[Females] Wanted for some slap and tickle RP

Started by arcaneenigma, April 29, 2010, 12:39:05 AM

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Thought I'd start off with some of the simple but still my personal favorites.

Could range from female teacher deciding to take advantage of a failing student but ends up getting the tables turned on her. Or, student blackmailing her.
Could be a male teacher giving some extra credit to his straight A  female student. Or a bit of degradation done to the cheerleader.

The Mail Order Bride
She arrives at the house of a well off older gentleman thinking that her situation has changed for the better. But instead he is harsh and mean. Dresses her up like a doll. Controls what  and when she eats. Teaches her English with a heavy hand.


Oh my gawsh! It's Sylvester!!! Sure I'll rp the the female student getting extra credit