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Author Topic: Ideas for dominant/equal men who wish to roleplay! (It's vague, but it works!)  (Read 2974 times)

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Vampiric Abduction- Deals with vampires, and takes place in modern day New York. My character is a high strung, busy body college student who's friends try to take her out to one of the more rowdier clubs after graduation. A vampire lures her out of the club then basically abducts the girl to the relm of vampires unbeknowist to the human world. He's a bit harsh at first, but get's more loving at the end. I'd say sex-wise there is one partial raping at first (she soon gives in willingly but is very much resistant at first) then just a few punishments for misbehaving. It can possibly blossom into love, though.

Prisoner of War-  Really, reaallly wanna do this one. My character, a haughty young princess, has been captured by a rival kingdom of her own and is held for ransom in a abandoned mansion. Abandoned, that is, minus her own maid and the quiet jailor who must watch her. He was once a well known knight and ladies man, but due to the lack of security for prisoners he know houses important hostages time after time. He is not allowed to talk to the princess but only give her food and watch over her. However, there is a strange attraction between the two, and soon the jailor breaks his contract and the two start making their feelings known.

Nightmares- I am a twenty some famous actress who has been living the sweet life up until a month ago when she begins having vivid nightmares about a sexy yet frightening man who claims that she is his. She is caught hysterically crying in her apartment, refusing to ever sleep again. She is admitted to a psych ward and the doctors tell her she is having a nervous break down from too much stress. But their is a doctor there who is actually one of the oldest, strongest vampires alive who is trying to manipulate the young girl's mind and toying with her before he claims her as his mate. He poses as a cheerful well mannered doctor who tries to get her to confide in him but when she dreams he is often very sexual. I'd say some foreplay and horror/macabre in the dreams, but when she finds out who he really is it becomes more sexual and dark. Supposed to be somewhat of a horror story, I need a very dominant man for this role.

The Victor- Really, reaallly wanna do this one. A bit of a play off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my character is a very isolated but strong willed slayer in New York City. Could be highschool student, but I'm thinking I want her to be a college student. Well, this girl has been seriously demolishing the population of vampires, that their presence in the city has greatly declined.  A English vampire (who I suppose, is the Godfather of their coven :P) is furious and goes to find the slayer and kill her. However, he finds her appealing and plans to lure her back to England with him. Before all this though, I want lots of fighting on both sides, blood, and action.

Refuge with a Demon- Oh thank God, this chick doesn't have one about vampires :P Now it's demons! My character (setting is medieval by the way ^^) is an angel who has descended to protect the human race from demons,  and after fighting one of the battles and being attacked while alone, she is wounded. A demon finds her and instead of killing her, plans to heal her, sell her wings and keep her on the Earth as his servant. This could actually be a comical rp, since these two characters would be polar opposites, and fight it out. I'm not totally sure how I want this to go, so we would have to develop  the idea more.

Possesion- Two young lovers finally move in together in their dream apartment. Your character takes mine out to dinner that night, with the intention to propose. However, while they wait for their table a mysterious man who is really a possesion demon lures your character outside and posseses him. The once kind man returns to my character cruel and obnoxious. She walks out on him at the dinner and a hostile week passes in the apartment. After confronting him my character discovers  he is a demon. Attempting to flee, your character catches her in their apartment and rapes her. My character moves out to a friend's house and realizes she is pregnant. Her only hope is to free her boyfriend's soul, and if she cannot change him back she will give birth to a demon as well. I want this to be more horror based, and a dominant partner.  

Perfectionist and the Foster Boy- A more realistic RP. My character is a goody two shoes college student who is the perfect student and ideal daughter of a psychiatrist. Well, when said psychiatrist adopts a boy about her age who has jumped from home to home because of his behavior, my character couldn't be more upset. He is constantly bringing home girls, hosting crazy parties and basically driving her mad. Worse yet, her mother is always away on business trips so she can't help her. And your character (the boy) is determined to bring out my character's bad side. 

Your So Contagious- A possibly overdone/classical highschool idea I've been craving. Two kids who are in tightly knit different social cliques start seeing each other. I envisioned a very bratty, rich girl who meets a sort of punk rocker boy at a show he plays at. She has a bet to get him to kiss her, but that leads to much more both physically and emotionally. Since their friends would never approve and possibly abandon them if they knew of their affections, they keep their feelings secret and meet after school. I want this to be very seedy, and maybe the two could already have someone they are going steady with outside their affair. Lots of hushed flirtations during school and such. A more equal sexual relationship in this one.

All of these ideas can be changed if you have any suggestions :D

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I've been very interested in a theme like your Sacrifice idea myself. Will PM.

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~refuge with a demon

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When I get my comp back I think I'd enjoy either the vampire dream thing one or the possession one.  I may have to negotiate a bit however on one of them since I've played the dom role too many times of late, but beyond that I'd enjoy either of them immensely.

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I know I'm new to this site, but I'm certainly not new to roleplaying... And I'm certainly interested in the Refuge with a Demon one.

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~Perfectionist and the Foster Boy

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~Your So Contagious

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