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Started by Le RandomBloke, April 29, 2010, 08:34:28 AM

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Le RandomBloke

Well recently I had some stories pop up into my head that I don't feel like adding to my current collection that can be found in my signature, instead I will use this thread to add a story now and again and just let it fade into the background if there's no interest to be found. This could generally be short stories, unless you as a potential partner finds that you would much rather expand the idea. The descriptions will be short-ish but feel free to contact me through PM's should anything be unclear or if you want to talk about it.

I'll just number the titles for now, as I've always been rather bad with them. :P

Story 1

Should you know Pleasure Bon Bon, this is what it is pretty much based on. A rich father keeps his daughter locked in his mansion to keep her away from all the men in the relatively small city, because in this city, sex is far from a taboo. This however has left his mansion in a rather dire state, as he doesn't even trust his personal, aside from a few female employees. The general idea is that this girl is beautiful beyond imagination, but she has never really met another man aside from her father, needless to say she's craving to find out how other men are, but she never gets the chance to, other than what she reads from romantic novels and such.

Though the father has recently opened a job opening for a butler, though of course it has one very specific requirement, he wants it to be a male but he has to be homosexual. This to ensure his daughter will remain "safe" from the lust that drives men. My character is the one that will apply for this job, for he is desperate enough for the good paying job that he's willing to pretend he's gay, thinking it'll be easy enough to just act like he is not interest in women what so ever.

Where this is going should be rather obvious, but with the father being 'crazy' enough to lock his daughter up, it's needless to say my character doesn't want to find out what happens if the father realises he has been played for a fool.

A sort of cat and mouse game, he sometimes won't be able to take control, she will pick up on this and try to figure him out by testing him.

Story 2

In this one the girl is the girlfriend of my character's brother, though throughout the several months they have been together she's been finding herself growing more fond of my character, the little brother, than her boyfriend. My character is quite tall for his age, more mature in some ways which he flawlessly combines with his young rebellious nature.

None of it really mattered much until the older brother decides to study abroad, suddenly pretty much vanishing out of both their lives. That's when things start getting awkward, feeling slightly lonely the girl starts spending more time with the younger brother, who doesn't really seem to mind her company.

Just how their relationship develops is open for discussion, I kind of figured he does quite like her, but she's the girlfriend of his brother whom he used to idolize, she either starts getting more confident really quick about giving a boost to their previously non-existing relationship, or is in denial about her attraction towards him.

Like I said, how it plays out I didn't really think quite through yet, it's open for discussion.

That's it.. well for now anyway.

If you're interested feel free to PM me, you could post here but chances are I'll respond slower.


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Le RandomBloke

I know, I really should start giving them titles.

Story 3

This is one I had on my mind for a while but never quite felt like going at it just yet. The story would go around two students at a university or high school depending on what you prefer, about a handsome but rather anti-social guy and a girl that's well known to be the school's slut. Now before I go further, I don't really intend on this being just a quick hump and dump story, I like things that go a little deeper.

The idea is that everyone treats the girl pretty much like some sort of object, and there is absolutely no respect for her throughout the entire school, she's pretty much the school's hooker. Now, why she went down this path is up to you, I can think of a few reasons ranging from extremely dramatic to "just because", but I leave the partner's character development up to my partner. Either way, my guy, despite his anti-social tendencies, does stand up for her every once and a while when others are making fun of her or whatnot. He's the only one treating her like a person, making it not very difficult for her to like him.

Despite treating her like a human though, he is still absolutely disgusted by the way she spends her time in school, fate would have it that he even caught her having sex at school in empty classes and such, further increasing that level of disgust. The idea is pretty simple, they keep bumping into eachother, both outside of school and inside of school. Especially outside of school she seems to act a lot more like a normal girly girl.

The story development is decided on what and why the reasons are, but it's a simple one of two people slowly started to connect with one another. Being the cheezy sob that I am, a happy ending is appreciated \o/

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I like your third idea. =D Can we discuss?

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Ugh, I do apologies Angeli, I didn't really check any of my threads as I assumed people would just PM me if interested :x My bad! I'll PM you to see if you're still up for it after such a long time!

Also, adding a new story for others reading this.

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