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Author Topic: Haru's Cravings [MUL, M/F, M/M] - UPDATED 6/25  (Read 672 times)

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Haru's Cravings [MUL, M/F, M/M] - UPDATED 6/25
« on: April 24, 2010, 04:11:57 PM »
I feel like a complete utter newbie to E! again, thanks in part to my over-long absence.  The odd little fetishes I have and the things I crave to play them out with are, I guess, too far-out there for people.  At least that's what I gather at other role-playing boards I am active at.  It's gotten me a slight bit frustrated.

Odd little fetishes you ask?  I don't ask for much in that area, other than the slate of things I have contributed amongst the O/O profiles and website, all of which can be seen through the icons and links to the left.

Ons / Offs Thread
Ons / Offs 2.0
Personal RP Website - Globe icon in my contact panel.

Other than that, I really just want someone nice, open-minded and willing, and someone for the long-term to play with here on the forums.

As for what sorts of topics or things I crave....I'm still trying to figure that out.  I have no story ideas in mind at the moment....just this stupid idea of pairing myself up with characters I like.  I'm very familiar with a ton of anime and RPG titles, so that's going to be my focus, but I do like other sorts of things.  I know it's the most absurd, juvenile, fanboy-ish thing one could request, but it's something I need to clear out of my head.  If I get specific story ideas (which is a bit rare for me, being I don't have the expanse of an imagination that others here seem to thrive off of), I'll put them forth on this thread.

Thanks much for your consideration..  If interested, please toss me a PM or reply here.  Nothing would make my day more than to see someone else interested in helping to satisfy my desires.
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Re: Down & Out in RP-dom. On the Hunt Again [MUL, M/F, M/M]
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 03:41:59 PM »
I put forth in my above post how I'd like to pair with characters / persons and such.  Here's those which I'd like for sure right now.

I ~do not~ have a set up plot for this idea.  I would just want to wing meet up with them at my house, and let the chips fall where they will.  I welcome any ideas to spruce things up and make it interesting.

Please know that this isn't the extent of whom I'll take.  Tell me what characters or personas you'd be willing to play for me, and I'll consider.

Ah and one more thing.  I DO NOT care about the characters/ personalities so much as I do what they look like.  If I'm doing anything with them, I'd like to at least have them in a familiar appearance.

~~Females~~ [M / F ]

Rinoa Heartilly - FF VIII
Garnet Til Alexandra - FFIX
Yuna - FFX
Ashe - FFXII
Elyham Van Houten - Xenogears

Anime Series:
Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2
Lina Inverse - The Slayers
Relena Peacecraft - Gundam Wing
Kaoru Kamiya - Rurouni Kenshin (TV)
Belldandy - Ah! My Goddess
Deedlit (the elf) - Lodoss War (OAV)
Naru Narusegawa - Love Hina
Aoi Sakuraba - Ai Yori Aoshi
Youko Nakajima - Twelve Kingdoms <<< (HUGE fanboy of this girl)
Shoukei - Twelve Kingdoms
Ruika - Bleach
Eluluu - Utawarerumono
Urutori - Utawarerumono
Touka - Utawarerumono
Shuurei Hong - Saiunkoku Monogatari (Story of Saiunkoku) <<< (*has another fanboy moment*)
Juliet - Romeo x Juliet (anime adaption)

Hermione Granger (In School Attire) - Harry Potter

I'm not a Disney fanatic (even though it's unavoidable with the Kingdom Hearts franchise), but someone recently showed me some things from that realm, and reminded me of these titles.  I don't have specific females, but I'm sure you folks know what I'm talking about

- Pocahontas
- Sleeping Beauty
- Mulan
- Snow White

Just to name a few.


