A clash of the titans inspired rp (Un)

Started by playfullchick76, April 14, 2010, 10:01:31 AM

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I saw the new movie last night, and after thinking about it today, about what happened to medusa, I thought of a possible rp. It could be set in the era that the movie is in, or after possibly.

I would be the princess of an island kingdom, very prosperous. My father or mother could do something to anger the gods. Or maybe one of them decides that humans, these humans in particular, needs to be taken down a peg or two, as they let loose a plague on the Island. Everyone would be killed but me, I would find my legs morphing into a long tail, my hair would be replaced by snakes. My gaze couldnt turn a man to stone unless I wanted it to, and my skills with the bow would be needed to hunt for myself.

No one would dare come to the island, perhaps fearing what the gods would do to them, or fearing the plague, who knows. I would also be cursed with agelessness as well. Centuries could pass and men are on a mission to  go against the Gods.Perhaps my form or skills are needed to help to complete their mission, and to take part in it could mean that I will gain my human form again. The ship would stop just outside the main port and you would row in to find me and convince me to come out with you.

I would be fearfull and struggle to see myself as  worthy, but you could convince me to come. After so long, the buildings and monuments would be worn down, ruined. My form would be that of Medusa in the new Clash of the Titans, that part is set.

If this appeals to anyone, or if you think of a better idea, with me ala medusa, do tell.