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August 22, 2017, 03:47:57 PM
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Author Topic: New and Redone. Modern Ideas (looking for male characters)  (Read 906 times)

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Offline SamanthaTopic starter

New and Redone. Modern Ideas (looking for male characters)
« on: April 29, 2010, 01:22:03 PM »
I'm looking for a few things in my new partners:

- Please be able to post at least one paragraph though I prefer around three, I'm willing to do two. I understand that some posts will be shorter, and that's fine. And my paragraphs on this site  tend to be three or more lines when using standard text.

- Please let me know how often you're on/ how often you post, I'm on most of the time and check quite often.

- I'd like help adding to the ideas, so your thoughts are helpful! If you have any suggestions that might change my original idea, I'm pretty open! So I'd like to hear them. This is supposed to be a partnership in writing, so one person with absolutely ALL the ideas gets quite tedious... And makes me not want to continue with the game.

- Open communication! Via pm, im, email, or what-have-yous. For story ideas, as well as if you're enjoying the game or not. And if you aren't liking the game, just say so! Its not going to hurt my feelings, we could either try to fix the problem or discontinue the game at our discretion.

- Other than that just have fun!

I suggest looking at my ons and offs (link is located in my signature), it explains me fairly well, I generally look at my partners as well to help me figure out more about them.

I'd like longer termed rps, although I know they won't last forever. As for post length, lately I've been somewhat long winded, but they generally don't stay that long unless my partner gives me that much to keep going on. But even my shorter one's I like to keep around a paragraph's length.

As for frequency, I'm on most of the time, I get on through my phone (yes, I've even typed out this message on it) so unless I'm sleeping, I'm constantly checking, I'd like posts to be as much as possible, but I do realize that's not realistic for everyone, so just let me know about how often you do post (either through pm or in this thread) and we'll go from there. 

Oh, and one last thing, I am attracted to both sexes, but I have lately wanting to rp with male characters, and will always play the female lead unless othewrwise noted.

Without further ado, my ideas:

I Keep Running Away
   A bad situation keeps her there, but finally she’s had enough, its time to leave. When she finally does, she makes her way to a new town, a new place for her to start over, where she can just be herself. A new stranger comes into the picture, he seems sweet, funny, and best of all, he takes her mind from her past. They form a relationship, its beyond anything that she ever hoped for, but because of her past, trials lie ahead for the pair.
   We could go two ways with this, if you think of another way, let me know, I’m open minded.
   One way would be that the past comes back, this would be the person she ran from, and threatens their relationship. The second way would be that this person isn’t who they appear to be, the past event could be abuse or something of the sort, and that person does the same thing to her. Or we could combine the ideas somehow.

I Can’t Bring Myself to Leave
   She had been dating him since they started high school, no one else had ever mattered to her, not romantically at least. They decide they want to take it to the next level after graduation, and movie in together. She wants to wait until their married to have sex, he however is frustrated and has had sex before while they had broken up for a short period of time, he may or may have not have cheated, and wants to have sex with her. Throughout their entire relationship, he has convinced her that no one else will ever want her. She eventually lets herself to be forced into sex, and gives in, although he eventually ends up on hurting her, either physically and/or she finds out he cheated…
   We could either have a friend that she also had since school that doesn’t like him, and cares for her more than a friend, or a new co-worker come into the picture. They eventually end up helping her out of the relationship, and are there for her during the nasty break up process, with her ex’s threats and keeping her safe from him while she recovers. She doesn’t trust anyone, even finding it hard to trust the man who helped her, but eventually they end up together.

A Mistake Turned Around
   She ran into him on accident, on several different occasions, learning little bits about him in each meeting. Finally they decide to go out, eventually dating for a solid amount of time, sex is a natural part of every relationship, including theirs. Breaking up is a natural part of life, college is difficult to maintain for the both of them were excelling towards bigger things, he was too busy as a med student, she had to concentrate on her business degree, all the fighting wasn’t helping. She needed more out of the relationship than just a physical one. Several months later, she’s at the hospital, where he’s interning, but she didn’t know that was where he was at, and she’s very pregnant. Does he take care of her? Or does he pretend like it isn’t his? She wasn’t planning on telling him, seeing as how they hadn’t seen each other in so long, how does she react to seeing him again?

Adulterated Loathing
   She ran into him in the supply closet, fully catching the company ‘player’ in the act of sex. Ignoring him, she goes back to what she was doing, making him worry that she might say something, he’d tried to get with her awhile ago, she shot him down, she even went out of her way to ignore this man, seeing him as someone she wanted nothing to do with. Assuring him she won’t say anything, he feels accomplished and leaves her alone. She is somewhat uptight, not having dated anyone in a long time, and it was her birthday, so she went out with some friends.
   Of course someone like him would be out, and they happen to meet at a club, she tries to avoid him, but seeing her relaxed makes him want her, and he vows to himself that he will have her, somehow he convinces her to let him buy her a drink.  Which leads into more drinks, and eventually they go back to her house.
   I was thinking impregnation, does he surprise her by being responsible for his actions and staying around?

The Vampire and the Werewolf
   To try and bring together the two species, one from each was nominated to marry the other, to show that they could work and live together, the only problem was the stipulation was not love, she had to wear the Vampire’s bite, leaving her tainted forever more. The marriage was a farce from the beginning, both sides, unknown to its opposite, was planning to loosen defenses and attack with the two.
   But it was so strange how it happened, he was protective, and sweet, and mature, he wanted to honor his commitment somewhat, she on the other hand did not, she would fight to no end. She on the other hand was wild, outgoing, and they loved to get on each other’s nerves. She won’t allow his bite, even if it is for the good of both of them, as if it would work. But being locked up, and having many arguments, with another person, somehow brings them closer together.
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Offline SamanthaTopic starter

Re: New and Redone. Modern Ideas (looking for male characters)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2010, 08:05:02 PM »
I'm going to bump this up... in my sig are my other rps ideas, my historical ideas, please check those out as well!

Offline Kaiser Maverick

Re: New and Redone. Modern Ideas (looking for male characters)
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2010, 08:18:09 PM »
The Vamp ad werewolf seems fun.

Offline SamanthaTopic starter

Re: New and Redone. Modern Ideas (looking for male characters)
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2010, 01:37:19 AM »
Trying this again, had some problems last time.... pm me