~~Males~~ [M / M]

Ryuu - Breath of Fire
Jack Russell - Radiata Stories
Klein Keisling - Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Marth - Fire Emblem
Eliwood - Fire Emblem
Ike - Fire Emblem
Kurthnaga - Fire Emblem

Anime Series:
Ranma Saotome (Boy Type) - Ranma 1/2
Xelloss - The Slayers
Etoh (the priest) - Lodoss War (OAV)
Keitaro Urashima - Love Hina
Miroku - Inuyasha
Kei Kusanagi - Onégai (Please) Teacher
Shuichi Shindou - Gravitation
Shigure Sohma - Fruits Basket
Vaan Fanel - Escaflowne
Dori - Utawarerumono
Gura - Utawarerumono
Seiran Shi - Saiunkoku Monogatari (Story of Saiunkoku)
Romeo - Romeo x Juliet (anime adaption)

Harry Potter (in his Quidditch attire) - Harry Potter


Here's some OC ideas for you potential RP partners to help me out with.  [M / F, M / M, MUL, EX, Others ]

- An elf male or female

- A male or female mage or someone in robes and the like

- A male or female shapeshifter that can change into Various wild animals (tiger, lion, wolf, eagle, crocodile or others) I wish to try use them for transport (that is, take a ride upon them.

- A male or female animal....wild animals, (ie: tiger, lion, wolf, eagle, crocodile or others) I wish to try use them for transport (that is, take a ride upon them.

- A male or female dragon (make them small....human sized, and able to walk on two feet)

- A short male with androgynous looks / features  Would really like them to have dark straight hair, shoulder-length.

- A female that has to wear glasses...has the whole 'geek' look going on (glasses, flat shoes, skirt, tights, etc..not sure what to put down for a top)

- A short female in kimono

- A foreign female - Perhaps, someone from Ireland, England, China or Japan.  Those are my preferences, but if you have something better in mind, let me know your suggestions.

- A male character in older-styled attire (ie: Medieval / Renaissance / Victorian periods)

- A female character in older-styled attire (ie: very dressy, read: Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, etc)

- A male or female cosplayer

Hopefully something could be arranged with this setup and played out.
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Re: Down & Out in RP-dom. On the Hunt Again [MUL, M/F, M/M]
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2010, 06:38:52 PM »
I figured I'd throw this in to see if there's any interest in these.  Here's a few OCs I threw together, all of which you can find their info on my set of web pages *points to the contact bar at the left*.  I put shorthand details here, and the sorts of characters I'm looking for each one.

My Above ideas are also still open, because I'm about to possibly lose my current IM partner for those ideas.  I can't seem to find ~AnyOne~ willing to play as the anime and other stuff I want to pair myself with.  I realize my fetishes and such are "not normal" (read about these in the O/Os and such....they all apply to the below ideas), but who is around here?  We're all here to have our fantasies fulfilled, right?  I guess mine are just un-doable.[/b]

Anywhoo, onwards.

Characters In Past (or like) Settings:
(Note: With past settings, these are all fictionalized, so being historically accurate isn't something I cling to.  We'll just be using elements and customs and making our own world and situations around them.)

~~Haruki Ryouichi~~


Feudal / Medieval Orient (read: The days of dynasties, emperors, samurai, and the like)

Name: Ryouichi Haruki
(In East Asian-style order, Family name is always first)
Age: 20-22 (approx)
Gender: Male
Height: 6' even
Hair: Teal/Grey mixed
Skin/Complexion: Pale / Soft
Status/Class: Third Emperor of his homeland
Locale: His small land is within a much larger continent
Orientation: Straight / Hetero

~Short Bio~
    Haruki is the third of his family line to become Emperor of a small peaceful country that is much like Japan during the powerful reign of various shogunates. Unlike most others of high authority whom are mostly very authoritative, stern and quite stoic, Haruki is gentle and quiet....though know he has his moments when dealing in political bickering. There are also times where he can be rather self-conscious of his appearance. Due to his highly androgynous appearance (a natural thing for him), he is often mistaken as a female by outsiders who come to his land.  One should not judge by appearance, for he still has his masculine leanings about him...fierce and protective, and willing to fight to death for his people, though he'd prefer to keeping fights and war as an absolute last resort.

