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Author Topic: Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)  (Read 1000 times)

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Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)
« on: April 22, 2010, 12:32:44 pm »
These are games pulled from other threads that I am really CRAVING! If interested, please PM me!

These ideas are very much open - names, themes, plot etc can all be changed as we see fit. These ideas are just in their basic form right now.

The Model

Sarah was an aspiring model and certainly had the body for it. A flat, taut stomach giving way to full, voluptuous breasts, blonde hair and blue eyes. At 18 years old, she was certainly the center of attention at every photo shoot. But if she wanted to make a name for herself, she had to take things to the next level, show a little skin. But she was far too shy to do such a thing. There was only one person she would let photograph her so naked - her best friends father, who was a photographer himself. She trusted him, and had to admit to having a crush on him. He agrees to do the shoot, encouraging her though it, and can't help but start to get revealed as she sheds more clothes. His reaction doesn't go unnoticed and a little playing, a little teasing, soon turns into something much, much more...

(Looking for a Model)

The Bet

The bet was made.The stakes were certainly set high. On the one hand, if Mark sealed the deal, he would be made a partner of the company, with equal rights and power as his boss. A co-owner and co-CEO, if you will. If the deal fell through, then he and his wife-to-be would become the virtual live-in slaves to Marks Boss - Drew - for no less then a month. Slave as in everything - whatever Drew said, they would have to do. Anything that Drew asked of them, then they would be forced to comply. Mark built his reputation on honor. But Mark was feeling confidant, very confidant, of sealing the deal.

However, there were problems, and things dragged out. On the day of Marks wedding, the result of the deal finally came through. Mark was unaware, even as he said his vows. It was only in the Limo, on the way home for a their planned wedding night, does he realize that they were not headed home. Instead, they pull up to his bosses home, where the victorious man awaits them with unbridled joy.

-Several Alternatives here. His wife enjoys the attention and is very willing to do as the Boss says. Or the wife is more reluctant. Or Mark finds that he enjoys watching her with another man. Etc etc.

Looking for the new-wife in this one. Contact me for more details. 

The Diary of a MILF

Sandra had always been rather conservative. She had always been the good girl in college and had married a smart, wealthy lawyer. But since being married, since the initial honeymoon period, she had not been able to settle into the role of a housewife too well. There was something burning in her that made her crave attention, made her want to explore and experiment. Her husband, when he was home, certainly enjoyed the sex but was very vanilla. She wanted - needed - something more exciting, something that made her wet between the legs just thinking about. But how to satisfy yet explore these desires? It was by pure luck that she was home one evening and glanced out her window. The trees had just been cut so there was a slight hole through them into her neighbors yard. It just happened that right at that time her neighbor was outside, pounding away at his wife. At least, she had thought it was his wife, until she realized it was a much younger girl - his sons girlfriend! The teen was taking it like a pro-in the ass and this turned Sandra on to no end. She quickly decided that she wanted some of the action - so waited for the right opportunity to confront the married man with what he had done, blackmailing her into doing her too!

Looking for a MILF about to embark on a sexual quest/adventure (this is just the preliminary scene)

The College Student

Ah, college! Hormones running on over-drive, freedom from parents, living on your own, partying and drinking! What more could you need? Inhibitions are tossed to the way side and girls start to discover themselves for the very first time. For Michelle, it was like a chick hatching from an egg. There were so many attractive boys! They were all so hot and didn't mind when she fooled around with them but she had managed to keep her virtue intact, so far. But something in side of her wanted more...

Living off campus meant she had her own private room in a house full of girls. Her one room mate was especially vocal during sex, their rooms right next to each other, and Michelle had often touched herself imagining she was joining in on the fun. She had recently gotten a webcam and had started posing seductively, posting the pictures online, which garnered a great response from the guys. It made her feel special.

One such guy was local and she had gotten to know quite well. He was in his mid 20's and apparently went to the same school but she had never seen him. Then, one night as her room mates were having a party, he is there and recognizes her. They go up to her room to talk, and one thing leads to another. She finds him more intoxicating in real life then online and he introduces her to a world she had only fantasized about.

Looking for a College Student looking to explore and experiment.

