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Author Topic: Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)  (Read 553 times)

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Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« on: April 13, 2010, 06:43:56 AM »

I'm looking for a partner, obviously, with some talent in roleplaying. A paragraph or two, (I can mirror usually up to five), a good grasp of spelling and grammar is all that is required. Though a little creativity and a lovely attitude is a bonus. I'm a roleplayer of several years of experience, so I know the ropes pretty well. I'll be listing my plots and pairings as you read, but keep in mind that if none appeal to you, feel free to suggest something of your own taste. Though I'll let you know as of now I do not touch canon characters, I stick to my original characters thank you. I can do RPs with smut, without, and even RPs with only smut.

As for basic pairings:
(I have a plot for each of these, though it isn't as clever and intricate as my main plots, I still believe they are of good taste. I can do either role, and will play as any gender.)

Fantasy Creature/Human or Fantasy Creature (Elf, Orc, Troll, Drow, Vampire, werewolf, etc.)
Bounty Hunter/Target
Stalker/Person of Interest

More Pairings will be added soon.

As for plots, I will shed a little bit of light on them, if it sparks your curiousity PM me to get more details:
((They will also have tags, giving you even more of an insight.))

The Red Queen (Me as Female, Partner can choose either gender)
-Medieval Fantasy, Violence, Excessive Gore, Mistress/Slave, Possibly Rape-
You have heard the tales, you've even seen the act in motion. She is known as the Red Queen, a drow assassin who was granted the name from her unusual and disturbing scenes of her assassinations. You like the rest of the people in the kingdom decide to take up arms and hunt her, as a bounty was placed. But as she arrives and slays each one of your comrades, she stands before you, about to take your life. But you plea, wishing not to be destroyed like the rest. She only smirks, granting you your wish, at a cost.

Project Vanguard (Me as Cyborg Male, Partner can choose either gender)
-Modern/Sci-Fi, Violence, Gore, Consensual Sex-
You are but a mere civilian, one in a huge metropolitan city. But one day you witness a murder, and by all means they witness you. You quickly head to a police station, telling them of what you saw. The cops offer you a choice of their protection, re-location, or something a tad new. He informs you this is experimental, but if it works, it will be the best protection you will ever get. You sign, of course wanting to live. A few days later the thugs of the murderers arrive, threatening your life in an alley. But before you know it, a cloaked vigilante lands before you, slaughtering the thugs without mercy. He turns to you, saying the contract is authorized. His name, is Clyde, version 2.5

Glory Seeking Knight/Vile Witch
-Medieval Fantasy, Violence, Rape, Possible Transformation, Bondage, Excessive Smut-
You are a witch of well renown, though it probably isn't a good thing in your choice of profession. One day a knight comes to your door, demanding you give him a chance at Glory. But he is a handsome devil you must admit, and without a second thought a scheme climbs into your head. You promise him his glory, but you warn him there is a cost. He accepts without question, his mind obviously in dead-lock. The irony is, glory is the last thing he will see.

A Quest Gone Terribly Wrong (Me as assorted monsters or opponents, partner can choose either gender)
-Medieval Fantasy, Rape, Orgies, Possibly Multiple Characters-
So you're an adventurer now! Taking jobs from shady characters and going off into the world, bringing back stolen items and artifacts! But on your latest quest, you've encountered something way too strong for your own power alone! You are defeated, but death is not granted. Instead, your captors have something else in mind..

Blood Feuds (Me as male vampire, partner as female vampire)
-Victorian Era, Blackmail, Murder, Forced Consensual Sex (Fits with the blackmail), Violence-
You are a vampire, one who holds extremely high status in the society. You have dozen of covens who will fight for you, you have the utmost respect from the elders themselves. The only problem is, someone knows your secret. You had an affair on your beloved husband, a moment of passion you believed to be a mistake. But this vampire, one you haven't heard of before, informs you he knows of this action. If your husband ever found out, your reputation would be in shambles, and you'll practically be killed. So you agree to do what ever he desires, as long as he keeps that information away from the wrong hands..

Infinite Bullets, I Wish! (Me as marine, partner is female in -insert job here-)
-Futuristic, Gore, Xenos, Drug Usage, Extreme Violence-
You're up shit's creek. You're one of the unlucky people to be trapped in xeno-infested mining colony. Your friends, your acquaintances, everyone you knew or even seen is probably dead, or turning into one of those aliens. All hope seems to be lost for survival, until they arrive. They call themselves The Dogs, a mercenary group hired to clean up this alien infestation! So maybe you aren't dead yet, but now your stuck with a group of mercenaries, outnumbered in a abandoned colony with aliens crawling in every corridor! Now you must help them to finish their mission, or you'll end just like everyone else!

More to be added later.

If any of the pairings or plots interest you, feel free to post here or notify me in PMs, though we will discuss pre-roleplay ideas in such in PMs, it's probably best you just go straight to the PM.

Also, I'll be posting some original characters I've been looking to RP with! All of them are unique, and I'll explain more about them if you PM me with curiosity! All of them are in a medieval setting, however.

Saint, the muscular warrior vigilante who brings the fight to the dark beings, such as vampires, werewolves, etc.
Vincent De'Leone, a sarcastic, romantic, sexual deviant who prides himself on seducing woman, turning them into playthings!
Axel, a male-violent barbarian-styled lycan who sports a massive claymore, adorned in furs of his fallen comrades and ready to kick ass! (Not Furry, switches between human and lycan form.)
Raek, a swift and speedy drow assassin who takes pleasure in spilling the blood of his enemies, almost as much as he loves utterly destroying their minds in horror.

Hope to hear from you~
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Re: Tonght We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2010, 10:19:58 PM »
New Plot Added
Tuesday, April 13, 10:19 PM

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Re: Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2010, 03:48:58 PM »
New Plot: Blood Feuds
Updated 4/14

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Re: Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2010, 11:25:45 PM »
New Plot: Infinite Bullets, I Wish!
Updated 4/14

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Re: Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2010, 08:05:39 PM »
Updated with new OC characters!

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Re: Tonight We're Gonna Light it Up (Male looking for Partner)
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2010, 09:46:05 PM »
Updated preferences. Finally fixed it and slightly figured it out ;P