Avatar of the Goddess (M searching for divine F)

Started by The Baron, April 20, 2010, 11:15:14 PM

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The Baron

No not Avatar in the sense of James Cameron's. I'm more referring to the sense of deities having representatives for their chosen roles.

In this particular instance I was going for the following plot:

They had been a poor farmers. Barely above slaves. But his parents had loved each other deeply. But his birth had been... complicated. Fearing for his beloved wife, his father had prayed fervently to Aphrodite, beseeching her that for the sake of the love of his wife, she intervene and save both his wife and child. He knew that the priests told him that for childbirth and motherhood he should have prayed to Hera, but he was not praying for the God's help to have a child, he was praying for his beloved to live. He called out to Aphrodite, offering the child, his first born, to be her servant in anyway she choose when he reached the age of 18. Aphrodite had heard the farmer's plea and had, at first, decided to ignore it. What made this petty mortal's love any more unique than the others. But then the offering... a veritable sacrifice intrigued her. She was in need of an avatar. So she granted the farmer's request, implanting in the new parents minds her commands to deliver the boy to her nearest temple, she would take care of the rest.

(In essence the roleplay would have you being Aphrodite, and her transforming my character into her avatar. The transformation would be...well, this IS Aphrodite after all... There are other details to work out obviously but I'd be more than happy to come to a consensus with you. Please PM me if you're interested!)