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Author Topic: Marvel Mercs: (The Discussion Thread.) [Currently Full]  (Read 4614 times)

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Offline pendarious

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few potential slots open)
« Reply #25 on: April 20, 2010, 11:02:37 AM »
ok i'll edit this once you have all the powers and stuff decided.

Real Name: Tyler Hendrix
Age: 22
Current Alias: Scyon
Aliases: his current is the only one
Identity:  not particularly secret nor particularly public
Alignment: chaotic evil played under guise of chaotic neutral
Race: human
Relatives: none
Affliation: cult of Lunaria (essentially a cult that worships any lunar god or goddess)
Hometown:  London England
Gender: male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220
Eyes: right eye is crimson and the left eye is sapphire
Hair: jet black
Build: Slender but not frail
Costume: wears all black clothing with a a black cape
Notable Features: heterochromatic eyes, the  pointed goatee he wears on his chin with a thin mustache that fallows the curve of his lip.

Citizenship: unregistered
Marital Status: single
Occupation: magician in a local theatre
Education: masters degree in history

Origin: he was born  the son of a wealthy couple and was privately tutored growing up. When he was 7 years old he took an interest in the occult and began studying and practicing magic. He found himself to be quite skilled at it and began to spend more time practicing magic. One day when he was 15 a spell went awry and blew up his home he was the only survivor. He found the situation fairly funny for some reason and discovered he loved the sight, scent, feel, and even taste of blood. He began to practice darker and more cruel rituals. Until one day he was approached by some cultists who invited him to their midst’s and he passed the induction ritual. He was 19 when they first told him he needed to get  a job to assist the funding of the cult and that he had been cast as a magician for the local theatre. He accepted the job and practiced only petty magic tricks in front of the audience. It’s true he would use more advanced magic but  nothing lethal. He became a popular show in no time and makes good amounts of money to keep the cult funded. Every Saturday night after his performance he goes to join in on the rituals and rites of the cult. When he turned 20 due to his financial support and participation in the cult he quickly ascended to the rank of assorted sorcier which makes him next in line to be the high priest of the cult.

Motivations: he believes in the will of the gods and goddesses of the moon and believes that their will is a darker one.

Reasons For Joining The Team: (will add when more is understood)

Notable Accomplishments: quick ascension to the rank of assorted sorcier

Personality: a calm yet cynical and twisted man, seems to behave kindly and gently but has no problem ripping open anyone at all if he believes It is what the lunar deities wish of him. He thinks he may sit on line of evil but he isn’t quite sure.
he also has a twisted sense of humor and tends no tto look at either the light or dark side of things he merely looks at things as they are and analyzes them to see if he can find any solution.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few potential slots open)
« Reply #26 on: April 20, 2010, 11:13:15 AM »
Nicely done sir, he will be interesting to see played out.

Offline pendarious

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few potential slots open)
« Reply #27 on: April 20, 2010, 11:50:56 AM »
hehe thanks.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few potential slots open)
« Reply #28 on: April 20, 2010, 02:32:22 PM »
Slightly interested, but I'm not familiar with the original Marvel universe... I've been reading the Ultimate universe religiously for the last week or so, though.

Also, what sort of system are you running? Are you familiar with FASERIP?

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots open.)
« Reply #29 on: April 20, 2010, 03:12:12 PM »
I know of the system, not using it though. The system that will be used is a customized and streamlined variant of the Hero System.

If you want to play? Familiarity with The Marvel Universe isn't a problem. It's not an issue, I will say this to everyone. You should PM me with any questions, and if you like? I can give you a run through or give you links to look through at your own speed. If you plan on linking your character with existing ones, PM me first and inquire so that the continuity isn't messed with.

I'm still working around with a lot of the technical stuff, and I'm going to need to make a couple threads. One with background and everything, another explaining how my system will work and another for character creation. This could be a discussion thread of sorts. But if you want to play? You're more than welcome to join.

