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Author Topic: Rockford High: A High School story.  (Read 1914 times)

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Rockford High: A High School story.
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:01:05 PM »
Rockford High: A High School story.

It is the last semester for this school year at Rockford High School, and this year’s senior class is well on its way to graduation, everyone is excited for their own reasons, and time has seemed to fly by. But the year isn’t over yet there are still a few more important moments around the bend, such as the senior class trip, the prom, and a few other things. And the student’s still have the rest of the year to achieve any goals they may not have so far.

Ok so this is my idea for a high school based role play (yeah I can be captain obvious sometimes but ohh well), it will be 100 percent freeform, and I’m looking for it to focus on the interactions between the different characters, and how their last bit of time in high school changes them, set to the backdrop of a senior year that’s winding down. In order to help direct the story I’ve created several ‘characters ‘ to choose from,  this doesn’t mean that every aspect of who they are/what they think/look like/ect is drawn out. It’s more of a bunch of rough drafts to be used as guidelines and to help you know if this story is what you’re looking for. Everything not outlined in their little rough draft is 100 percent open to interpretation, and their looks/ethnicity/thoughts ect are at the discretion of whoever wants to play them.
The characters are all detailed below. As far as for how this game will work logistically there will be one thread for each office and this will be used to illustrate special meetings with students/ things that wouldn’t go on in the normal school day like counseling or tutoring after school, or detention. There will also be a main thread which will house just about everything else. The focus of the posting would be in the before classes, and after classes time frames with classes not really posted about due to the fact that it’s just a nightmare to co-ordinate a school schedule via group role play (trust me it is).

Below are the character slots that will be open for this role play, the pictures are NOT what each character has to look like in any way shape or form, they’re just something I hope will get people’s imagination flowing. :D underneath each picture is a short description of what the character’s current situation is, that having been said everything else is at the discretion of the player. I’d want at least 2 faculty member characters, and at least 4 students before starting this up. More would be MUCH better. The number of players is limited to the number of slots and the slots are on a first post first serve basis, based on posting of the actual character sheet(not simply posting an interest in playing them). As with all my role plays I have no problem with people playing different sexes as long as they can do so well.
The characters and character sheet is as follows. 

The Principal(Male)

He’s unhappily married , and has  been working at Rockford High for a quite a few years, he’s seen students come and go, he just wants to keep his school running smoothly and try to be happy. In an effort to try and boost grades he’s offered a raise to the teacher in each department who’s classes have the highest grades for this semester.

Female Teacher

New to the school (It’s her fourth year here) she’s quickly become the apple of many of the male students eye, as well as the focus of quite a bit of the male teachers’  “water cooler talk.” She teaches history and is dead set on getting that raise!

The Male Teacher

A member of the teaching staff, he’s been with Rockford High for a while now and knows his way around. He does his best to educate his students, genuinely believing in what he is doing. He teaches history and is also chasing after the promised raise.

The Coach(Male or Female)

One of the more senior members of the staff,  a former student of the high school, (he/she) was once the school’s quarterback. (He/She) is paid well because the team has made it to the play offs every year, and has always managed to come out with a winning season. In addition to coaching the team (he/she) also teaches the gym classes, and does (his/her) best to keep his eyes off the students’ bodies.

The Councilor(Male)

He is single, and wants to keep everyone in the student body happy and on the track to a good future. This year he wants to try to actually help his students in a way that will make a real difference

The Anti-Social (Female)

She’s not part of the ‘in crowd’ in fact she hates the idea of it, she is perfectly happy to be her own little ‘click’ of one. She wants to survive high school, and maybe make a friend or two during her last semester in Rockford.

The Nerd(Female)

The class valedictorian, by far, over the past three and a  half years she has managed to get her grades high enough so that it is impossible for her closest competition to catch up, she has been accepted to her 1st choice college, now she wants to try actually having fun in High School

The Jock(Male)

The Quarterback, the most popular of the jocks, he’s been king of high school for  three and a half years, but as the year winds down he looks to the future, ready to play ball for the local college on a scholarship, he wants to “live out his last days as king with some style,” and get laid as much as possible.

The Bitch(Female)

She’s mean, she has a temper, she knows how to use it, she’s ready to get the hell out of high school, and anyone who messes with her before that happens had better watch out.

