First Time Group Game Idea - Updated (M needed)

Started by Gail Warning, May 02, 2010, 03:03:39 PM

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Gail Warning

Hi Everyone.

I have an idea for a group game. I have tried multiplayer games before but they have tended to become messy. I think this plot would solve that.

The story involves a mother and daughter (38/20) being taken captive in their own home by a man. He slowly works on them, enforcing his will, breaking down their morals until he has corrupted the pair in to a life of sex and drugs.

Because there is only one man he would have one of the women restrained while he worked on the other. Therefore it's always clear who is interacting with who and avoids the potential mess.

I am looking for two other people to take part. One playing the male intruder, the other to play the mother.

I hope someone finds this plot line interesting.


Update : The mother role has been taken, just need the male intruder.

Mr Self Destruct


I'd be interested in joining, if you have the room. Out of curiosity, how dark do you want the physical side of it to be? Are we talking small time bdsm, or or something more severe?


seems sensible the male influnce has a friend (or rival ?)

Gail Warning