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Author Topic: Eeyores Sinful Ideas (MUL, Seeking F)  (Read 676 times)

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Eeyores Sinful Ideas (MUL, Seeking F)
« on: May 03, 2010, 01:27:15 PM »
These are some sinful idea (pun intended).

Please PM me for further discussion - once again, these are just the basic ideas behind each game. Much to be discussed and sorted out.

Do not respond in this thread - and when sending me a PM, please read my On/Offs first so you can get an idea of what I am expecting


Sinful Correspondence

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. It allows you to connect instantly with people from all over the world. It allows you to share information and ideas with complete strangers. It also allows you to live out your fantasies.

Sister Mary had always felt the calling of God, so it didn't shock anyone when she became a nun. But having spent several years devoted to God, and still a virgin, Sister Mary can no longer bottle up her inner desires. Her mind battles itself over what she has been taught and what her carnal desires want. If God created her as an image of himself, then did He not also have these...these...thoughts?

She touches herself at night, exploring her body after giving in to her carnal desires. But it still doesn't leave her feeling satisfied. Against all rules, she goes online and starts up an online relationship with an erotic writer whose words always leave her in a state of arousal. He encourages her to let loose, not knowing at first that she was a Nun. He encourages her to take pictures of herself and exchanges pictures with her.

Later, walking around time, she comes across a stranger who looks familiar - and is all too familiar with her. She is shocked to realize who the man is and takes him into the seclusion of a confessional - but she isn't interested in hearing about his sins, she wants to commit them instead!

The Teacher-Nun

Richard had always found class to be distracting. It wasn't so much as the other kids in the class, but their Teacher-Nun. A habit was far from sexy, but on her - well, a boys mind tended to wander. Sister Rachel certainly had a cute face and was younger then most of the other nuns who taught classes, but even wearing a habit she certainly had large breasts. Richard can't help but be distracted by thoughts of seeing them, of seeing what she wore under her habit.

Richard often doodled during class and today he doodled a picture of Sister Rachel, but not wearing a habit. No, his perverted young mind saw her stripping naked out of her robe, breasts on full display. It was belatedly that he noticed Sister Rachel peering over her shoulder, mistaking her blush for anger before she wrapped him on the knuckles with a ruler. She confiscated his art-book (which contained even more vulgar images in it) and gave him detention after class.

He didn't want to know what his punishment would be!

(A twist on the Teacher-Student idea. Also potentially a small class of boys getting a taste of a Nun - up for debate, of course.)

The Exhibitionist Nun

Sister Sarah was a young woman who had recently joined the Nuns due to her families wishes. It gave her stability in her life and a sense of purpose, but there were certain desires that she could not control. While other nuns took care of such feelings in the privacy of their rooms, Sister Sarah needed more of a rush.

The convent was situated in a small town and was surrounded with gardens. Sister Sarah had discovered that these gardens were often empty at night as the Nuns were inside at prayer or sleeping. It gave her the perfect opportunity to take care of her own carnal desires, getting the rush from the risk of being caught by some one who happened to walk through the garden at that moment. The thrill of being outdoors, under the sky, made her orgasms all the more powerful.

One night, a Monk (Gardener or Priest - debatable, slightly alters this part of the plot) happens to be using the garden for his own uses, jerking off in public. She catches him in the act, spying on him, touching herself as he touches himself. She is even more turned on until one night, she can't help but make her presence known to him. First, it starts with mutual masturbation, then jerking each other off. As heir relationship and sexual frustration builds, it turns to oral sex - in the gardens, in the hallways, in the closets - until finally neither can control their feelings and commit the ultimate sin together...

Alternate 1: The Gardener
The Gardener catches her in the act, and is able to catch her a few other times. Finally, he approaches her, forcing her to perform for him - and on him. They use the gardeners shed for more intimate moments.

Alternate 2: The Priest
The Priest catches her and approaches herself as she is most vulnerable. To repent for her sins - and to keep him hushed on this - he requires her to undertake personal study in his quarters with him. Only, he has no intention of preaching to her about God, but makes her worship his cock and serve him. He even is bold enough to do such things in public

The Tired Soldier and the adventures of the Nuns of Sin

Weary and wounded, an injured soldier flees the battlefield and into a forest. In the distance he sees a light as darkness falls. A steady rain begins to fall and he decides that seeking charity at whatever village it is is his best chance of survival. However he soon discovers that it is not a village but rather a convent of Nuns who are more the willing to take him in. They give him a hot meal and show him to a room he can stay in, then take him to the bathing chamber where a large tub of hot water awaits.

Two nuns come in to help him wash and relax though unknown to him their desires run much deeper then just to help him and they are more then eager to help him relax in any way possible. Waking the following morning to find himself in bed with two women, he realizes that his dream the night before was far more then a dream. He'd love to stay and continue to recover with the Nuns, but he has a secret of his own: he is a Prince!

Finally revealed, he is shocked when two of the Nuns join him on his quest to reclaim his kingdom. They have spent most of their lives living in the secluded convent and want to explore everything the world has to offer them.
(Looking for two nuns for this one, who start off in control and confidant, but start to change and become more submissive, exploring a whole new world with their new Master...with a very healthy appetite for sex which helps get them out of some sticky situations.)

Temple of the Rose

Secret Societies have long been a part of world culture. The Free Masons. The Illuminati. The Aurora Society. The New World Order. Others that no one has ever heard of before. All exclusive clubs, secret signals and meetings. The Order of the Rose is one such Secret Society, residing amongst the Clergy. It has been around for centuries, dating back to the birth of Christianity. Very few know of its existence or that it is a Matriarchal society.

Some would say its a Satanic Cult, its worship following those of a Sinners, breaking the vows its members have made to God. The Order of the Rose, you see, are sexual deviants. Its female members are distinguishable by the Rose tattoos they have about their midrifts. Each vine from the Rose represents their status in the Order - 6 vines are the highest one can reach without becoming the White Rose - the head of the Order with 7 vines.

Initiates in the Order of the Rose are taught the ways of sin, becoming some of the most skilled women in the world when it comes to sex. To worship at the Temple of the Rose is a code, as is To make worship at the Temple of the Rose. Both involve a woman's petals and the Rose Initiates are the ones in control.

Throughout history, members of the all female Order of the Rose have served in high places - and served those in high places. From servicing the Pope to taking private Confessions from Kings, the Order of the Rose helps sate the desires of the worlds elite.

(I am looking for a Rose, though the exact plot of this game is still up in the air. The above information is more background filler to get an idea what I am looking for.)

The Artists

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Re: Eeyores Sinful Ideas (MUL, Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2010, 01:44:09 PM »
Major Edit = 3 completely new ideas posted. More to come soon.