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Author Topic: Acid Drops and Mind Control: [UN (although pseudo-NC I suppose)]  (Read 583 times)

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

Norman is a regular kid, if a little bit of a geek. He gets alright grades, has his friends, and isn't socially ostracized at school. His parents think he's a little cynical for his age, but what teenager isn't in this day and age? 17 years old and overly hormonal, Norman cannot get lucky with the women. He's a virgin, and has had only one girlfriend when he was in grade 9.

Cue the night he first tries Acid. Enter Norman at a party, looking horribly uncomfortable in the midst of the 'popular' kids. Enter from the left Norman's best friend, Harold. Within his hand are the little acid tablets that promise to change Norman's life. Already buzzed, Norman takes the drug, and has the worst trip possible. He hallucinates the visitation of three globes of light, who promise him great power in exchange for... something, he couldn't remember.

All he did remember was waking up in his room with the worst headache imaginable. It is here we start, with Norman discovering gradually his new found reality and mind warping powers.

So the role you would play is a number of characters, from Harold to anybody significant Norman comes across. A rundown of Norman's powers: He can alter a person's mind to believe what he wants them to believe and behave how he wants them to behave, and can manipulate the world around him, but only on a fairly small scale; ie changing body shape, tone, etc. He can change the aspects of anything as long as it fundamentally stays physically the same.

If this interests anybody I'd love to get this started. My idea is to focus on Norman and his experiences in the beginning, before expanding on his powers and the other special people who received the gift (which you would be able to control at some point). If you so wish, you could focus on one central character for yourself, and only have smaller characters for Norman's interactions.

Any ideas on how to change this around to better suit your tastes or get a more 'important' character to write instead of just some character Norman encounters.

Things I'm looking for in this RP:

    * Incest (Brother/Sister, Brother/Sister/Sister)
    * Body manipulation (IE breasts, hair, etc.)
    * Mind control (duh)
    * Harem

Name: Norman Oswald Crane
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 152lbs
Hair: Black, shaggy to the nape of the neck.

Physical Description: Norman is pretty plain guy. He doesn't have any fat, but he also doesn't have any muscle to speak of. He's a pretty basic guy of his age. He's handsome enough, but he doesn't dress appropriately to show of his better features, square shoulders, strong jaw line and a stony face. His eyes are a cold blue that have become almost hypnotizing since the 'incident', magnified by black-rimmed glasses. He dresses in simple khaki or jeans pants, T-shirt and hoody most of the days, unless the weather requires something else.

Personality Description: Norman is a geek, hands down. He loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, and video games. He'd be much more content hanging with a few friends playing X-Box than he would getting trashed at some house party he didn't belong at. Overly hormonal, he's shamelessly shallow. He's attracted to the women who dress the tiniest and have the bombshell body: Big tits, small waist, wide hips, round ass. Unfortunately, being a 'geek' those women are almost always out of his reach, and so he is forever stuck in the land of 'wet dream fantasy'. This changed 180 degrees when he got his powers, as he found himself with the ability to make himself anything he wanted, and anyone anything he wanted.

History: Norman grew up in Hallford, New Jersey, where our story takes place. A good sized city, close to Manhattan, Hallford had no short of things to do. He discovered his love for everything geek early on, and was stamped with that label at the age of 12. His hormones kicked in shortly after, around the time all his friends were developing in to the fixation of his fantasies. His 'type'. His best friend, Crystal, developed the most, he found, and with her new found looks were new found friends. He was left on the way-side, having been stuck in the friendzone since they were 4.

His Highschool life started with a sensory overload of beauty. He was then labeled with another label, the horny geek. Not something one wants to be known as when he's desperate to get laid. He was too overt, and was given wide berth by the ladies who attracted his fancy. Now with his powers he's out to change that.

Anyone interested, post here with a brief  character outline and any ideas you think would contribute to the game. I don't care what gender you are.

Offline MarlowTopic starter

Re: Acid Drops and Mind Control: [UN (although pseudo-NC I suppose)]
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2010, 10:32:52 AM »
Hmm, no takers? There has to be someone interested.