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Author Topic: BB's Plot Ideas (Male Characters Wanted)  (Read 860 times)

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BB's Plot Ideas (Male Characters Wanted)
« on: April 05, 2010, 09:52:47 am »


At five years old, she was sold to a geisha house by her parents. Her father was a horrible gambler and needed the money to pay off his many debts. So came she to be in a life behind bamboo bars: constantly looking out as the world passed her by. The word “geisha” meant artist to many of the women there, but for her it was just a glorified slave. Her okaa-san (mother) is a woman that loves money and, in loving money, loves the girls that bring it in. Aimi is one of her best women; so dear to her, in fact, which she comes up with anything to increase Aimi’s debt: hoping that she’ll never be able to buy her freedom.

Aimi, well aware of this ploy, has given up all hope of being free. She has receded into a shell. She does what is asked of her, but hides all emotion away. She has become hollow and broken hearted. It seems as if nothing can stir a smile to her face or a light of joy in her eyes. She’s a servant to her okaa-san, to her house, and to her own dreams. All she dreams of is the night when she will plunge herself into a raging river and take her own life. Perhaps then she can truly be free…

  • A male character, though female players are more than welcome to take the role.
  • A name for your character and an image.
  • Aimi is set in seventeenth century Japan. The scene will be a lot different than Memoirs of a Geisha. As such, a samurai character would fit best with her.
  • This plot will begin sexually, but I’d like it to develop into a deep romance. However, I want to note that Aimi is, indeed, emotionless. Your character has to bring love out of her, not the other way around. This is a plot that will definitely require dedication.


Her kingdom is dying. Both she and her father, King Charles VIII, know it. Desperate for assistance, he implores the neighboring kingdom for aid. The elderly lord, King William II, is greedy for the land King Charles has offered. To make the contract binding and provide his son with a wife, he asks for Princess Maria. King Charles, a caring and doting father, at first refuses. However, when Princess Maria hears of the scheme she offers herself up. Her father is struck with grief, for he wishes to keep his daughter near to him and her new home—her new husband—lie far away from the lands: nearly one month’s journey. However, she knows her duty to her King and kingdom. She insists that she go.

King William, pleased by Princess Maria’s courtesy and willingness, offers to send his finest men to obtain her. Indeed, he does. Among the ten knights there is his finest and most loyal. The man is courageous, brave, and handsome. Sir --- would do anything to serve his King and his homeland. However, picking up the Princess, no matter how valuable she is, is demeaning to him. Feeling like a babysitter, he immediately has no interest in the Princess and hardly knows what to make of her demands: accommodations that he finds fruitless and wasteful. At the same time, Princess Maria finds no joy in his company and is constantly insulted when he refuses to do as she tells him. Both of them butt heads until, unexpectedly, they find themselves having feelings for each other.

Now what will they do? Sir --- is loyal to his King and, in turn, to his son, Prince William III. If he doesn’t hand over what he promised to protect, his knighthood can be stripped away. Princess Maria has pledged herself to Prince William. If she revokes the contract, she risks not only the ruin of her kingdom and the shame of her King, but the wrath of the mightier, stronger King William who would surely wage war upon homeland.

The two of them must make a decision. What’s more important: their duty or their love?

  • A male character, though female players are more than welcome to take the role.
  • A name for the knight and an image.
  • This will require at least two or three pages of posts before anything sexual happens. I believe it’s worth the wait, but I want the partner who takes it on the be patient. Let it build up. (This isn’t limited to masturbation, though, as the knight will more-or-less be fantasizing about her.)
  • This is heavy, hardcore vanilla, but it will also have some heavy, hardcore sex thrown in there, too. So if you love both, feel free to apply!


Jade is a high school senior (eighteen, don’t worry!) with more problems than finishing college applications. Her father is an abusive man grieved by the loss of his wife. Every night Jade comes home to her drinking parent and knows well enough that anything can set him off. Though she tries to keep out of his way – to keep him calm – she always ends up battered. The abuse has gotten so bad that her schoolwork is suffering. The 4.0 she so proudly boasted about is dropping. She’s had to quit sports and other extra-curricular activities because of the physical tax it takes on her already broken body. At this rate, she fears she’ll never get into college. She fears she’ll be trapped there forever.

Recently employed at the school, Mr. --- takes a special interest in Jade. An artist, she shows great potential in his class. He wants to bring out her creativity and make her truly great. Though, each time he tries to get close to her, she pulls away. When he has to substitute for the physical education teacher he notices Jade sitting off by herself. On a closer inspection he finds out her secret and is determined to help.

  • A male character, though female players are more than welcome to take the role.
  • A name for the teacher and an image.
  • This will develop into a romance between Jade and her art teacher. If you love vanilla, feel free to apply!
PM me if you're interested in any of these girls!

This is not a first-come, first-serve option. I want to find a partner that fits best. Please provide a sample of writing in your message to help me determine if the story is right for you.
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Re: BB's Plot Ideas (Male Characters Wanted)
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