The Escort

Sasha had a secret. Her boyfriend thought she worked for a business company that often kept her late or even travel occasionally. While that was true, she was only a secretary and worked a regular 9 - 5. However, to help their income meet the bills with plenty to spare, she also worked as a high-class escort. She had been an amateur model for a number of years so she certainly had the looks. Her boyfriend was completely clueless about her double life, and thats exactly how she wanted to keep things. But things were about to change for her.

One night, a new Client requests to meet her in a hotel for some fun. Agreeing on a Price, she goes to meet him, only to find out that the Client was her boyfriends father. The father had apparently spotted her at a party the week before, a wealthy man in his own right, and had inquired about her. He had always found her attractive and now had the leverage to do something about it.

Looking for an Escort.


A street beggar since birth, Seamus has only known life on the street. Stealing is a matter of survival and going hungry is a fact of life. Lack of food and being the youngest of three brothers (born to three different fathers and a prostitute) always meant he was the runt of the litter. The Urchin Gangs were the only authority he knew and his smaller size compared to the other boys meant he was always picked on. Nimble, quick, and with deft hands, he always stole the most, only for it to be claimed by the older boys who would beat him if he didn't give it them. Taking a bath only happened when jumping into a filthy canal or stream meant escape. He knew no other clothes then those that had been worn before or had holes in them, always two sizes too big.

At the age of 16, Seamus had yet to feel the comforts of a woman. Not that any of the beggar girls were interested in him, but nor could he afford to pay for a whore. Innocent was the best way to describe him in regards to the pleasures of the flesh. He had seen his share of naked women and people copulating (his mother was a whore, after all). But life for Seamus was about to change - for better or for worse. He was starting to reach that age where, while still small, he wasn't that adorable little boy with big eyes and a cherub face any more, unable to bring in as much money begging as he used too. He certainly wasn't a brawler either and trying to survive on pick-pocketing often ended up with time spent in Jail...and Jail was the last place he wanted to be!

Seamus is caught, having been set up by the older boys to take the fall (and to get him out of the way). But being caught by the target and his thugs is far worse then being caught by the City Watch - they're SLAVERS! Seamus knows what it happens to those that get caught by the NEVER hear or see from the captives ever again! They are taken across the Great Sea to places where people are said to walk around naked and have golden skin! Seamus doesn't remember much about the sea voyage over, spending most of the time sick to his stomach, so weak that he nearly dies, but the new city he finds himself in is both scary and exotic. He isn't sure what to make of the veiled women who show nothing more then their eyes...

(Looking for an Exotic Beauty)

Daddys Twins

Double trouble, thats what the twins were always called. They had certainly grow up into two young attractive women. They were the type of girl that made guys trip over themselves. Only neither of them were really interested in guys. In fact, neither of them had lost their virginity - at least not to a guy. The Twins were closet-lesbians and had only ever had sex with each other. Sharing a room meant that it happened quite frequently. Neither of them had ever seen a cock in real life.

That was, until their father walked in on them one day...

(Seeking the Twins)

The Family Slut (setting open)

NSFW Image

 18 years old and a virgin, developing into an attractive young woman, she is still very in the dark about men. She sneaks a boy into her room at night, but as things get hot and heavy, her father storms into the room. The boy manages to escape through the window, but she is left to face the wrath of her father. Already half naked, her father decides to show her how a real man is, taking her virginity that very night. Her sexual exploration only continues with her father as he takes her every knight afterwards, helping guide her through each and every desire of hers.

Her brother, two years younger then her, catches her fucking their father. Instead of saying anything about it, he comes to her and confronts her about it...making her show him what father has been doing to her. She unwittingly becomes the sex slave to both father and son. Once her father finds out, she has as much cock as she can handle, but things are only going to spiral further out of a control as the cock-slut is treated to things she had never dreamed of before.

(Looking for a Daughter to get used and abused)

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Re: Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2010, 11:58:14 am »
Updated with Taken Ideas.

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Re: Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2010, 01:17:59 pm »
Updated with 5 new ideas (top of post).

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Re: Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2010, 12:11:06 pm »
Updated with TAKEN ideas and Modified 'The Bet'.

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Re: Eeyores Cravings (seeking F, MUL)
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2010, 06:17:14 pm »
I like the bet and I would like to play it that she is unwilling if that is alright with you.

So if we are in accord please link me to the thread.