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Author Topic: Alexander is back, and he has a muse again! (Contains MUL)  (Read 503 times)

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Alexander is back, and he has a muse again! (Contains MUL)
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:26:10 PM »
Hello again seekers of RP. Its been quite some time since I have put up RP requests, but I am feeling rather creative, so I thought I would type them up and see if they would interest anyone. There are several Anime based RPs, but I am also adding a few that arent, since that isn't something everyone is into. :) Well here goes, and lets see if I still have at least some manner of forming interesting ideas remaining in my awkward head. Keep in mind, while these plots are designed for female characters to play my opposite, that does not mean my writing partner has to be female. Cross gender RP means little to me, the only things I worry about, whether my partner is male or female, is that we both enjoy the RP. Now, on with the show!:

"The hollow inside." (Bleach RP)

Since Ichigo became a shinigami again, and saved Rukia from the other soul reapers that wanted to see her dead, he has been loosing his control over his inner hollow. Though not like before... He was becoming reckless, battle hungry, and violent, even cruel. He fights day in and day out to keep him down, but he is fighting a loosing battle. Beginning to distance himself from his friends, and even his family, he refused to even sleep at home anymore as he descended further into the madness that waited to consume him. There was only one person that could even get close to him, and that was the very girl he had fought so hard to save. Kuchiki Rukia ignored his pleas, his demands, and even his threats to stay away from him, determined to make sure that the man who gave everything to save her when she needed help didn't suffer the fate that he was hurdling toward. Even despite his violence, and his developing self destructive nature, she stuck by him. But he was getting worse as time went on... would she be able to pull him back? Could she save the person she had grown to care for, or would she only be able to watch helplessly as he became such a threat that the other soul reapers would come for his life, or would she be forced to repeat a moment in her horrid past, killing a man she held dear to her for a second time? (Looking for an Ichigo/Rukia themed RP of course, set in the events of his inner hollow gripping him, but delving into finer detail with it as well. Romance would be a key element, but because of his growing hostile nature, there would also be moments of non concent, or concent but extremely forceful and rough, as well as a deep plotline.)

"The scars of betrayal" (Bleach RP)

Ever since Aizen betrayed them, soul society has been in disarray. People trust had been shaken, and were afraid of what would happen if they gave it again. Of the many that were betrayed, Toshiro Hitsugaya and Matsumoto Rangiku had it almost as bad, if not worse than anyone. Forced to hurt, and be hurt by important people in their lives had damaged their own trusts, but thankfully, not toward each other. Soon after learning of their plans, They were dispatched to the world of the living to ensure that should the Arrancar show up, they would be there to help defend the town, as well as the hard headed substitute shinigami that always found himself in trouble. Things seemed natural enough, though, whether by chance or by a longing for something in their world to make sense, the 10th division captain and his subordinate had begun to grow a lot closer than they should. Unsure of the growing feelings between them, they only make it more apparent the more they try to ignore the growing attraction to one another. One fateful night would be enough to change all of that... When Toshiro was nearly killed in the world of the living by a small invasion of Arrancar, beaten much more severely than the rest, Matsumoto's fear of loosing yet another person important to her would cause those feelings to surge forward. (Looking for a basically Romance pairing between Toshiro/Matsumoto, though we can progress through the timeline of the actual series, or we can spin off into our own little story.)

"The love of a brother." (Bleach RP)

In Soul society, there was a long line of political families. High classed noble houses that held a large impact on the general workings of the society and culture there. One leader of such a noble house, Kuchiki Byakuya, was perhaps the most noble of them all. He was young, capable, and powerful, also the only member of a noble house that was also a captain of the 13 protection squads. Also living under his family name, was his adopted sister, Kuchiki Rukia, the little sister of his dear departed wife, Hisana. He had made a promise to his late wife so many years ago, to take care of Rukia, and he had been fulfilling that promise. He had even gone so far as to break the law he swore to uphold, to keep his promise to his beloved Hisana. Now that Rukia was home a lot, he had begun to notice that she was getting closer to him than normal... Ever since they had talked to one another, after the events of her execution, she had grown much closer to him. She knew his heart now, she had stepped into the place he had kept guarded from her for so long because he never wanted her to know the truth. She was growing more than attached to him as a sister... It almost seemed as though she was falling in love with him. The look in her eyes when she looked at him, it wasn't at all unlike her sister, his late wife... Such high regard, complete trust, and love existed in those eyes. Forced to live with that look, the eyes of his former lover and wife, He had begun to crumble inside, allowing himself to grow closer to her as well. It wasn't right, not at all. In the eyes of their society he was her elder brother, a noble. It was impossible for them to be together... Such a relationship could never be found out... He had been alone for so long, and here his dear sister was walking into his heart in a way that no sister ever should. A romance would bloom from those events... but a forbidden romance, one that could never come to light, to anyone. It would ruin him, his family, and her... How long would they be able to keep it a secret? How long before she would grow tired of their love hiding in the shadows? So many unanswered questions that only time could answer.

