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Author Topic: Data, Data, Data [M/M Request Thread]  (Read 194 times)

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Data, Data, Data [M/M Request Thread]
« on: August 31, 2018, 02:25:34 PM »
[Please do not post in this thread. If anything here catches your interest, please send a message. Thanks!]

☪ Hello! Thanks for taking the time to browse my little collection of plot bunnies. Please keep in mind that these are just starting points, and that plot will be discussed in more detail over messages. At this time, my interests are quite varied, which will reflect in the following list.

☪ I will usually begin a story with a new character created specifically for the plot, but I'm not opposed to using some who have already been developed. You can find them here.

☪ I write stories involving m/m relationships. I like romance, but it doesn't have to be the fluffy sort. Let's shake things up a bit. Give my boys a bit of a challenge. Play hard to get, give the cocky one a taste of his own medicine, take the good boy out of his comfort zone. At the end of the day, a story will hold my interest far longer when there is some kind of chemistry between the main characters, but I greatly prefer when such relationships develop organically and are not forced by us.

☪ Regarding top/bottom dynamics, I write all sorts, and though I have a slight preference for characters who switch, each character in my gallery is different. I also draw a clear distinction between "top" and "dom," as I am a firm believer that a character with a dominant personality does not, by default, have to be on the giving end in bed, and vice versa. Please note that if you are only interested in playing characters with purely submissive leanings, I may not be the writing partner for you.

☪ Genre-wise, I am very flexible, but I do tend to prefer stories with fantasy elements over those without. Modern fantasy where supernatural characters/elements are present in a recognizable setting tends to be my personal favorite, though I am not at all opposed to developing a high fantasy setting if I find someone willing to help fine-tune the details.

☪ As far as sexual content, I am very open, and there are very few things to which I will say no. Throw something at my wall, see if it sticks - you'd be surprised. I greatly value stories that emphasize plot, but I am not at all opposed to writing smut, and I am flexible on the ratio with which we include those elements. 80/20? Great. 50/50? Also great. Just let me know your preferences before we get started.

☪ Plots that are marked as TAKEN are not necessarily off the market. I only ask that if you request to write a taken plot with me, you message me with a slight variation to my original idea, as I would rather not play out the same exact story - it should be unique.

New Ideas

Enjoy the Silence
Modern, romance.

Riordan McGowan is a young man whose world was turned upside down when he suffered a stroke, one that permanently removed his ability to hear or speak. Forced to relearn communication from the ground up, grief and frustration kept his progress at a standstill for a year, before at last his stubbornness got him back up on his feet.

Two years later, his grasp of communication through mediums like sign language and text-to-speech devices has improved significantly, though he struggles to fully reconnect with the world and the people around him. His friends are supportive, but he can no longer interact with them the way he used to, and he is not yet confident enough to try any harder.

In the midst of the frustration as he finds his footing, Riordan develops a new friendship with a man who, while possessing perfect hearing, can understand sign language and helps him regain his confidence.

The details of the hearing character are entirely up to my writing partner, and I'm open to input as to how they would meet. Perhaps they met purely by chance at a coffee shop or grocery store, or perhaps the man is a tutor or instructor at a school for the hearing impaired.​


In the Dark of the Night
Magic, revenge, villainy.

Aexyr has spent the vast majority of his life dedicated to mastering the art of magic. To do so, he has made a great many sacrifices, including but not limited to giving up the use of his eyes, thus better honing his sense and connection to the energy of the universe. His skill eventually led to earning a post as mage to the royal family, whose household he served and counseled for decades.

His dedication to his craft knows no bounds, to such an extent that when he appeared to have reached his peak, he began drifting into extremes. Into dark, forbidden magic, the likes of which a mage of his caliber is capable of controlling, but not without losing just a smidge of his morality, and so began his descent into darkness.

Eventually the royal family became aware of their mage's darkening nature, and after considerable conflict, he was stripped of his status, divested of his books and artifacts, and banished from the realm. Naturally, this didn't sit well with Aexyr, who wasted little time returning to exact his revenge...