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Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #30 on: April 20, 2010, 05:52:05 PM »
Real Name: Justin Ranger
Current Alias: Nanotech
Aliases: Formally known as BotBoy
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human
Relatives: None living
Affiliation: Formally Thunderbolts and HYDRA
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Build: Solid frame, somewhat muscular
Costume: Cobalt blue body armor (almost like the programs from tron) with a full faced helmet.
Notable Features: Sever small injection scars linked to the origin of his powers
Age: 25

Citizenship: US citizen
Marital Status: Single
Occupation:  IT tech
Education: High school Degree

Origin: Justin was a normal teenage dork. He was intrested in all things technological. His dad was an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D., and he hoped to follow into the organization himself, had things in his life not turned out the way it did. One night that seemed like any other, his home was attacked by HYDRA agents. They killed off his family, and took Justin hostage. He was tortured for months, his mind being drilled into being HYDRA's perfect solider. After his training, Justin was to be the first to receive an experimental nanobot injection designed to boost his strength, intelligence, agility, and durability. Given the code name BotBoy, he worked for HYDRA for months. An unexpected side effect of the injection, however, give Justin a minor regenerative ability. During an attack on a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile bast, he was recognized by Nick Fury. Fury was able to break HYDRA's control over Justin, but  not the brainwashing that turned him evil. Fighting and being defeated by several superheros, he eventually joined the Thunderbolts in order to help turn his life around. He took the new alias Nanotech, He eventually was granted amnesty for his former crimes. Since that day he has fought alongside numerous heroes he once fought against.

Motivations: Justin's motivation is to make amends for his past.

Reasons For Joining The Team:

Notable Accomplishments: He almost single handily took down a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile base.

Personality: Justin is remorseful. He is a loyal, if pessimistic ally. He Doesn't really like to be out in the action, normally preferring to stay back as support. However, once things get heavy, he is the first to help out those he calls friends.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #31 on: April 20, 2010, 09:45:13 PM »
Nicely done^

(The character I'll be using as he's going to be the group's handler and field leader, will be built when the time comes to where he has the means to counter PC's and keep them in line. Many of you will be on this group against your will initially. A sorta Deathstroke build, I called it lol. I'm not concrete on the character yet, push comes to shove I will go for a different sort of archetype if need be.)

(All of this is Classified)
Real Name: Desmond Lucas
Current Alias: Muerte
Aliases: One Man Army, The Ultimate, Weapon Omega
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Lawful-Neutral Evil
Race: Human Mutant (Mutation manifested at birth)
Relatives: Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage (Half Brother.) Jessica Jones (Sister in Law.) Danielle Cage (Neice) James Leonard Lucas (Father) James Lucaes Jr. (Half Brother, deceased.)
Affiliation: Previously Weapon-X, now affiliated with the shadowy individual known as Tyrant.
Hometown: Harlem, New York.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235
Eyes: Previously Brown, now Golden Yellow. (Black when entering MDK state)
Hair: Black
Build: Very muscular, he works out intensively everyday through a brutal regime of Calisthenics, Katas, Parkour and Weapons Training.
Costume: Mostly black bodysuit, with Vibranium Microweave Mesh throughout. Certain areas have mesh resembling chainmail and are more heavily armored. This armor doesn't rob the subject of any agility. A black facemask with a bandanna tie in the back, the eyes have symbols over them that are white. Several Holsters,pouches and harnesses are worn on the costume for his weapons.
Notable Features: His eyes.
Age: 27

Citizenship: US citizen
Marital Status: Single
Occupation:  Mercenary
Education: Weapon-X Faculities where he recieved an education that would equate to Ph.D's in several fields. He'd later go to study around the world, improving to his already devastating

Origin: The subject Desmond Lucas was designated as a mutant from his birth. A blood sample was taken, and it was revealed that his ability had already manifested. A situation was set up where his father, and older brother Carl would get into a wreck with him. This went off without a hitch, and the Weapon X agents were successfully able to plant an identical deceased baby and swipe him. He was raised in facuilities around the world. Never allowed to get too attached to any location or person. The subject's power was revealed to be an acute form of adaptation. What this meant is that with proper stimuli and experimentation the subject was altered into something else altogether. He was more than the directors could have ever hoped for, a perfect weapon that would continue to evolve throughout it's lifetime. Developing new abilities altogether and quickly mastering skills.

