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Started by Tom, April 08, 2010, 07:25:01 AM

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I can play either role/gender in all the games below.

Cowgirl (f/f, m/m, or f/m)
A lonesome gunslinger comes travelling across a farm, asking for permission to spend the night in the stable. The farmers agrees, having gotten some coin in return. However, his young offspring takes a fancy to the gunslinger and sneaks off into the barn at night. The gunslinger could be a version of Calamity Jane for a f/f pairing, or a male for a m/m or f/m pairing.

Neighbour (f/m or f/f)
A lonely boy falls immediately in love with the new girl in class. She is stunningly beautiful, mature and wise beyond her years; above normal rules of cliques and class and social groups. For some reason she takes the boy on a ride of friendship, love and lust that he will never forget. Primarily looking for a f/m pairing here, but I can also go with a f/f one.

Massive (f/m/m/m+)
A young girl with enormous breasts is 'babysitting' her brother and his male friends. The boys convince the girl to show them her big breasts and let them play with them...

Undercover (f/various)
A female cop or agent has to go undercover as a porn star to investigate some criminals. I will either GM this game for another player or play the female myself with another GM.