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Author Topic: Mind of a Traitor (M For Anyone.)  (Read 663 times)

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Offline GammadinTopic starter

Mind of a Traitor (M For Anyone.)
« on: April 02, 2010, 03:38:31 AM »
Three stories I have in mind to play out with the right partner. See my roelplay preferences and prior posts if you would like to see if you think we'll work together.

Pairings and Themes I'd like to work a story around
A lactation game, perhaps with cum harvesting.
Escort/Person of Stature
Drug Addict/Best Friend or Dealer
Warhammer 40k or Fantasy
The Witcher
Also really feeling any F/F or F/Futa games

Incest, Brother/Brother, Fantasy, Crime, Light to Extreme

I'll find you
He had never wanted to let go of his brother, not even when he was dragged away screaming. He still remembered mouthing the words "I'll find you" as he was dragged away by his father. No one understood his little brother, they called him weak, unfitting for his blood and lacking in strength. None knew that his true strength was the ability to smile no matter how hard things were, to tell a pleasant story amiss the blood flowing  down the cobblestone outside. He had acted strong for the two of them, a fake strength only kept alive because of that smile. Their Father had taken him away from his twelve year old brother when he reached the age of a "man" at but fourteen. To their Father their Mother was but a whore to give children. Children were but a means to pass on the legacy and keep the organization strong. Two sons were born, only one was necessary to be moulded into a leader. The other was left with the whore to rot away in the streets, as "life is never fair." He stands now at twenty four, his father dead and rotting, the leader of the Crescents. His duties are to lead the Crescents and keep a firm grip of order over their city and illegal trade, to crush their enemies and ultimately keep the family of criminals in line.  His mind however never forgot that brother who he smiled with and laughed with. He knows with his power he will find him, the question is what comes next.

Setting: The world I'm seeing is a medieval fantasy world that's ripe with crime. Less power are within monarchy and leaders, actual Kings are but puppets to crime syndicates and there are many families within the greater cities vying for power.

Note: I'd be also interested in playing this as an F/F game if we wanted to switch it that way

Incest, Sister/Sister, Fantasy, Crime, Light to Extreme

A Life with Crime, a Death without
The two of them had been always together being born fraternal twins. Life was not easy on the twin girls however and when their elderly mother fell ill and faded back to the forest they were shunned from their pack and told to fend for themselves. The human patrols were where they started, pinching a loaf of bread and a dagger left astray from the rest of the armoury. Quickly the two elves began to venture deeper into the human cities, fingers intertwined together as they ventured and learned. To steal to be able to eat had been their lives for as long as they could remember while roaming the human cities. Often running from criminals who wanted to enslave them or racist humans offering them jobs as servants. Their twenty two years alive in the world had seemed always full of play for the two curious elves until taking a job from a Guild. A job that would change everything about their cheerful hearts.

M/F, Vampire, Fantasy, Dark/Non-Con to Extreme

A Desire for Blood

A lone castle stands atop a hill a half days walk away from a human village. There has been rumors that a count has lived there for generations, overseeing the human population and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, to annihilate the entire village in one fowl blow. The truth to the matter, a deprived vampire has lived within stone walls since his birth, caring for his fathers creations..monstrous creations. Large mouthed plants that excrete blood that is sustainable for nutrients for one of his stature. The count has always watched over the human land, making sure no invaders were to lessen the population with a thirst for blood. Yet.. when a plague hits his castle, his plants slowly begin to die one by one, leaving the only option for the vampire's survival to abduct the human female he has scouted out for so long, longing for her company.

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Offline Belladonna1

Re: xKopf's plot ideas and story lines. [Female/Male/Trans]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2010, 01:11:55 AM »
Just sent you a PM! :)

Offline GammadinTopic starter

Re: xKopf's plot ideas and story lines. [Female/Male/Trans]
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2010, 04:47:02 PM »
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Re: Mind of a Traitor (M For Anyone.)
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2013, 08:19:53 PM »
Another update, looking for a game or two.