By the time he was ten years old, the subject was already a master assassin with several blackbelts to his name. Due to the sheltered upbringing, his intelligence was off the scales and he was deemed one of the most intelligent people on the planet without officially existing. It eventually came to light what Ultimate was being trained for. With more and more mutations and superhumans roaming the globe, Weapon X wanted the means to eliminate superhumans if need be. So for the next 6 years of his life, his training was dedicated to furthering his combat abilities as well as stockpiling information on all the known superhumans on the planet. His capacity for strategy became unparalleled and he wound up having several altercations with superhumans under several different identities to gather information and continue to evolve. Everything was moving along as planned, until it was revealed the subject was rogue and actually manipulating Weapon X. Using our resources for training, and self improvement. The subject retained was able to create a self identity and retained it through nightly rituals of meditation and Calisthenics. When he felt he learned all that he could, the subject escaped when being escorted towards a mission. Slaughtering dozens of agents, guards and scientists as he did this.

Afterwards he started to live a life of his own. Making his way across the globe to study under martial artists, and various experts in different fields. The ultimate had different plans for his future, and retained all of his knowledge. Despite potentionally being one of the most dangerous superhumans on the planet, his existence is nothing more than a rumor. No hero has ever truly been able to get a glimpse of him, until a very public assassinations of the leaders of several of the world's leading crime syndicates. Claiming he had gotten bored and needed a sales pitch, this was in his old costume. The ultimate operated for several years until recently where he started working exclusively for a shadowy figure known as the Tyrant. It is unknown why he displays loyalty to the Tyrant as he does.

Now the Tyrant reportedly has him "recruiting" relatively low-key superhumans and costumes for an undisclosed operation.

Motivations: Money, Entertainment, Challenge, and something very private that he doesn't speak on.

Reasons For Joining The Team: He's the one organizing the team.

Notable Accomplishments: Countless, yet through a combination of drugs/psychics/brainwashing and other underhanded techniques they techniquely haven't existed except for in his memory.

Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Amoral. Highly arrogant, and fully confident in his capabilities.




Yep, looks a good deal like the Rock. Except his pigmentation is a little bit darker.
« Last Edit: April 25, 2010, 11:09:08 AM by Darkcide »

Offline pendarious

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #32 on: April 20, 2010, 10:29:51 PM »
.......vibranium mesh armor huh? crap.......that's some tough as hell shirting he has.

Offline sinoraa

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #33 on: April 21, 2010, 02:32:56 PM »
Don't we have enough people to get started? i mean we can introduce our chars...And i don't see why we would need more ladies.

Offline pendarious

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #34 on: April 21, 2010, 02:36:36 PM »
we can't start because he doesn't have the  whole system set up yet. and also he wants to balance things out a bit that's why he wants more ladies.....least ways we can have lords playing female chara's *shrugs*

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #35 on: April 21, 2010, 07:30:58 PM »
Don't we have enough people to get started? i mean we can introduce our chars...And i don't see why we would need more ladies.

Finals have been killing me, and the preparation for them. I've meant to post up more tidbits than I have. I want there to be more ladies for balance reasons. One is still working on her character idea, and I'm still unsure of how many people we'll actually have. I mean the game and plot are flexible enough to where people can be introduced later but I sorta want to at least have a brick before getting into it.

Otherwise I will try to give you all a run through of how combat works. And mind you, soon enough I'll be making a few threads to make everything less clustered and more organized.

This will be tricky with people's schedules and such, but in combat I want it to work on phases. There'll be group combat and the group will be facing off against other groups. So speed will play a hand in determining what phase you are able to attack on. In combat you can talk as much as you want, so even if you can't act? You can still post and communicate, describe what you're witnessing, and what your character is seeing.

I will handle the rolls, what you'll need to do? In addition to you know posting, use ( ) to designate your action you're choosing. You'll have a full range of abilities, skills, and powers that you'll be able to draw on. You will need to tell me what you want to do, to whom, and since we aren't in a living room somewhere I will give you the option to say either roll effect or standard. What that will do is this. Standard means I won't roll if you manage to hit, your effect will be three for however many dice your action uses. This means you don't run the risk of a lot of ones and twos but you can't do anything spectacular. With roll effect, whatever the dice says? That is what is done.