The Loner (Male)

He’s stayed below the radar for all of high school, no one knows much about him, or about what he wants.

The Slacker (Female)

She never really put much effort into High School, focusing on her favorite sport instead, she was good at it, she even managed to get a scholarship for it, but the problem is that with her grades the way they are she will not pass high school, and she will lose said scholarship. She’s managed to get every other grade up except history, her one goal is to make sure that she passes it any way she can.

The Teacher's Pet (Female)

For all three year’s she’s been the “teacher’s pet” staying after class to help out, showing up early, and only with one teacher, no one knows why she does it but she does.

The Loner With A Secret(Female) & The Secret(Male)

She made a mistake, a BIG mistake, she’d never been very popular and had secretly hated the popular kids for it. One night two years ago at a party she’d crashed she saw one of the more popular boys, one she’d  had a crush on since 6th grade and decided to talk with him, he’d blown her off.  So she decided to get even, she spiked his drink with some drugs she’d found in the house. She didn’t know what the drugs were, she had no idea he’d never done any in his life,  and she sure as hell had no idea he’d wind up face down in the swimming pool in the basement of the house. His death was declared an accident and life went on as normal for everyone else but his family…except…ever since his funeral she’s been….well haunted by him. Literally, his spirit is constantly around her she’s the only one who can see, feel, or hear him, she just wants to make it through life without anyone finding out. She wants to be free of her secret.

The Slut(Female)

She’s the school slut, she has been since freshman year,  everyone knows she is from the students to the teachers, she’s not stupid she just LOVES sex, and she collects conquests like they were trophies. She is going to college, that much is for sure. All that’s left is to have as much fun at Rockford as she can before she leaves.

The Couple (1 Male & 1 Female)

They’re in love, at least that’s what they think. One of them wants to keep the relationship going, he or she) has taken the abstinence vow  and wants to keep it, the other one has not and doesn’t want to graduate high school a virgin.

Slot they are filling:
Looks: (Picture preferred) :
Bio(at least a paragraph) :
Player’s Turnons /non-negotiable Turnoffs:
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 09:35:04 PM »
Just a bit of further info, I have no problem with people playing multiple characters if they want to. For instance I'll most likely be playing the principal, and possibly another character if I decide I want to. It should also be noted that, The couple, and The Loner(Female)/Her Secret are a package deal. Meaning that both charcters need to be played for them to be in the game. Not necessiarly by the same person but they each need to have a player I.E. I could play the boyfriend, and someone else could play the girl friend, but without the girl friend the boyfriend wouldn't be avalable. That having been said if anyone is interested in the female loner, I'm VERY interested in playing the secret.

Offline TheLovelyMaid

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2010, 10:22:49 PM »
Slot they are filling: Female Teacher
Name: Rebecca Carr
Age: 29
Looks: (Picture preferred) :
Bio(at least a paragraph) :
Rebecca Carr, a recent divorcee, needs the raise to pay off her legal fees, as well as for the apartment she has to now pay for with one paycheck.  After catching her last husband cheating on her, Becky has tried to raise the physical interest--something that she failed to do during her marriage.  History is her favorite subject, and she knows if she hands out enough extra credit to a few, less-than-stellar students, the raise is just as good as hers.

Player’s Turnons /non-negotiable Turnoffs:
Anal, Anal Virginity, Receiving Anal Sex, -Breasts, Being Titfucked, Breast and Nipple Play, -Dom and Sub, Being Spanked, Dirty Talking, Hair Pulling, Footplay, -Foreplay, Being Teased, Giving Hand Jobs, Giving Massages, Kissing, Masturbation, Watching Masturbation, -Oral, Being Licked, Giving Cunnilingus, Giving Fellatio, Licking, Receiving Cunnilingus, Orgies MFF,

Bondage, Degradation, Fetishes, Perverting Nature

Offline Iraiz

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2010, 09:16:47 AM »
The Loner Male, here are the the stats:

Bio: Seth King moved into town at the start of his 9th grade year, the worst possible time to join a new school and he never did adjust.  The most the other kids know about him is that he rides his skateboard to school, smells of cigarettes, sometimes weed, and rarely ever brings a book, let alone a backpack.  There is more to Seth than meets the eye, one of those kids that hides his good grades as well as the dilapidated house he resides in.  Typically, he spends his time with a group mixed of high school dropouts or graduates that barely made it and spend all their time at the skate park or a dimly lit, smokey apartment.  Just like most guys at the Rockford High, Seth daydreams and subsequently jerks off to thoughts of the cheerleaders and Ms. Carr, but he doesn't have the balls to make fantasy a reality.  At least, not yet.....

