting moment, as I scaled a short wall of twisted iron to grab a piece of burnt animal skin, almost transparent in its density, which had wafted over me in the heat winds that blew over the land almost continuously.  It would be our only sustenance today.  Food was getting more and more difficult to find. 

I only looked away a second.  The blast knocked me backward and my head slammed against the iron wall.  It was several seconds before I could find my footing and I quickly rushed back to where I had last seen Jason.  I almost missed him.  Or what was left of him.  My heart twisted like it was in two vices, each turning in opposite directions.  The pain was nearly unbearable.  I stared at the rough, handmade boot with the foot still held inside by the tightly-pulled laces.  My vision went from total blackness to red, then yellow as I collapsed to my knees, a wail trying desperately to surge out of my body, but my hand automatically flying to my mouth before it could escape.  Any sound in the light hours would mean certain death, or maiming. Or worse.

I was alone after that.  I had failed my mother and my brother when I did not protect him.  My skin toughened.  I appreciated my aloneness, not wanting to be around anyone who could point an accusing finger at me or betray me.  I wanted to be tough, take care of myself, move forward and save the world—but it was a wish doomed from the beginning.  In truth, I was terrified, I had no idea what to do or how to do it.  The only thing I had going for me was my tough attitude and my wry wit.  I might be trembling on the inside, but no one would see it on the outside.  Self-preservation was the cause I fought for and sarcasm was my weapon.  Not enough to save me, perhaps, but enough to keep many a respectful distance from me. 

I had to move on, find nourishment.  I was stirring pieces of metal on the ground, looking for something I could swallow.  Jason’s leather boot had long been consumed and I was getting weak.  Suddenly, I heard something on the other side of the mangled beams that used to be an office building of some type.  I scooted close to the iron and carefully looked over the top of the pile.  A man.  Was he here to steal what little edibles I had found?  If so, I hoped  I could bluff my way out of this before he decided to take me out.

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Re: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2010, 06:04:19 am »
I'll PM you.

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Re: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2010, 07:19:40 am »
I am resurrecting this topic (I hope this is okay?) as a tentative interest check in roleplaying with me. I haven't played on Elliquiy for a little while but I am testing the waters here. I have also edited the original post to detail the things I am currently most inclined to be interested in. However, the point of this thread is to open me up to any creative ideas you might have.

I just want to meet writers I'd get along with.

Hence, putting myself out on a limb, according to a whim.

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Re: Open for Business! [M seeking, preferably, F][UN]
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2010, 04:27:33 pm »