Started by iustitia, April 15, 2010, 10:30:37 PM

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I would like a Batman, Dark Night based rp.

Batman/Joker, with myself as the Joker.

I just can't picture either one of them being submissive really. Both continuing their little battles, internally and externally, so I'd say switch, equal when it comes to that.

I have an intro post typed up and it's pretty long, so I don't want to post it all in a request thread so... a snippet...

The Joker Escapes From Arkham Asylum

Early this morning, suspected between 4 and 5am the mass murderer Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum for the third time this year. The Joker was placed in maximum security from the first time he was brought into the hospital, as the courts ruled him criminally insane. So, the people of Gotham truly have to ask themselves... Are we truly safe?


There just wasn't enough -color- in Gotham City. No matter where he looked, tones of g-ra-y-ah. Black black black, gray gray gray. There wasn't even any -white-. Not that that was a color worth having, but it would be something. No purples, no greens, no oranges. Oh and those were his fav-or-ite colors. They had LIFE, a vibrancy about them that made your insides wiggle with emotion upon seeing them. There was no wiggling! None at all. It was so... -boring-.

So, it was just about time he gave Gotham something to smile about again. Something to really get them moving again. That was the plan and for once when he broke out of that -awe-ful boring place he kept his head down. No one went against the Joker really, no criminals were stupid enough for that even if most of them didn't have the brain power to bite a piece of gold. So getting a gang together was easy. Getting them to go along with his in-sane- plan was easy. Hell, setting off the explosives was easy.

What was the hard part? There wasn't one. That's why the Joker was so bored. Although his boredom problem should be solved soon...

There's the teaser. A good bit follows that, so if you're interested please feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to send you the full thing to look over. Same if you have a question, contact me. Don't be off about asking for the first post and turning it down, I won't be offended. I'd rather be turned down then to have someone whose style doesn't blend well with my own. With that, please don't be offended if I turn you down, again because of styles. It's nothing personal either way.

So, hopefully I didn't scare anyone off and hey... if you think we'll match up but you're not down with Batman, have an idea of your own, or want to brain storm, then message me. ^.^

Oh one more note. Like I said, please do PM me. It's unlikely that I'll check this thread often enough to catch you within a week.