    Haruki had always known since he was young that he was to someday take control of his homeland....just not this soon. Hie life has been a bit harsh, having lost both parents...his father at a young age, his mother at age 14.  The ornate robes and kimono he wears daily came from her. Through his trials, he's doing all he can to make his country and its citizens happy, while he still lives all alone in his large palace complex. He has many servants, his councilmen, the mandatory harem he never visits, and one of the best armies of samurai working under his watch.

Countering Characters I Seek For This Story
  • Geisha (or equivalent)
  • Some girl from the royal harem he never visits
  • A servant girl (taboo for this story)
  • A common girl (peasant or middle class)
  • Empress from neighboring country (Would cause political drama / tension between lands, for I see that land with a possible tyrant of a ruler vying to snatch up Haruki's own, threatening war.)




Name: Feilin
Age: 18-20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Coal / Dark Grey
Skin/Complexion: Pale
His Work: Mercinary
(Good at both Swordplay and magic arts)
Locale: Travels all over
Orientation: Bi (Hetero or Shounen-Ai (Not 'yaoi'...the word is misused anyways) )

    There's one important thing to note first about Felin.  He is a young man of little....if any...words.  In fact, he can't really speak.....effectively a 'mute' if you will.  He expresses himself in other ways though..through actions, emotions, facial expression.....whatever means it takes for others to understand him.  He wasn't born a 'mute' though.  Before a little mishap of sorts while tinkering with the spellcasting arts, he spoke in a rather blunt way, just without the hint of any 'rude' tone to it.  He just never was much of the talkative type.  It's like they say, actions always speak louder than words.  Even without a voice, he shows himself to be loyal and a friend, should one let him become their friend.  However......he CAN be a bit racous....if someone gives him trouble at a tavern, he 'will' more than likely start a brawl.

    Feilin doesn't know his parents, or if they even exist anymore.  He has little recollection of his past there.  He just remembers being raised by a traveling swordsman, who just found him there one day at the door to room of an inn he was staying at.  He was a good man overall, but like how Feilin is now, he could be a bit of a troublemaker.  Daresay, Feilin probably picked up on his bar-room brawl habits from the guy.  Raising Felin as if he were his own, the man trained him to become an expert with a blade and close-range combat.  At 16, this mentor of sorts, perished in a hard-fought battle to protect Feilin, who couldn't fight at the time due to an injury he sustained in a friendly sparring match.

    Soon afterward, in an attempt to try to heal his then-useless arm (It was broken in that spar), he delved into the arcane arts....trying to learn a few spells to fend for himself, heal himself and other people who may need it.  However, he fudged up just one line of the incantation to the spell he was attempting to cast.  The 'effect' spell stripped him of his voice.

    Now on the travel-worn dirt paths that run through the lands for the past few years, Felin tries to get by on his own.  He has yet to find a spell to 'reverse' the effects he put on himself, but has come up short.  Even the highest-level white mages and high priests couldn't figure it out....every one he visits has no answer or solution to his dillemma.  He makes his meager pay by healing the sick, fighting off demons with his swordplay skills, and some other odds-and-ends work.

Countering Characters I Seek For This Story
  • Elven person (male or female)
  • Some male or female noble-person
  • A cleric / healer (male or female)
  • A small male or female dragon

Characters In Modern (Present) Settings:
(Note: Settings in modern times.  Fictionalized versions of real-world locations, or an alternate world much like our own.)

~~Hikaru Akimoto~~


Modern: Alternate real-world

Name: Hikaru Akimoto
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Olive-green
Skin/Complexion: White / Fair
His Work: Home-based IT / Web development / Volunteer tutor at a nearby highschool.
Locale: A quiet suburb
Orientation: Straight / Hetero

~Short Bio~
    He could be considered a prodigy of sorts, and thanks to his appearance, and his interests, he is often lumped in with the stereotypical 'geek' or 'otaku' types  Hikaru is removed from these stereotypes though in a couple of ways.  For one, he lives on his own, in his own's not much, but it's home for him, within a quiet town somewhere in the vicinity of a much larger city.  He is rather shy, but once he opens up to you, he is quite loyal, and very kind...if a bit soft-spoken.