"A chance reunion." (Modern)

Back in highschool, Nathan knew a girl that he always admired. Ever since he was a freshman. She was beautiful, and kind, despite her dominant attitude. He himself wasn't much of a dominant person, though he wasn't a wuss either. He always considered himself middle ground between the two. She was a year ahead of him in high school, but they had become friends over time. After growing rather close, They had partied at her graduation, and even though a little drunk, they had spent the night in bed together that one time... After that night, they had said their parting words as she was moving with her parents, and planning to go to college. There was a lot he wanted to tell her, that he really liked her, maybe even loved her, but he couldn't say something like that, it would be hard for her to leave if she felt the same way. He let the one go, perhaps the one girl he could spend his life with. Now, three years later, he was moving himself, finally free of his parents home, off to a good college. After so long, he had forgotten about her almost entirely, until one day on campus they met again... She had never told him which college she was going to, but in the little town they lived in there weren't many colleges to choose from near them. Completely by accident, they had been reunited at the same college, and old feelings were beginning to come back to light. The only problem was, she had found a boyfriend since she had come to college... Though, as Nathan would find out, he was horrible to her. He would have to step in and pull her away from him... Someone as kind as her didn't deserve to be treated like that. (Looking to play with a female character who has a dominant streak. Not just sexually either, basically both characters would be switches. Please, oh please don't agree to this RP if you are only interested in playing a sub, or agree to switch, but still only sub. I'm looking for them to be on equal footing relationship wise.)

"To tame a Dragon." (fantasy)

For as far back as time itself, Dragons and man have existed. Though the different aspects of dragonkind and man have had their disagreements, life had gone on rather peacefully. Korial was one of the oldest of dragons, able to take the shape of a man, and a massive leviathan of a dragon as well, his scales colored in an azure blue. Several species of dragonkin existed. Many that resembled humans in small ways, such as walking on two legs, standing upright, as well as the most basic of appearances. But, known only to dragon kind, every five thousand years, a human girl would be born carrying the power to make them gods, all powerful as they wished. Not all of the dragons species were of good nature however... more specifically, those of onyx black scale. Black dragons were the harbingers of death, and destruction, and would see the entire world in ruin, with humans their slaves. There only existed four colors of dragon in this world... Blue, Red, Green, and Black. Red dragons, standing for the creation of all life. From fire, came rebirth, it was the way of nature. The green, standing for nature itself, the forests, the earth, the mountains, and the oceans, sworn protectors of the land and its inhabitants. The black, standing for death, for evil was always necessary to counterbalance the good. And finally of course, the Blue. Dragons that policed the flows of magic, ensuring that the delicate balance of magical power did not shift too far into any one creatures favor. This of course attracted Korial to the impending birth of the woman that would carry with her the power to destroy everything. Her birth was a part of the arcane flows he was sworn to keep in balance... but the Black dragons were intent on shifting that balance, and becoming unstopably powerful. Despite his being forbidden by his master to intervine in the workings of mortals and the Black dragons, Korial disobeyed, searching for 20 long years after the girl was born to find her, and make sure that the power would not shift. He knew well what he was condemning himself to. He would be hunted by the humans who wanted that power, the black dragons who would try to kill her and take the power for themselves, and his own kind for breaking their ancient rules. The world was ruined once because of the power that flowed through the last girl to carry the power... and his fondness for the human race as a whole had grown since then... He did not want to see them sent to ruin a second time...
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