For attacking, calling shots at certain limbs short of center mass will give you some minuses. They're harder to hit but can incapacitate limbs and potentionally do a lot of damage. You have to call the shot, also certain actions even outside of combat? Require rolls, if something like that comes up I will tell you OOC so you can decide if you want to do it or not. It'd only be for more important actions or that sort of thing. Basically though in combat and such? You have to let me know when you're doing something, if I don't know it happens and it wasn't rolled? Short of talking, it hasn't happened.  I will explain the system better at another point in time. This is a very basic run through so it is in everyone's head, the amount of combat will depend on people's preferences also.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #36 on: April 21, 2010, 08:00:16 PM »
Here is a run down of the skills/perks thus far. I want them up so people can start to read through them and get an idea of what you want. Cost hasn't been added in yet, and points haven't been assigned yet. So don't add any of these to your sheet just yet lol. Also keep in mind, that you don't have to explain everything you buy to me. However certain things on your sheet? I might check them and I will say in advance that your capabilities and such? They should fit your character's build, and biography. That is something I've ran into plenty of times in offline games, also the skills WILL be in levels. Higher levels cost more but for this game it will raise the number that needs to be rolled for them making it more likely you'll accomplish and give you bigger bonuses and make the skill better. You also cannot skip up the ladder for higher end purchases, you must get all pre-reqs beforehand and pay the cost.


Acrobatics-Allows a character to flip, jump and bound around easily.

Acting-Alter mannerisms and speech to fool people, become someone else and fake moods and emotions.

Analyze-(You must specialize what. Be specific) You analyze whatever field/subject you choose and can gain insight, or knowledge that will prove useful.

Animal Handler-Train specified animals to do your bidding.
Aquatic Animals
Insects and Anthropods
Reptiles & Amphibians

Armorsmith-Allows you to create or repair armor.

Autofire-Allows you to more accurately use autofire techniques. There are four different ones. Takes a whole phase, and your DCV is halved. Buy these only if you have autofire techniques. For each hex that is fired into you get a minus one to your OCV. So the accuracy diminishes with more targets.
Accurate Sprayfire-Autofire against multiple targets with better accuracy. You only suffer a -1 OCV in addition to regular modifiers.
Concentrated Sprayfire- Another -1 OCV with modifiers, concentrate fire to fire multiple shots on one target.
Rapid Autofire-Autofire attacks with the move, Rapid Fire. You must fire the same number of shots in each burst at each target. Every target after the first gets an increased -1 to your OCV.
Skipover Sprayfire-You can skip over hexes if you don't fire into them. You still lose accuracy for the hexes you go over, still a minus one for each hex. Saves you charges and energy though.

Breakfall-Allows you to land on your feet from certain falls or to halve damage from falls.

Bribery-You know how to bribe someone, what to offer and how to approach them.

Bugging-You can either successfuly place bugs or you can find them when they're utilized against you.

Bureaucratics-You know how to cut through red tape and who to talk to and how to extract information from these people.

Climbing-If handholds exist, you can scale.

Combat Driving-You can control vehicles in difficult situations. Free points to be used in TF are afforded to appropriate vehicles.

Combat Piloting-Vehicles that operate in three dimensions? You can control them in difficult situations. Refer to above.

Combat Skill Levels-Use to improve combat skills. Doesn't require a roll, you can only assign them once per phase and they stay where they are until being declared in your next phase. They can only apply to certain attacks.
First level-Single Weapon or Attack. (Must be defined) Cannot apply to say all strikes and such.
Next Level-Can apply to a group of three related maneuvers.
Next Level-1 point increase to OCV or DCV at all times, or increased damage to a group of attacks. Whether they're HTH,Melee Weapon,Ranged,Mental. Or a plus one for OECV and DECV
Next Level-You can add 2 to your DCV, or OCV as long as you specifiy which you're doing at each phase. And a bonus for specified damage class.
Final Level-You get two points to your OCV, DCV, and an increase to your ECV by one.

Computer Programming-You can program, operate and hack computers.

Concealment-Hiding and finding things on your person or in your vicinity. Can also be used to hide yourself.

Contortionist-Manipulate your body to escape from bounds and entanglement.

Conversation-Used to pump information, to distract someone and to be convincing.

Cramming-Non roll, you need several in game hours but you will aquire a basic understanding of a non combat skill quickly.

Criminology-Looking for clues, dusting for fingerprints, examining records and files, ballistics tests or analyizing evidence fall under this skill.

Cryptography-Solve Ciphers, codes, messages and encrypted information in text. Also for encoding the same.

Deduction-Take several leaps and come to a conclusion.

