Orpheus: Apocalipse (World of darkness ooc/character profile)

Started by Bloody Rose, April 06, 2010, 07:48:09 PM

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Bloody Rose

For the past four months a series of unexplained death has occurred all over the world. People dying for not apparent reason, just dropping to the floor and stopped breathing. The cities are in chaos as more and more people just seem to drop dead. Out of all this a organization was formed under the strict confidentiality of the United States White House, the organization is called Orpheus. Their mission is to investigate the series of murders and put a end to it. The murders are traced back to supernatural entities like ghosts and demons killing all of the people. So Orpheus became the White House supernatural investigating unit. Being rather new they are looking for employees with very special blood type and very special family. They are looking for you.

The deaths around the world has been growing for each passing day, a new war is coming and Orpheus needs every single person willing to join the ranks. Although Orpheus starts accepting people from all over the world they are working on a secret mission, to end the apocalypse and they are recruiting six young people, these people has special blood inside, they are looking for them and recruiting them, but for what mission? And what exactly does the mission entail?, well we are looking for six brave ones, we are looking for you.

Well OOC, I am looking to throw a WoD game. There are a few simple rules to follow although:

1- You must have a messenger, I will need to throw each and every one of you a story on how you will get to where your going to get.

2- I want you to do a basic WoD character sheet, no freebee points. I will award your points when you complete the intro via messenger.

3- Please know that this is a new storyline based out of my head, I did not read any books for this so do not tell me anything out of the basic book storyline, this is my story.

4- I will allow only six people in this rp. I will act as a storyteller for the adventure. This is a D10 game so if you need character sheet or the book do not be afraid to ask for it via messenger.

5-  I expect you to write at least one paragraph each post. I understand spelling errors but try to make it a make it as little as possible.

6- If things get out of control I warn twice to slow it down so I can fix it, if the post keep going I will reduce xp per post after the second warning.

7- Xp will be awarded at the end of a storyline.

8- This will be long term, so if your plan to just post once or twice then leave do not bother to pm me.

Bloody Rose


1- Shelly Daniels/ played by: Muse/ Mage
2- (reserved)
3- (Character name)/Senti
4- Chelemar
6- Olufemi

Bloody Rose


1- Muses background undergoing...
2- Still looking for more players...



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Though I dont know much about WOD, I will put in a charry sheet. 


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