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Author Topic: Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)  (Read 824 times)

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Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)
« on: April 13, 2010, 01:49:04 PM »
Hi there all, and welcome to my first idea thread.  I'm a switch, but I lean more towards sub, and particularly like subbing for a Domme, as you'll see in my ideas.  I've got nothing against topping either, so if you bring me a good idea, I'll certainly give it a shot.

1. The Goth and the Quarterback (NC, Bondage, Dom F)
A goth student is also   the top of her class, and because of that, she's the ultimate outcast.    She has better friends in the front office than she does within the   student body.  But she's still a teen and she has desires and fantasies,   a lot of them involving the quarterback of the football team.  The   quarterback, meanwhile, is a troubled student is is at risk of losing   his eligibility to play and he's ordered to get a tutor to keep him   eligible.  Using her resources in the front office, she gets herself   assigned to him as a tutor.  She invites him over to her home to be   tutored and that's when she makes her move.  Maybe she uses a roofie on   him and takes compromising pictures of him, maybe she helps him cheat on   a paper, but in one way or another, she gains blackmail power over him   and she uses that power and her willpower to turn him into her personal slave.

2.   The Queen's secret slave (NC, Bondage, Dom F)
The young queen's husband has   died of mysterious causes, and she has taken over control of the   kingdom. While she says she will look for a suitable husband, she knows   that her only chance for power is by being a widow.  That was why she   had her husband killed.  There was but one loose end: the assassin. That   was why her first order was to have him brought in and now he was   rotting in her personal dungeon.  Daily, she goes down to him and thanks   him for letting her rise to power, by slowly breaking him in as her   concubine, knowing that she has to break him completely or else if he   ever got out, he could lead to her demise.

3. The SS Agent   (Bondage, char death, maybe NC, Dom F)
The second world war is raging and a   pretty, young SS agent is behind enemy lines sending intel back to the   Reich.  She uses a variety of identities, ranging from a nurse to a   civilian to even an OSS agent.  She uses these covers to approach   officers of the Allies, seduce them, interrogate them, and then dispose   of them.  She knows she's being hunted by the OSS, but she continues her   mission with deadly success, because it's keep going or die as a spy.

Alternately, I wouldn't mind playing an interrogation of a captured Allied soldier with a female SS agent as well.

4.  Buffyverse.  I'd love to play alongside a Buffy, Faith, Willow or Cordelia character.

5. Final Fantasies.  FF 7, 8, 10, or 12 characters are all welcome.

6. Marvel.  I particularly like X-men and Spiderman, so please bring your ideas for them!

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Re: Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2010, 07:51:17 AM »
A couple more ideas.

7. Star Wars.  How could I forget about this?!  I would absolutely love to play against a Sithstress if anyone would be interested.

8.  Truth or Dare (Bondage)
Two good friends are bored one night and decide to play a little truth or dare.  It starts out innocent enough, but it soon turns sexual and goes much further than either of them could have guessed.

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Re: Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2010, 06:11:53 PM »
9. Bad girls just wanna have fun (Bondage, Dom F)
When a boyfriend introduces his girlfriend to a little bondage, he hoped, but never expected her to take to it the way that she did.  What he also never expected was for her to discover an inner dominatrix that wanted to do nothing more than experiment with him!

10. The Pirate's prisoner (Non-con, Bondage, dom F)
It's lonely at the top, especially so on a Pirate ship.  When given the chance, a pirate captain likes to take a prisoner from her ship's conquests and make them her toy.  Unfortunately she just broke her last one.  It's time for her to go find a new one!

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Re: Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2010, 07:13:54 AM »
Bumping to see if there's any new interest!

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Re: Teke's First Idea Thread(Seeking F chars)
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2010, 04:10:03 PM »
I have room for another RP or so, and I just came up with an idea that I'd really like to see if anyone would like to play out with me.

11.  To Protect and Serve (Non-con, dom F)
Some superheros have all the luck, they win no matter the odds, and escape whenever their nemeses happen to capture them.  That won't be happening to this superhero.  When he becomes captured, his arch-nemesis won't try to kill him, and doesn't have some elaborate plan to rule over the city.  She's going to take care of her hero problem first.  And the way she's going to do that is by enslaving him and then showing off her new "toy" on a live television broadcast to the city. 

I haven't thought about superpowers yet, though this could also be a Kick Ass kind of situation, where the hero doesn't actually have any real powers.  I'm looking for someone who'll really cruel in her treatment of the hero.  We're talking heavy bondage, maybe even onto benches and the like, toys, anal training, whatever your twisted mind can come up with.