Demolitions-You're able to properly use explosives. Where to plant, what to use, how to disarm.

Disguise-Allows you to change your appearance to fool others.

Electronics-Identify, understand,repair, build and rewire electronics devices.

Fast Draw-Ability to ready and use a weapon quickly. Makes the act of drawing a weapon a zero phase action as opposed to half. Must be bought for each weapon type individually. Also allows you to change clips, and such on weapons as a half phase.

Forensic Medicine-You can determine causes of deaths, perform autopsies(Not a licensed surgeon).

Forgery-Duplicate documents, objects and money.

Gambling-Ability to win at gambling.

High Society-You know about Upper Class and how to interact in it.

Interrogation-You know how to extract information from subjects. How to avoid killing them, leaving marks if need be and how to manipulate them. Also can work at a minus 2 for identifying methods of torture and such.

Inventor-Ability to design and build new devices. Related skills are needed.

Knowledge skill-Knowledge on groups, places, peoples, things, etc. Must be specified. The more specific the item is, the more you will know about it as opposed to a general item.

Language-Ability to speak languages.
1-Basic Conversation
2-Fluent Conversation
3-Completely fluent, with accent.
4-Idiomatic, native accent
5-Imitate Dialects
Another point needed for literacy.

Lipreading-Ability to read lips, must know language. PER roll needed to see lips at times.

Lockpicking-Ability to open locks without a key.

Martial Arts-No roll, and this isn't an actual skill so much as another grouping of things you can buy. Every character will be required to spend at least ten points on martial arts moves. You'll be able to look at them when they go up. They cost no END, and they improve your basic hand to hand damage with modifiers as well as more dice being thrown usually. You also don't have to be a martial artist to know basic ones such as dodge and such. On the same hand, if you're not a martial artist I doubt you'll know nerve strikes. :)

Mechanics-Repair, replace and build mechanical objects.

Mimicry-Ability to imitate voices and sounds perfectly. You can also detect mimicry.

Navigation-To determine a location and plot a course between two points.

Oratory-Ability to speak to an audience and deliver a convincing presentation.

Paramedics-Perform first aid, stop bleeding, and treat injuries.

Persuasion-Convince, persuade, influence or tell believable lies.

Power-Must be specified which, if made allows creative usage of powers once. Will not benefit you in combat. Extra effects for powers must be bought.

Professional Skill-Depedendent on a character's profession, things related to that profession? You can have knowledge of or do reasonably well. Also applies to hobbies.

Rapid Attack-Must be bought for HTH, or Ranged. Make an attack with the rapid fire maneveur as a half action. You'll still be allowed a half move as opposed to putting all of your phase action into an attack.

Riding-Ability to ride living creatures under difficult situations. Specify animals.

Science Skill-Background skill for knowledge regarding scientific skills. The field must be specified.

Security Skills-Locate, recognize, build, bypass and evade different alarms and traps.

Seduction-Gain other's trust by offering companionship or favor.

Shadowing-The ability to follow someone subtly.

Sleight of Hand-Palm items, fool the eyes, perform magic tricks and draw concealed weapons without being noticed.

Stealth-The ability to hide in the shadows, move silently and avoid detection in combat conditions.

Streetwise-Underworld knowledge basically. You know how to navigate the black market, talk to criminals, gain information, deal with criminals and know the players in the streets. If you don't know the language you're at a minus.

Survival-Live off the land, find food and water, build crude shelters, hunt game, and identify wildlife and fauna in the wild areas. Doesn't cover skills with weapons.

Systems Operations-Operate sensing and communication devices properly.

Tactics-How to fight efficiently and effectively. Applies to discrete battles and small units. If you make this roll, I the GM will give drop you hints during combat.

Teamwork-Cannot be bought at the start, this is immensely useful. The ability to coordinate attacks and powers and such. The reason it cannot be bought at the start is the team must learn to operate together before really being able to work as a team. Team based attacks and such will work at minuses until it is bought.

Tracking-Follow a trail through observation or possibly smell. You also know how to hide tracks and to derive information from tracks.

Trading-You know how to strike a deal with merchants.