This is where our story begins. I have a few possible avenues we could explore, but at the end of the day I'm looking to pair him with a character who is of the mind to help him in his quest for vengeance. Ideally, this person would be another magic-user, or simply someone with enough skill and knowledge of the arcane to aid him in his quest.

The Trickster

Katu belongs to a race of demons called the Khaquir, all of whom possess a natural ability to control the elements. Every member of his family boasted the rare ability to control the water element - every member, that is, except for Katu, who never acquired the strength required to manipulate anything save for the occasional raindrop.

Rejected by his kind, Katu withdrew into himself and discovered that while he could not manipulate the elements, he could spin complex illusions. His newfound abilities gave him the nerve he needed to leave his village, whereupon he traveled endlessly to sate his wanderlust.

These days, Katu supports himself as a street performer, using his self-taught skills in various circus arts, including but not limited to contortion, juggling, and acrobatics.

- A wealthy man traveling through the countryside encounters Katu at one of his pop-up street performances, intrigued by his exotic appearance and unique skillset. Katu, seeing an opportunity, decides to charm the ever-loving hell out of him, meaning to rob him blind but ending up rather fond of his intended mark. From there, we could explore how their relationship develops and its hurdles, given the wealthy man's social status and Katu's relentless wanderlust (and short attention span).
- Katu finds himself in the service of a noble household, where he performs at various galas and for the lords' and ladies' personal amusement. There, he meets a man of noble blood and draws him into an illicit affair. Perhaps the noble has been forcibly engaged to someone he doesn't love, or perhaps he's simply a rebel, but he's unable to resist the Khaquir's promise of forbidden indulgences.

Dark romance. Death (not of main characters).

He is the ferryman of souls, the harbinger of The End, the personification of that which all men fear. With him comes change and the ultimate finality. He is everywhere, and he is nowhere. He is Death.

An immortal creature with the ultimate power to end the lives of every mortal on the surface, his sole purpose is to bring death to the dying and usher their immortal souls into the Underworld. Such has been his lot in "life" since he received the task no less than one-thousand years ago, when his predecessor bequeathed to him the charge. He has seen civilizations rise and fall; he has seen the births and deaths of great men; he has ended the lives of billions without blinking - until finally meeting him.

The human was an exquisite specimen, as unyieldingly beautiful as the day was long, with a soul so pure that to touch it would be blasphemous. He enraptured Death like no other. In a world full of darkness and nothingness, he alone served as a source of light, bringing to Death that which he had never once dared to experience - longing, desire, even love.

In the form of a mortal, Death ventures into the human plane in the hope of sating his need to be close to him. With little regard for the consequences, Death pursues him eagerly, following him through each important stage of his life, endearing himself to him in the hopes of winning his heart. And indeed, the human succumbs to Death's charms, whereupon the two begin a passionate love affair.

It is only afterward that the human comes to realize Death's true nature. With Death comes loss. The loss of friends, the loss of family. Frightened and overwhelmed, the human turns away from Death, seeking familiarity in a mortal lover, whom he marries in an attempt to break Death's heart and put an end to their affair.

But Death is persistent. Death is eternal. Death can wait...

Where is Your Heaven Now?
Fantasy. Bit of comedy. Eventually romance.

[Heavily influenced by The Good Place and a tiny bit of Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival. I'd greatly prefer not to play this 100% straight. In my head, it has a lighter, irreverent touch, and I'd like to keep it that way.]

Heaven and Hell have always operated in the same way. Good, wholesome souls are sent to Heaven to exist in a perpetual paradise, while the irredeemable castoffs are sent to Hell to exist in states of endless torment. The formula has worked since time immemorial - but in Hell, there's a substantial imbalance between the number of souls needing punishment and the number of demons up to the task. Punishing souls is considered a glamorous job, but with the high volume and increasing demand, not as many are willing to take on the responsibility. Younger demons greatly prefer easier jobs; your garden-variety possessions, whispering in the ears of politicians, etc. Easy stuff.

