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Author Topic: BRING IT ON!  (Read 716 times)

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Offline Venom09Topic starter

« on: April 25, 2010, 03:17:20 pm »
Heya everyone names Venom and i mean that many people know me as Venom or Mia around where I live. If you look at my roleplay styles you'll see i'm majorly into either bi situations, sometimes multipules and the likes. I have many ideas for singles though as well which is what i'd like to start off with if anyone would like to go with these ideas let me know or if you'd like to just rp go ahead and leave a message here or a message sent to me as well is good hope to hear from people soon!

SCENERIO 1: Kalysia is a small girl who seems is mistaken alot for a young teen for her size many times even though she is 18 years old. Kalysia soon finds out she is a demon princess who was hidden away for a gift. Now many are after her hoping to claim her as their own. When her guardian comes to protect they pretend for a while to be a couple to keep the others away from her and soon they develop a true passion for one another. What i'm wanting to do is have a guy here and do a span of a week or so rp not our time, but what would be in their time starting about a month or so after they meet and how they are slowly falling for each other and then a whole sexual thing develops and yea... however anyone wants to go with it...

right now thats all i got, but you got any others let me know! i'll keep adding as i come up with other ideas...

Offline Venom09Topic starter

« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 11:11:31 am »
Ok i'm back... i don't have new ideas but i'm looking just now for anyone who would rp... I've got alot going on in the next week so you'll have to bear with me if you decide to rp, but after that i should be good!

Here though are names and small descriptions of characters i've had in the past and that are my creations... hope i can find a writer out there like myself to rp with!

Venom: (Black hearted demon, Female, i'm looking for someone to warm this frozen heart)

Venom is a dark hearted fallen angel who in her human life was known for desire. Even though she was known for her desire from men she didn't really care that much for them. She was known for worming into their minds and breaking their hearts after her first few heartaches. Now in the after life she uses her beauty to worm even depear into a man's mind and heart to tear them into such shreds so they know what she felt in life. She is known now as the goddess of death for most of the people she has been able to worm into commit suicide. What were looking for is someone who is tough minded and so complex that they melt her for their as hard hearted and dark as she is. (just to give an idea again this is not my art at all!)

Marcus: (Unseelie Prince, Male, Silent... doesn't like to talk much, very anti social, Looking for someone who is up for a complex deeply kind hearted unseelie prince who is trying to pull away from his destiny which is to rule. I'm looking for a human female maybe an author who dwells into the sci-fi era or something who will totally melt his heart and pull him into bein able to ditch on the arranged marriage set by his mother. She could also even though she seems to be all sweet and such could also have a dark secret like drugs/selling, past rape or whatever things like dat. (gives you an example and no the picture isn't mine)
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