Transport Familiarity-Ability to drive, pilot vehicles under normal conditions.
Riding Animals (Natural)
Riding Animals (Supernatural)
Muscle powered ground vehicles
Small motorized ground vehicles
Large Motorized Ground Vehicles
Two wheeled motorized ground vehicles
Construction/Agricultural vehicles
Millitary Ground Vehicles
Railed Vehicles
Ballons and Zeppelins
Small Planes
Large Planes
Combat Aircraft
Cold Weather Vehicles
Rowed Boats
Wind Powered Boats
Motorized Boats
Millitary Ships
Recreational vehicles
Personal Use Spacecraft
Commercial Spacecraft
Industrial Spacecraft
Millitary Spacecraft
Mobile Space Stations

Two Weapon Fighting-You can fight with two weapons in hand. You are allowed to throw two attacks when you're using weapons. Each attack throws less dice than a two handed attack, and a normal attack.

Ventriloquism-Ability to throw one's voice.

Weapon Familiarity-Knowledge of how to use a specific weapon. You can clean and maintain, you get a point free for buying said weapon.
Common Melee Weapons
Uncommon Melee Weapons
Martial Arts Weapons
Uncommon Martial Arts Weapons
Common Missle Weapons
Uncommon Missle Weapons
Siege Engines
Early Firearms
Small Arms
Uncommon Modern Weapons
Emplaced Weapons

Weaponsmith-Make,maintain and repair weapons. To invent new weapons you must also have inventor purchased. Possibly other knowledge based skills.
Muscle Powered HTH
Muscle Powered Ranged
Missiles and Rockets
Chemical Weapons
Biological Weapons
Incendiary Weapons
Energy Weapons.

Skill Enhancers-May only be bought once but they can be used indefinitely.
Jack of All Trades-Pick up trades easier. Learn new Professional skills at -1 CP of the cost.
Linguist-Learn languages more easily. Learn languages at -1 CP. You'll still need a point for a new language, but can become fluent at the cost of basic conversation.
Scholar-Knowledge skills more easily.
Scientist-Science based skills.
Traveler-The same for Area, Cultural and City knowledges. Must actually visit location.
Well Connected-make contacts easier at a -1 of cost. May purchase two favors for cost of one.

Perks Like skills these have levels, they improve with the more cp you put into them.

Access-Foolproof and secret access into a heavily fortified building. Must specify.

Anonymity-No official records, or police records exist.

Computer Link-Permanent access to databases.
Local police, Corporate and government
National or federal systems
Worldwide or galactic level systems
Millitary and law enforcement always cost more.

Contact-Knowledge of someone who can occasionally help out. Must always be defined. With it being in one of your identities it is at a -1 cost.
Increases with person's importance

Deep Cover-Character has a long established false identity they use.

Favor-Someone owes the character a favor.

Fringe Benefit-Perk from a job. Membership into an ogranization will cost more usually.

Money-Amount of money and related assets characters possess. Costs goes up as money increases.

Reputation-Does the character have a reputation? If so, how does it help them?

Vehicles and bases-This you need not worry about currently. Your characters will be taken to a location where they won't have access to the outside world and any vehicles or a base outside of HQ.

Offline pendarious

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #37 on: April 21, 2010, 08:25:42 PM »
a lot of these are D&D skills *laughs*

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #38 on: April 21, 2010, 08:44:52 PM »
A lot of these games tend to share things, and plenty riff off D&D. Doesn't surprise me lol.

Offline MingMing

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (Still a few slots, really need ladies.)
« Reply #39 on: April 22, 2010, 01:13:46 AM »
I'm very curious about this game, and I'll PM you with some questions.  Looks interesting though!  :-)

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel's Answer To The Secret Six
« Reply #40 on: April 22, 2010, 05:06:09 PM »
By all means, :) It seems we have less people playing thus far than I thought. So you're more than welcome.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Marvel Mercs. (A Few Slots Are Open, Need a Brick lol)
« Reply #41 on: April 23, 2010, 02:37:15 PM »
Also does anyone have any suggestions for how CP should be distributed? I have an idea but am also looking for input, as well as input for the game in general. I will have more of the options up this weekend in terms of martial arts moves and powers and such. The powers in particular? Are taking a long time, just because you essentially create powers and such. You determine the effects, and how it will look and all of that. Since there's energy blast, but you can customize it an infinite number of ways to be something like a fire stream or radiation based, or a beam of cold.

