Cash needs a loving home. (M for F human, elf, etc.)

Started by Valamarth, April 29, 2010, 03:01:49 PM

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When would his new owner come?
He had paced the wire cage's 6 x 8 ft dimensions more times than could be counted in the weeks he had waited.  Despite his pads, his feet were constantly raw from it.
But he was a dogboy, an anthropomorphic Newfoundland Retriever, he was made to run and fetch and serve, so he would keep trying.  Without someone to serve, though, his life was meaningless.  Each day, it was harder to try.  But he was a dog, and they never gave up hope.

He lay down and began his exercise regimen.  If he couldn't run, he'f find something.  Pullups on the cage, pushups, situps...He exercised until he was gasping for air, his long tongue lolling out.  What was really frustrating was he could break out any time, but the old man said he had to stay, and he always obeyed his human.

Sighing, he looked at the empty water dish next to the vacant food bowl.
He had tried to tell the old pet seller that he could use a glass and tableware quite well, but the unpleasant old man had kicked him, saying, "uppity dog!"
Each day, he greeted the old man with a smile and a wag, hoping desparately for a pat, or a kind word or even a smile.

Bored, he sat and juggled his bowls, catching them upon his head, while mentally rereading one of the many books he had scanned in his old Master's vast library.
Master had said to learn, so Cash had read everything in English he could find.  He wished he could hav read them all, but scanning a book took him at least five minutes.

He knew about arterial sclerosis (that had killed poor master,) and how to rebuild hemi engines.  Tens of thousands of recipes, though he did not understand how an egg could be 'folded' into batter.

Cash never forgot anything he heard, saw or read, and he had helped master manage the stocks, bonds and mutual funds - easily extrapolating likely market events.
He had been so happy, taking care of master, playing with his BALL, cooking and cleaning, reading for him, when master's eyes grew tired.

Master had told him that he had done something wrong, that he had made Cash when it wasn't allowed, and Master had used his own DNA, with a smart Newfie to make Cash.
It made Cash happy, bacause some of Master was in him.

Then Master died.  People came and emptied the house.  He had been led to a van, where the old man had bought him.  They even took away his BALL.
The old man had checked his large clean teeth, poked his strongly muscled six foot body.  He seemed disapointed that Cash was not neutered (he had shuddered at the idea,) then bought the black furred dog boy.  But the old man had said he wasn't his new Master. 
  He had never even asked Cash's name.
Cash remembered when he was a pupboy, and Master had named him.  He'd said, "Pup, you have figured out more about money at five months than I ever will.  You always get me cash.  Cash!  That will be your name."

And here he waited.  In this awful cage, his ears down and his tail drooping

He had to poo in a corner like an animal, and pee in a cup.

He didn't even get clothes, so his human privates were hanging out.  He had to groom his fur with a splintered piece of wood he had pried out of the cage base.

He had lost much weight, his ribs were poking out.   Maybe no one would come for him.  Maybe he would die soon.
He knew he was weakening.  Even the mean old man said so.

Then he heard the door open down the hall.
He sprang to his feet, listening to the dragging steps of the old man...and another.  He could catch the scent of a woman, and heard bits like, 'Animal control' and 'minimum fine or jail time.'
He held the bars, deep soulful eyes searching her face, wagging at her as she came over.
"Good day, Mistress, I am Cash, have you come to take me? I really want to go home."

(OOC - I need a dom lady to take him and make him happy by giving him attention and things to do to please her.
While he will do virtually anything to please her, I ask that you be kind and restore his giving spirit.  No pain or abuse please.  She doesn't need to be gorgeous, he will judge her beautiful, because she is his mistress.  She could even be disabled.   Curves are appreciated. ;)

Please PM me any replies with a general description of your character.
Valamarth AKA Falzar.