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Started by Cayenne, April 11, 2010, 08:22:32 PM

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"Backseat Slavery" (Held)

He'd nearly gone to a doctor for his condition, with a string of failed marriages, of which were rife with frustration of constant compromise and demeaning conversations about his "Disgusting appetite for sex"  He'd felt bad about it then, often remorseful about situations of which bordered uncomfortably close on rape, even with his own spouse. 

He'd quit his job after the last marriage, and pursued a more solitary life on the road delivering consumer goods across the country in a rig.  Perhaps it was a mistake, as he flipped the warn out sex doll into the dumpster at a local truck stop.  There was more then a weeks drive left, and now he was without anything but a closed fist and handful of pornography magazines to keep him company.

That is of course, until he had seen a young woman thumbing a ride during a rainy evening.  He might feel bad about it, though chances are he'd be far too busy to care.

- Seeking interested parties in playing the Male role.

(I be placing additional ideas in responses to this thread to keep clutter down)
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"The easiest solution" (Taken)

Sometimes, she wished she could move out. 

She could only wonder what happened to the nice girl that moved in three years ago, to the friendship that had bubbled over marathons of movies an conversations that stretched into the morning hours.   At times, there was almost this unsaid tension between them, the long stares as she'd scurry from the shower only clutching hand towel against her chest as she darted back into her room on the days before laundry night.  The teasing only seemed to ramp upwards, encouraged by her lack of will to defend herself.  She could deal with all of this, she almost enjoyed it!

It wasn't until about year ago when her roommate had picked up a new boy friend of whom, seemed equally as domineering as she.  It seemed to work out at first, they had a lot in common, though after a while this kinship seemed to fuel the arguments that led either to him completely storming out, or bouts of angry sex that played over every piece of furniture in the apartment;  regardless of if she was home or not!

She wished that she could move out, especially now that he had seemingly moved in without her approval.   She had gone from a trusted friend to some, some "dutiful dog" to fetch them things.  How little did she realize how right that statement would be.

-Seeking Dominant Female lead, and possibly Dominant Male lead
"My mind is not in the gutter, I just happen to have a really good view of it from my high horse"



I want in on The Easiest Solution, I've been thinking about it since you told me.
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