Also if anyone wants? I can start playing out some background stuff with you for your characters over PM, and even different things like your being recruited if you want. I know people want to get started and I thank everyone for their patience. Lol I want to make sure this is done smoothly.

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Ok, and everyone is going to recieve a PM from me at some point today. I want to get a confirmation, and I will continue to post up information. Though that stuff will be moved into a new thread that is less cluttered. I am playing out the "recruiting" with a few people in PM. The thread itself is going to begin with everyone at the facuility, I want to get that started this week. So if you haven't posted up a character profile, and you're interested in doing so? I'd advise you to to do so quickly. Otherwise you'll need to wait to be included. The powers, skills, and such can be assigned while the game is going on as combat won't be an immediate thing. I will try to get everything up ASAP though.

Oh, and we do have a brick it seems lol.

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I'm working on my write-up.  I had to work this weekend, which took me away from anything game-related.

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Can you still use one more female character?

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I'm working on my write-up.  I had to work this weekend, which took me away from anything game-related.

There is no rush, :).

Can you still use one more female character?

Always. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to pm me.

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I will give everyone a little more time, we will start next week. I still need character sheets and to know for sure who is playing. I want to get the prologue out of the way before May 31st though. Otherwise the the prologue will not start until July, and I think by then without actually playing? Everyone will lose interest lol.

Talents are unusual abilities characters may possess. Many of them cannot be learned, you have to have possessed some natural aptitude for it your whole life.

Absolute Range Sense-You can detect the distance between yourself and any object within line of sight. You still suffer a range modifier to attack and skill rolls.

Absolute Time Sense-You can accurately gauge the passage of time without using a watch or the sun. This requires no roll and can be useful for certain tactical builds.

Ambidexterity-Use either hand to perform tasks without a penalty. You normally suffer a -3 ocv or -3 skill roll when using your off hand for tasks. Ambidexterity lowers this penalty and at the final rank eliminates it altogether. It doesnt't allow you to attack twice in one phase though.

Bump of Direction-A character with this has an innate sense of direction.You can always tell if you're above or below ground. You always know which way you are facing. It gives you a +2 to navigation rolls.

Combat Luck-You have an ability to more easily avoid damage in combat through luck, skill, or training. Provides you with 3 bonus points in ED and PD. Can be bought more than once, always at the same cost.

Combat Sense-You can fight effectively when blinded or in darkness without penalties. You're required to make a combat sense rolls on each phase you're active to perceive an opponent. Doesn't effect ranged attacks.

Danger Sense-Very expensive, but it gives you a sixth sense in regards to danger. It requires rolls, but if made you get your full OCV and DCV on surprise attacks. At higher levels it's potency increases. As well as what you're able to detect. Each addition costs 5 extra points.

Double Jointed-You have unusually flexible joints. You get a bonus of +1 to +3 to contortionist rolls, possibly breakfall as well.

Eidetic Memory-Photographic memory. You can remember images and other sensations that you've studied. You don't remember everything that happens perfectly, and you can forget facts over time. But you can remember any information you memorize exactly.

Environmental Movement-Move easily and unhampered in environments that usually hamper movement. Granted you won't be able to breathe in certain places, and depending on temperatures? You're still vunerable to those conditions.

Lightning Calculator-Innate ability to perform mathematical operations mentally with dazzling speed.

Lightning Reflexes-Your dex remains the same, but this adds points to your dex only for the purpose of when you'll be able to act in combat. For instance if you have a dex 20? You get five points of this? For each round you are on, your dex is a 25 only for the purposes of where you start in combat. Useful for acting before someone with a dex of 22. You can buy it to affect all actions or single actions for a cheaper price.

Lightsleep-You sleep very lightly, and you're rarely surprised in your sleep. You can make your normal perception roll to wake up. Doesn't work if you're stunned.

Perfect Pitch-Tell the exact pitch of a musical tune by listening, gives you a +1 to all music related rolls.

Resistance-Helps you more easily resist interrogation. It has no effect on mental powers or pushing. You get a +1 to your ego for every point bought for the purpose of resisting interrogation.

Stimulate Death-Slow your metabolism down to the point of stimulating death. You must designate how long you remain in the state, it has a short period of time to prepare entering it. And you're completely unaware of everything around you.

Speed Reading-You can read books and documents ten times faster than normal. 2 points for each additional level gives you another x10.

