Jungle love

Started by inxs, April 06, 2010, 05:28:36 PM

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Alright so a little background first.  That girl in the fifth element... loveliest creature i have ever seen.
So the story goes like this.  I am on an expedition.... wandering through South America.
We are climbing up a mountain when the side collapses.  My crew and i fall in.  I am the only survivor.
You were a young girl with her parents.  Studying ruins and such.  They caught ill and both died.
It is two years later, you had nothing left but survival.  Alone for years.
You find me wounded at the bottom of a mountain.  You have not seen anyone for years.
So your a virgin but that is not what i want exactly.  I want a girl who lives for herself.  I am an addition is all.
We do not speak the same language but i learn as time passes
That's the role.
And every path i take is folly, and on those paths i wander, and through that i live.