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Started by Lystia, April 19, 2010, 09:36:43 PM

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Hello Everyone! I’ve got some ideas and I was wondering if there was anyone out there willing to roleplay them with me (either through PMs or in the forum.)  I at least need someone who is descriptive - I don't give one sentence posts and I don't expect to receive them. Anyway, here are the ideas I've had in mind recently:

This first comes from a previous post (which has since been removed):


-For this particular one I would like only a female RP partner-

Location: A high-end private school

Summary: My character is a young, attractive school teacher - one of those ones all the boys swoon over (little do they know!) - who happens to be very stern and strict. She is intentionally failing one of her female students in order to force her to attend "extra-help" every day, which is time she uses to take advantage of her. The general themes of it will be some light bondage, reluctance and coercion, and some large sex toys. I also tend to like my fantasies a little on the rough side : ) The exact details of the student I do not really have set so I need someone to be the innocent, somewhat naive schoolgirl of their choosing. If you are interested, please send me a PM and include a little description of the schoolgirl (or any other ideas you might want to add) Thanks : )

The Ritual

-for either male or female partners-

Locations: A remote cabin; large, dense woods; caves

Summary:  A mother takes her daughter on a very secretive trip up into the woods.  It’s a trip the mother has taken many times by herself.  She tells her daughter that it’s an important family ritual to mark her transition into a woman.  However, when they arrive, the daughter finds out that her mother is a member of a cult which caters to a legendary Wolf-Demon deep within the caves inside the forests.  She discovers that her mother’s trips, and those of the other members, have been to offer themselves to the lust of the wolf to prevent it from ravaging the local populace.  She also learns that the demon’s appetite requires a fresh offering: her!  As defiant as she is, she finds herself helpless among the minions of the wolf-demon, and must confront her fate as a sexual sacrifice.

(I do have descriptions of some of the characters - which are open to changes or suggestions. If you would like more information send me a message)

The River’s End

-For either a male or female partner-

Location: Presumed to be an alternate realm

Summary:  A routine camping trip with friends turns into a nightmare for one teenage girl when she finds herself separated from her friends in a strong river’s current.  She floats helplessly through a dense, mysterious fog to find herself run ashore in an unfamiliar place.  She finds herself in a world full of strange creatures and intelligent plants that all seem to be driven by sexual passion and lust.  She’s left desperate and alone to figure out her new surroundings and differentiate between friend and foe.  She’s force to concede that her virtues are meaningless in this new world as she must cope with countless violations from things almost unimaginable.  Will she ever find her way back?


Have sent PM for River's End
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