As a result, demons are looking to branch out, to which end a conference room full of bureaucrats helped to develop a revolutionary pilot program. One that will, if approved, select a handful of souls at a time for potential redemption and relocation to Heaven.

If the pilot is successful, it creates a whole other realm of opportunities for the hellish denizens, but as is to be expected, the residents of Heaven need to be sold on the idea. Enter Zazel, a demon intent on using the pilot program to catapult him into the cushy role of an Overseer, a higher-up who supervises the Architects, the creators/facilitators of various torture (and now redemption) scenarios.

Zazel's first step is to pitch the program to the bureaucrats in Heaven who, despite an initial reluctance, agree to the pilot. Their only condition, however, stipulates that Cassiel, one of their own Architects, be allowed safe passage into Hell to observe the program side-by-side with Zazel.

- Cassiel, for his part, is skeptical to embrace the program, owing to a firm belief that the original formula has remained consistent for a reason and doesn't need reworking or replacing. Zazel, on the other hand, believes very strongly that change is inevitable, even in Hell. Accordingly, the story would involve a good bit of their strong personalities clashing, before reaching an understanding and developing an unexpected attraction.
-On the flip side, it could be Zazel who rejects the concept of the program due to the belief that redemption was never in a demon's job description, while Cassiel embraces it because as an angel, he's eager to do more good by facilitating the redemption of lost souls.


The Gigolo
Modern. Escorts/Prostitution. Romance.

Dexter was fortunate enough to be born into a family of considerable means, something he took for granted in his youth. To his parents' dismay, he flunked out of college and burned through his trust fund within five years, a combination of events that forced them to cut financial ties with him until he sorted himself out - he never did.

Ever the resourceful one, Dexter suffered only a few setbacks before finding a calling in providing his services as a male escort, one willing to service women and men alike. Building a list of steady regulars was not an issue, but with an ambitious streak a mile wide, he found it much more lucrative to seek and maintain an exclusive list of core clientele, each willing to pay him larger sums for specialized, on-demand service. For those individuals - two women and one man - Dexter goes above and beyond to supply not only a lover in the bedroom, but also a companion for business travel, a date for family affairs, and so on, in exchange for a bi-weekly, five-figure paycheck.

A new male client (one of considerable financial means, maybe referred by one of his semi-regulars) seeks Dexter's company for a strictly non-sexual affair. Perhaps the client is a bit on the awkward side, fresh out of the closet, and looking to gain a bit of confidence by having an experienced man on his arm at a social function. From there, they could progress to the point where Dexter adds this new client to his core list. He could accompany him on vacations, to business dinners, perhaps even to family functions to help the client become more comfortable being out, with sex being a secondary and optional service, rather than the primary reason for their arrangement. Ideally, I would love to see the two develop a genuine relationship at some point down the road. And of course, they would then have to work with the reality that Dexter, despite his suave, seductive nature, has absolutely no idea how to be in a committed, loving relationship.

The Wrong Side of Heaven
Superheroes. Action/adventure. Tumultuous romance.

A story in which hero and villain have known each other since childhood, build a strong partnership, and make drastically different choices in life that leads them apart - but doesn't break their bond.

Ideally, the tale would begin with both hero and villain already well-established in their respective fields of expertise.

Primum Non Nocere
Serial murder. Dark romance.

Winter, 20xx
Cumberland County, Maine

The site of seven grisly murders over the past three years, each elaborately staged, with grotesque stylizing that varies between incidents. The latest victim: a 34-year-old salesman discovered near a pond in Naples, his throat slit.

Local authorities are baffled. The victims vary in gender, appearance, and age groups, which makes the killer's motive unclear. Worse yet, there might not be a motive at all. Paired with the various causes of death, the methods of which range from stabbing to garroting, the murders have next to nothing in common, only the signature removal of at least one bone. Neither the local nor the state police can make heads or tails of the killings, and it's only a matter of time before the case is handed over to federal authorities.


