A few good scenes. (Ex, F/M, F/F, M/M)

Started by Zoophilian, April 19, 2010, 04:46:26 PM

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Hello all.

To start with lets set things up. No limits on my end, Seeking a few good scenes with little if any limits. Looking for scenes that involve such lovely extremes as Beast, Vore, Snuff. Dolcett. Story line idea's come largely from my own collection (Link in my profile summery page) But otherwise seeking a few new ones outside the safety of my own girls, Trying something new mayhaps! Such as A setting with a cross-dressed fem boy or two vs many yummy things ranging from Beasts to what ever one could think up! >_> I dont know.. I know this Sl is far from being detailed or well Written, Yet I can promise Detail and a sure lack of limits. My storys, on my page feature my girl's, My main charas but looking for something else, Long or short term. I promise not to Disappoint. Feel free to drop an Im or even an Email.

A few Sl's currently seeking.

A M/M sl designed around Anthro's types. One a young canine anthro Cross dressing over a lost bet or some such at a night club or even school function, Eventualy he learns he learns his new Role as Bitch instead of Alpha.

Another Sl Ive been knocking around and looking to play is a Vore sl, One of my girls or even a new one entirely being Stuffed (Litteraly) with Fruits, Veggues and Fed to a much larger creature! Fantasy or Real. Hard or soft Vore.

This one goes along the lines of the girls in my web page. Suited girls. Rubber transformation into a pet. Young girl transformed into a Mate for the family dog, Possibly ending up at the pound, Vet or even Tied off at a Dog park to be mounted publicly.

I know these are really undetailed but just a few One shot scenes I have been knocking around in my head and not fleshed out. I can however promise a Detailed rp session or Game as many call them here, Again I have no limits and Humbly ask that one visits my website before messaging me, Altho not required of course. I prefer to play in Messages, Via Aim, Msn or even Email.

Thank you.


I only just PMed you.  I am quite open and available for writing. 
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Updated. (o.o; Everyone else I see selfbumps >_> So... bump)


I would love to talk about something with you. Maybe you and I can discuss a plot.
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Thought I'd pop in and let you know that if you're strictly looking for people to play over PMs or IMs I believe the section you wanted to post your thread in is this: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?board=425.0 which is the IM Roleplay Requests. This section is only for those who want to RP over the forum boards. If you already know this and meant to say you will play in forums but simply prefer to play over IMs/PMs then disregard this message! xD
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I had suspected this was in the wrong department but not till after I had posted it >_> I will make a note of it next time! ^.^; Iam not against forum rp by far but its been forever, Iam an Im kitty, Need to get my paws wet before committing for a large Rp in the forum's.