Fandom Cravings (Looking for F)

Started by godfang, May 01, 2010, 01:10:17 PM

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I would love to do an rp involving one of these series.

-Bible black (play takashiro and i'll love you to death )
-Discipline: Record of a crusade
-School Rumble
-Macross Frontier
-Soul Calibur
-Final fantasy
-Gundam 00
-Sengoku Rance
-Tenjou Tenge

-Canon X Canon
-Canon X OC


Soul Calibur
This is the story about a man who is looking for the legendary swords. Its a light hearted adventure, in which he gets into many romantic and sexual situations with the female cast of Soul Calibur. At one point of his travel, he reaches a land in war (Can be asian based or european based), here people fought over fragments of Soul Calibur. Leading a group of ragtag adventurers, he fought other armies in a quest to secure all the sacred fragments.

Bible black
We can either use existing characters such as Takashiro sensei, or make up completely new ones. The story is rather simple, it will be a dark sexual romp of a boy who found the book, and is using it to get the girls he wants. Plenty of kinky spells will be used, can the girls hang on to their sanity?

A rather simple concept. After a match between two characters of our choosing, they find that their adrenaline is still rushing, and that they need a way to blow off steam...and it just so happens, they both want each other.

Le Immortelle

I would love to play Ivy or Nina. :)