Windham, Maine

Mikkel Ostergaard is a forty-something surgeon of some repute. After completing his studies, emerging with a specialty in cardiothoracic surgery, he divided his time between practicing in Denmark and occasionally consulting at practices in New England. However, he has since embarked on a sabbatical to recharge and recover from a home invasion that left him with a bullet wound on his chest.

Now, he spends the bulk of his time at his home in Windham, where he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle thanks to both a successful career and family money. He often finds himself at various performing arts centers to enjoy operas and symphonies, taking up hobbies such as painting and sailing, and occasionally picking out a member of the human horde for slaughter, depending on where his whims take him. He has, in fact, racked up a body count of over twenty, only seven of which he has chosen to display on his New England canvas. Murder is an artform, and he has devoted much of his time and effort into perfecting it.

With nothing but time on his hands, Mikkel is out to perfect his craft. He is especially drawn to those cut from the same cloth, born with the same desire to hunt, kill, and elevate. Of late, he has taken a liking to a younger man, an intelligent man with such creativity and a hidden potential to kill that has piqued Mikkel's interest. As it's such a shame to let such a promising talent go to waste, he decides it only proper to see if he can't nurture those impulses...

I'm looking for someone to take on the role of Mikkel's apprentice. Ideally, he would be a man in his mid to late twenties from whatever background you choose, who has the potential to become a serial killer. Initially, he would be hesitant to engage in Mikkel's lifestyle, repelled by the knowledge of his murderous proclivities, but fiercely attracted to him all the same and thus seduced into his world. The plot would follow your character's descent into depravity and the grotesque nature of the romance that blooms in between.

The details of the apprentice are up to you, but I'm thinking of him as someone with a strong personality. Mikkel would have no use for someone with no backbone. Furthermore, it would help if he was either an academic or an artist, who despite his intelligence will be refashioned in his new mentor's image.

Possible bondage, forbidden romance, cheating.

Dr. Nikolaj Wolff is a married man, well-off thanks to his career and family money, who no longer loves his wife. They still share the same bed, although Nikolaj often entertains the urge to move into the guest room. As an outlet, he seeks out the company of younger lovers - more recently, one in particular...

His partner can be almost anyone, really. He works at a hospital, so he could get involved with someone who works there, but I think I'd prefer it if they met outside of work. His partner could be a neighbor, the adult son of a family friend, or even the cute barista who makes his coffee every morning.


Crimson Peak
Gothic romance. Supernatural. Mystery.

A dark and complex romance between Sir Thomas Sharpe, a once wealthy Baronet, and his new American paramour. Their relationship seems idyllic at first, but they face a ghostly danger when they reach Sir Thomas's family home - the mysterious Crimson Peak.

I'm most interested in playing Sir Thomas, but I'm willing to be flexible here.

The House of Weber
Romance. Mystery.

Max Weber is a wealthy man, but a broken one trying to pick up the pieces after his wife's abandonment. A year passes and he seems to have moved on. Not only that, but he's also taken a new lover, a younger man roughly ten years his junior. His reputation forbids him from making their affair public, however, much to his younger companion's chagrin. Worse yet, in recent days rumors have circulated that Max isn't all that he seems. Word has it that his wife didn't leave him, but was murdered - by Max's own hand.

I intend for the details of Max's marriage to unfold as the story continues. I'm still developing the idea. That said, I don't intend for Max to be a villain. The story would begin with Max meeting his new lover, spend some time developing their relationship, and explore the drama that unfolds when people start seeing him as a potential murderer.

For this story, I'd like to play Max. Looking for someone to play his younger lover. The details of his character, such as age, social standing, and appearance are completely up to you.
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Re: Data, Data, Data [M/M Request Thread]
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Tentatively open for one or two more stories. I'm being a bit selective, but I have a few vacancies to fill. Bonus points if you're interested in playing across from this weirdo, or this slightly less weird weirdo.
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