Player’s Turnons /non-negotiable Turnoffs:
Virginity, forced sex, edging, masturbation, giving and receiving oral, cum play, anal and vaginal sex, glory holes, voyeurism, group sex

Scat, vomit, furries

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Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2010, 09:18:29 AM »
Glad to have you both!

Offline MagicalPen

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2010, 09:40:03 AM »
Slot they are filling: The Jock

Name: Andrew 'Andy' Simon

Age: 18


Bio(at least a paragraph):

Andy was the star quarterback of the HS Team and was being recruited to go to college to play ball. He was a stud and knew it - and used it to his advantage. He didn't want to get attached to any one girl in the school, so he made it a point to be single. Parties were great as he often got laid by different girls at each one. Why settle for one when you could have them all? Its not like he was going to marry a girl anytime soon - college would present so many more girls and then once he hit the pros, well, he'd have more girls on him then he'd know what to do with. He has also started to slack off in classes now that he has been guaranteed a scholarship at FSU. Senior year to him is all about football, fucking, and fun - what more could a guy ask for? 

Player’s Turnons:
All forms of sex, all types of girls. Teachers, Students, etc.
/non-negotiable Turnoffs: M/m, receiving anal, scat, watersports

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #6 on: April 23, 2010, 04:46:27 PM »
Slot: Principal
Name:  Joseph Tenenbaum
Age: 29

Bio:  Joseph always wanted to get into education, he loved the idea of ‘molding the leaders of tomorrow’ he married his college sweetheart and managed to have what he thought was a great life. Until recently, he has discovered that his wife is cheating on him and is debating on whether he should confront her with it. The state is watching Rockford High School closely, as they were with every other school, the state needed to make cut backs and Joseph would be damned if they would do it to his school. He’s been doing his best to get grades up this semester but is worried it may turn into a lost cause.
Player's ons: Just about everything you can think of...and then some
Player's offs: None....honestly and truthfully none.

Offline sinoraa

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #7 on: April 23, 2010, 05:25:30 PM »
Slot they are filling: The Slut (Did i just insult mysef by takeing this role?
Name: Jessica Connors
Bio: Jessica was never a good student. Always showing up late and always skipping out on home work. It wasn't until she got to high school, her grades suddenly rose, to her parents delight. They never questioned her sudden turn, seeing it as a miracle. But in truth, she'd just put her other talents to work. While she always enjoyed sex sense she discovered it, selling herself for money, or just giving it out for pleasure, she'd never thought she'd be able to pass a class with it. Tough one day, as she was threatened to be kicked out of school, she offered to suck off a teacher, in exchange for a A-. Much to her surprise, he agreed. Ever sense she's been slide threw school on her looks.
Turnons: Pretty much everything.
Turnoffs: I dare you to find one!
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2010, 06:40:49 PM »
Alright everyone here is the current roster!

The Principal(Male)= UrbanZorro
Female Teacher=The Lovely Maid
The Male Teacher=
The Coach(Male or Female)=
The Councilor(Male) =
The Anti-Social (Female)=
The Nerd(Female)=
The Jock(Male)=Eyeore
The Bitch(Female)=
The Loner (Male)=Iraiz
The Slacker (Female)=
The Teacher's Pet (Female)=
The Loner With A Secret(Female) =
 The Secret(Male)=
The Slut(Female)= Sinorra
The Couple (Male)=
The Couple (Female)=

As you can see at this point we have 3 students, and 2 faculty.