There are still Disads, Martial Arts abilities and Powers to go. With powers i have been thinking. I will tell everyone the basic effects. However the possibilities for them are endless as you add the effects and such. So here is how I will have powers working. I will build the powers for everyone, you just tell me exactly what you want. Also let me know how potent you want the abilities. Measuring them against existing characters is extremely helpful. Also I will explain how the Characteristics work fully soon.

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Alright so despite my misgivings about system based work I really like this on a conceptual level so I'm going to throw a quick n' dirty character sheet up. I've also been tooling around with hero creator a little and checking out some of Heroes system books just to see if anything makes sense, heh.

Real Name: Maximilian Price
Current Alias: Jacob Dawn
Aliases: "The Child of God", "J-Dawn”
Identity: His real identity under this current alias remains private.
Alignment: Scumbag
Race: Human
Relatives: None
Affiliation: Formerly with Black Air
Hometown: Hackney, London
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 236lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Build: Athletic - Hits the gym a lot but tends to focus more on cardio conditioning than strength work.
Notable Features: Grew a pretty epic beard in prison, hasn’t decided the fate of it now he’s free again.

Citizenship: UK Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Freelancer
Education: B.A. in English Literature

Origin: Maximilian Price lived a fairly unassuming life until the year of his graduation from university when he was approached by a recruitment officer for Black Air (a paranormal investigation agency operating under the banner of British Intelligence) with an offer of employment. While the official records that remain have him listed as working as an office clerk for Hackney Councils "Parks and Leisure" department it is believed that, after finishing his training, he performed as a wet works operative for Black Air. Specifics of his work are almost impossible to come by however there are rumours that he was a key part of the field unit which provided test subjects for the Dream Nails facility. It is also believed that, after the closure of Dream Nails, he was given command of his own field operation responsible for the collection and re-education of meta human subjects, as well as the disposal of those who proved resistant to the recruitment efforts of Black Air.
The failure of the Black Air and Hellfire Club plot to take over the country led to a catastrophic loss of power and government backing for Black Air and a fairly catastrophic loss of employment for Price. While he was unmoved by the fate of Black Air it remained an unfortunate fact that he was tarnished by association and Price found his reputation to be damaged amongst the intelligence community.
Striking out on his own seemed like a fine idea to Price, he had the skill set to provide a service and the nature of his work with Black Air meant that he had built up enough contacts (some of whom were even still willing to work with him) and knowledge of where certain bodies where buried to be granted a comfortable amount of "operational freedom" that would serve him well. While he started out performing private sector wet work his ambitions soon grew beyond that and he eventually formed a lucrative niche in the "import/export" business. Whether it be virgins for occult sacrifice, children to work in pan-dimensional Gnomish mining camps or anything in between Maximilian Price (or "The Child of God" as he had dubbed himself) was the man who could produce it for a most reasonable fee and within a lightning quick timeframe.
No good thing last forever though and the interference of MI:13 put an end to Price's little empire and, perhaps more importantly, his freedom. Penitentiary didn't sit will with Price and, thankfully, nor did it sit well with the remnants of Black Air who decide to reach out in recruitment once more. One prison break and a double cross later and Price finds himself in America, living under the name of a reclusive hitman from Chicago named “Jacob Dawn” (now retired after a meeting with Price) and once again relegated to the role of "gun for hire", at least for the time being anyway.

Motivations: Money.

Reasons For Joining The Team:

Notable Accomplishments: Got thrown through a window by Pete Wisdom once. That’s not really an accomplishment in and of itself, but it’s on record unlike anything he did for Black Air.

Personality: Price is pretty much a despicable scumbag. He's cocky, he's amoral and his loyalty is always up for sale. All in all he's not very easy to like unless he's working, which is pretty much the only time he ever shuts up.

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You show initiative, I like that. Your character will fit in nicely. Can you PM me in regards to what powers and abilities you're thinking for J-Dawn? Since I am tooling around in my head, as to how people's powers will be created. Also we can play out his "recruitment."

Nice profile though, I like the concept. Also what are your thoughts on your studies of the system so far? lol. It's daunting at first, I know.

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Primarily that it's very daunting, heh.
It's not quite as bad as it might be if I hadn't played Champions Online but it's still pretty crazy for somebody who has literally never played a tabletop RPG in their life.