    He works out of his home, having set up a home-office type environment out of the spare bedroom, and takes up some IT work.....a few websites here and there, moderating some boards.  On a few days each week, he also makes the walk over to a nearby highschool to tutor.  During his freetime, when he's not busy with his work at home or at the HS, he is either playing video games, especially RPGs, or watching the latest soap-like, romance-filled drama anime series.  He does get out, but not too those cases, he's out at the park, almost always with a sketchpad and pencil in hand, taking up some drawing for himself.

Countering Characters I Seek For This Story
  • Geeky girl (wears glasses, skirt, et al)
  • Typical schoolgirl (the uniformed types)
  • Childhood friend

~~Ryuuichi Fujishima~~


Modern: City / Suburban setting - Fictionalized take of real-world setting.

Name: Ryuuichi Fujishima ('Ryu' for short, "Ryuu-san or Fujishima-san" is his title)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Hair: Light Blue/Grey mixed
Skin/Complexion: Pale / Fair
Status/Class: Owner and Manager of Fujishima Properties, a small, but growing slate of shopping centers.
Locale: His home is Japan, but he hops between there and the U.S.
Orientation: Straight

    A kind young soul, a little on the klutzy side, but full of determination and love. Despite his young looks, Ryuuichi is quite mature and very smart. having breezed through high school and the prestigious Tokyo University to nail top degrees in technology and business management. It would only be natural that upon the untimely death of his grandfather, he would have the mans entire assets handed down to him....among them, one of metro-Tokyo's first Western (American)-styled enclosed malls. It's a bit of a relic of the late '60s in appearance, but he pours 100% of his time, love, and dedication into the project. He treats his patrons (new and old alike), tenants, and other personnel as if they were all a big family. He also has a wild dream to  branch out to America, buying distressed 'dead malls' and turning them around. He hopes that special someone for himself to help him out and take some interest in what he does, comes along soon.

~His Work~
At age 19, he inherited Fujishima Properties, a small, but thriving collection of 3 malls in the Tokyo suburbs.
They include:

West Town Square
The oldest of the three and the largest, which he has taken up residence within a portion of the large cellar under the building (this was his decision due to Tokyo's overcrowded nature, and instead of renting an apartment elsewhere). It is the flagship mall of his portfolio.  Other than the addition of a food court in the early 1980s, the mall has not seen any remodel.

Opened: 1968
Expanded: 1984 (Food Court built on)
Type: Super-regional Mall
Tenant Count: 132.  (Most are American in names, including some older chains no longer represented in the U.S.)
Extra Things: Food Court that is very popular.  Theatre cmplex is nearby.
Anchors: Sears (U.S.-based) / Penneys (JCPenney - U.S.-based) / 三越 (Mitsukoshi) (a Japanese upscale department store..think Macy's and upwards in price structure)

He also owns East Town Square and South Town Square, two 'community-oriented' centers, but rarely needs to visit them, since he hired outside management to handle those properties.  Like West Town, they are also doing well.

Countering Characters I Seek For This Story
  • Maid (The anime-style..I think most of them are in French or equivalent-style uniform)
  • Secretary
  • 3rd Yr (Senior) Highschool Girl
  • Entrepreneur (recent move-in to his mall)

Thanks again for perusing my ideas and considering me for a partner.
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Re: Haru's Cravings [MUL, M/F, M/M] - UPDATED 5/20
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2010, 02:19:31 PM »
I redid my O/Os slightly to make things flow better.  It still looks a bit of a mess to me though.  I don't know how you folks get your feet wet here and are able to get what you seek.
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Re: Haru's Cravings [MUL, M/F, M/M] - UPDATED 6/25
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2010, 05:32:57 PM »
Big mega-huge update.  I did pull down my website for RPing stuff, which I guess was a waste of time.  Instead I updated my request here putting up some of my favorite original character profiles.  Hopefully the images aren't too big.....if so, let me know and I'll thumbnail them.

More to come as I rework some things.