Offline CrazyIvan

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #9 on: April 24, 2010, 01:55:45 AM »
Slot they are filling: Nerd (female)
Name: Alicia Lynn
Age: 18
Looks: (Picture preferred) :
Bio(at least a paragraph) : Alicia has always been a straight A student for as long as she can remember. She always tries her hardest at school and as such as put her social life to the side. She comes from a more well off family one that strives to have her succeed in everything that she does. Because of this pressure she has pushed her self and has gotten to head of the class and into the college she wants. Her parents still want her to focus on studying, but she wants to actually have fun in her life for once or at least find out what it is. So she tells her parents that she will focus on school work when in reality she will be trying to have a normal high school life.
As she hasn't had much experience with social interactions she is a bit awkward and clumsy. She is also just a bit clumsy in general, and although she may act more mature she is still a kid on the inside. She is a bit sensitive about how she looks as she has been focusing on study she doesn't have a good concept though she is actually not bad looking, but she still has a bad self image. So in this awkward and uneasy state she looks forward with hesitation and excitement to her senior year.
Player’s Turnons: Hmmm.... pretty much anything that you can think of, and I am willing to try almost anything once
non-negotiable Turnoffs: I don't know, I have not run into to something as of yet that has turned me off so I would have to say none
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Offline rockstar217

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2010, 11:03:46 PM »
Slot they are filling: Anti-Social (female)
Name:  Keri Wilson
Age: 18
Looks: (Picture preferred) : 
Bio(at least a paragraph) :  It wasn't that Keri didn't fit in... She had never wanted to.  At least, not at Rockford High.  She'd found friends outside of school: in the bars and small clubs she frequented, always hoping to find the obscure local bands playing.  They were usually hot, and always desperate for the attention of a pretty girl... Or any girl, really. But, even those friendships were stale; she got nothing out of them except a drink or two when they fell for her lie that she'd "forgotten" her ID that night, but was dying for a rum and Coke. 

Before, she'd always been okay with the stupid looks her so-called peers gave her in the hallway.  They didn't understand her makeup, the brightly-colored streaks in her hair, or clothing choices, ever, even though she'd been doing it since she was a freshman at Rockford.  Everyone should be used it it by now. And, maybe, a few of them were slowly getting accustomed to her slightly standoffish attitude, just as Keri was realizing how lonely not having anyone to recount her adventures really was.

Player’s Turnons /non-negotiable Turnoffs:  Ons:  Honestly, everything that's not listed below is fine.  But voyeurism, non-con, and group are at the top of my list.
Offs:  Anal, scat, watersports, and feet

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Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #11 on: April 25, 2010, 12:41:29 AM »
With 5 students and two faculty I'd say we are getting ready to start things off. I'll probably be posting up the threads either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. :D If their are any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask!

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2010, 03:07:18 PM »
Alright the threads are up! Here are the links, at this point the game will be in the NC catigory due to the fact that honestly I have no problem with NC elements and the possiblity of them makes things much more interesting! Feel free to start posting, right now posts should take place in the main buidling thread. Ms. Carr's Room and Mr. Tenenbaum's are for things such as detention, tutoring ect ect.

Rockford High: Main Building

Rockford High: Ms. Carr’s Room

Rockford High: Mr. Tenenbaum’s Office
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Offline MagicalPen

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2010, 03:09:02 PM »
Any suggestions on where to start? (or anyone want to pair up with the Jock for a

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2010, 03:10:19 PM »
Let's say its the second or third week in the spring semister start off as if it were a normal school day

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2010, 03:47:50 PM »
Well don't I feel foolish...Posted the threads in the wrong area give me a minute and I'll fix.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #16 on: April 25, 2010, 03:53:40 PM »
That's better here are the actual links, appologies everyone!

Main Building

Ms. Carr's room:

Tennenbaum's Office

Offline rockstar217

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #17 on: April 27, 2010, 11:16:57 PM »
Question -- should we maybe have an "off campus" thread?  I feel a little strange posting in the main building thread, whilst out driving around town.  [:

Offline RedEve

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #18 on: April 28, 2010, 01:49:47 AM »
Aaw, the slut is already taken. :p

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #19 on: April 28, 2010, 12:56:13 PM »
Hmm, that would be a good idea I'll work on posting up an outside thread, hope there are other ones that interest you RedEye.

Offline Carlissa

Re: Rockford High: A High School story.
« Reply #20 on: April 30, 2010, 03:52:39 PM »
All the potential shy innocent girls are taken? *Cries*