New Video-Game Based Ideas! (Looking for Partners, regardless of Gender!)

Started by ReijiTabibito, April 14, 2010, 02:32:30 AM

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~Okay, So…~

I’ve recently been playing a lot of games on my PSP, and my 360.  That, combined with the fact that I typically frequent YouTube (among other places) to try and find reviews and/or help with difficult parts of said games, has brought me into contact with some quite-inspiring scenarios.  That said, I wanted to post my ideas.

Idea 1:
This is based on some of Nippon Ichi’s games – most notably, La Pucelle and Disgaea.  For fans of the games, you know that in La Pucelle, one of the things you do in order to get completion is for Prier to conquer the Dark World…and end up becoming Overlord (Overlady?) of the demons.  This form of Prier has made appearances in a few Disgaea games, as well as the recent new La Pucelle.

Now, to be clear.  I’ve never played La Pucelle, so for this idea, I was looking more for an original scenario, but based on this idea – that of a holy woman, feared by demons, suddenly finds herself a demon, as well as have legions of male demons at her beck and call…to do whatever she wants.

Idea 2: This was actually more inspired by a Flash animation by DeviantArt’s The TGArtist (but I originally found it on YouTube).  Have a look:

Okay, so I have ideas about the nature of the transformation that you saw in the Flash animation.  If you’re interested, PM me, and I’ll try and explain further.