Seeking (dom) for some short or long term roleplaying

Started by Jarod1, May 04, 2010, 02:01:34 AM

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My Submissive rules

Before I go too far I will tell you that I am new to roleplaying as a submissive.  I’m a switch by nature but I more often than not end up playing a dominant role, and have had very little experience as a sub.  That being said I would like to play a sub, I am looking for someone to play a MistressOkay now that you know that let get on with it.  Since I have very little experience  the most important thing for me is just that experience.  I will try almost anything once and if I don’t like it then I will tell you.

My rules are on top, and down at the bottom are a few very rough ideas

Submissive Roles I would like to play
These are just the ones I’ve thought of at the moment however if you want to play my mistress feel free to PM with your own. 

Prisoner or captive: As it says I play the role of a captive, you play the captor.  Lots of possibilities here.  Could take place in a fantasy realm or the real world.  Your character could be a character of influence, or a criminal of some kind.  Maybe a conqueror its pretty fair game
On the slave market:  I play a slave of some kind. Could be human, or elf or possibly even alien if that what you fancy.  You’re role is pretty wide open
Guardian: A protector, bound to the one they protect to do as they are told without question.  Maybe your character is royalty, or something along those lines
Student:  I’m a struggling student.  Its not that I’m a bad student but my grades are low.  In order to get my grades up you the teacher tell me that if I want to pass you class, I’ll have to agree to do what you tell me.  Could include anything from doing chores around the house to other things.
Yes (anything under this section I am more than willing to be involved in)
As with other Roleplays I will play a male or female character though I am only looking for straight pairings only.
New Experiences:  I am willing to try almost anything once so don’t be shy.
Master / Slave:  Doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual in nature, though it could certainly go that way.  Tell me what to do.  If I disobey certain punishment is fine. 
Master /Submissive
Bondage:  Very interested in exploring this area, toys, blindfolds, whatever
Pouncing and pinning: pretty self explanatory really
Magical submission and senario’s:  Using magic of some kind to restrain or force compliance
Potions or creams: Maybe a little love potion or some other form of control or sensitivity
Abductor, Abducted:  As it says.  I am more that willing to play the abducted character
Spanking is a fine punishment.
Tickling as well
Giving oral sex
Receiving oral sex
Orgasm denial
Blind folds
Use of coercion
vaginal sex

Maybe’s  (anything under this section is open for discussion
Giving anal sex
Receiving anal sex
Multiple dominants: Not saying no I would just want to no more
Anything else not mentioned in the yes or no section is open and for the most part fair game.

[u]No[/u]  (Don't ask, no means no)
No, means No: If I tell you I don’t want to do something don’t push me.
Inflicting, pain and torture on my character. 
Brutal punishment, such as beatings.  No thank you
No fecal matter.
No vomiting
cross dressing