Don't come to close, I'm told I'm quite mad. (M Seeking F)

Started by Grim, April 14, 2010, 11:48:22 PM

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Hey all, Dom male seeking out a few new female partners.  I'm up for playing here and over msn.  Here are just a few roles, but I'm open for anything of interest. 

Bound (Bondage)
Her body is broken.  Its been years since she has seen the light of day, and even longer since the brand was burned into her back.  Her master is a cruel one, though she couldn't help but love him.  But she has begun to show her age, and other younger girls have begun to take her place.  The wounds that cover her body have finally began to heal, but the feeling of loss begs that they don't.  Her master is a cruel one, forcing her to watch as he goes through the motions with the other slaves.  But with each of these seasons he becomes more lax with how he binds her.  It's only a matter of time before she can break free, but what will she do then?  Kill her master for all he's done?  Try to escape?  Or perhaps she's snapped to the point where she would join in on the torture.  The only way to know is to become this girl.

Vampires are monsters.  They aren't religious, they aren't looking for true love, and they don't walk in the sun light.  Grim is a vampire, and he has been one for the past 3,000 years.  He's learned more in his life time then our history has recorded.  He doesn't need to use cash, he has a contact for every need or want that comes to him.  But this past twenty year's he's grown bored of it all.  The world has become too artificial, being able to do nearly everything in it without leaving a room.  He's secluded himself to watching all the vampire movies he could get.  But one in particular has caught his attention.  He watches it over and over again, Interview with a vampire.  Its idea was something he's done a million times before.  But he always bled the person dry.  Why not let them live?  Why not....Why not let them kill him?  He doesn't know what will come out of him leaving his lair for this day.  But he knows one thing, this will be his last victim.

Mad Scientist (Bondage)
Picture the stereotypical Mad Scientist, his hair white and slicked back.  His glasses thick, but tilted to the side.  His laboratory high into the sky.  His parents left him a vast fortune, with money comes power.  The power to get any type of substance he wants.  And of course, any subject he wants.  You've accepted a job as his assistant.  The pay is good and you'd figure whats the worse that could happen.  Though as time goes on you'll pray for it to end.  Because this scientist, knows the outcome to most of his experiments.  At fist you'll be a willing participant.  But as the night grows long, you'll discover why the pay was so good. 

Madness: The Joker (Comic villain, anything goes)
They say the Joker is gone, dead.  Though the only evidence of this is the corpse of Harley Quin and robin.  Both of whom where with him before a large explosion destroyed half of Gotham.  With his absence came a hole in power.  The gangs had one less thing to fear, and because of that they began to running amok.  Ten years have passed and Batman is no more as well.  Replaced by a number of masked heroines trying to keep some semblance of peace.  The city has grown very dangerous, almost too much so.  The danger has become normal, and the only way to change that is with a bit of chaos.  This story centers on a middle aged Joker, a young heroin, and many many dead bodies.

Toxic (Experiment, Dark stranger)
A small village has a new vendor.  Few from the village bother stopping by, but the rumours around him are growing.  He's a seller of potions, claiming each one is more wonderful then the next.  But such wonders always come at a price.  You're just one of the people of this village, and have grown a liking to these potions.  At first they where just sweet tonics, no real affect.  But of course that wasn't the case for long.  Soon the potions began to have a more mystic affect.  Each one doing what it was claimed to do.  But such potions are addicting, and soon you run out of funds.  However will you pay? 

Other roles
Father x Daughter
Mother x Son
Bro x Sis
Cop x prisoner
Home invasion
Drug dealer x country girl
Russian roulette
Priest x victim
Priest x Nun
Assassin x Victim

Message me if you're interested
You will try.  You will fail.  You'll do so often. But that's half the fun.