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May 21, 2018, 04:28:31 AM

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Author Topic: ''Death Note: Kira's Will'' Mafia Theme game.  (Read 607 times)

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''Death Note: Kira's Will'' Mafia Theme game.
« on: March 31, 2010, 06:33:52 PM »
I had this little idea spinning in my head ever since I found out about the ''Mafia'' themes games, and thought it would be fun to create one in the Death Note Universe, with some alterations to the notebook rules.

Set in a alternate universe of the Death Note Universe, The Death Note is basically a notebook which has the power to kill individuals by knowing their Name and Face. Mass-murders have been committed around the world using this supernatural notebook, warfare, ransoms, the Death Note was truly the most effective mass-murdering weapon of all time. It was so effective, because one needed only a face in mind when writing ones name in the book, The unfortunate person whose name was written in the book would swiftly die of a heart attack.

This had to be stopped. Detectives from around the world were gathered to fight this ''Death Note'' threat,led by ''Kira'', the mastermind behind the entire Death Note Killing.  Currently an ''Anti-Death Note task-force'' is located in a building, secluded from the rest of the world. With the highest state of the art-technology and two sleeping dorm, It is from this location that they try to fight Kira, and eradicate the Threat of the Death Notes. however, what they do not know is that Kira, the possessor of the Death Note and Kira's followers are amongst them, and planning to kill all of the Anti-Death Note task-force by using the power of the notebook. Will the Anti Death Note Taskforce find the traitors among them before it's too late? Or will Kira and his followers wipe out all the detectives and seize control of the entire police force?

The day-night cycle for the day will be as following


The detective with the Shinigami Eyes will get intel on the person asked the Death God the previous Night.
Everyone votes for someone to be interrogated and leave the building. That person will leave the building permanently and lose his/her ability to vote for/kill another player.
Everyone chooses their sleeping dorm to stay in.

The Kira for that specific night (Chosen at random) chooses a target to kill.
The Thief tries to check another player to see if they have the notebook.

The roles for this game

Anti-Death Note Task-force roles (ANT)


This is your standard role, similar to a passenger or villager. Detectives have the power to nominate other players for Interrogation.

Fake-Name Detective

The same as a detective, however he works under a false name. This means he/she is safe from the effects of the Death Note when he/she is attempted to be killed by ''Second Kira'' or ''Third Kira'. This detective will also be informed who attempted to kill him/her, but due to credibility issues he/she is not allowed to tell that he/she is working under a false name, NOR tell who attempted to kill him/her. Can be killed by ''Prime Kira''

Shinigami-Eyed Detective

This detective has the power to ask the Death God what role another player has once a night. The result will be given to him/her the next morning by the Death God. Only the detective can see the Death God. Is allowed to reveal his/her role and thereby accusing another player, but afterwards is immediately  evicted from the Task-Force. Only this player can see the Death God, the original owner of the notebook.


Once every two nights, the Thief can look through the items of another player who is sleeping in the same dorm as they. Successful finds may be the notebook of the ''Third'' or ''Second'' Kira, or the ''Secret Notes''
- If the Thief finds the notebook of the Second Kira, the Second Kira AND the Thief will be evicted from the team.
- if the Thief finds the notebook of the Third Kira, the Third Kira loses all memories related to the notebook and becomes a detective. the Thief will take the role of the Third Kira.
- If the Thief finds the ''Secret Notes'', he/she will know in which dorm Prime, Second and Third Kira currently are.

The same as a detective, the Observer carries the '"Secret Notes'', a continuously updated notepad, which reveals the Location of Prime Kira, Second Kira and Third Kira every night in encrypted info, however, the carrier does not know how to decipher these notes, and ignores them, only the Thief can decipher these notes, and once deciphered, are only useful for that night, and no more.

Kira and Followers (Murderers)

In contrary to the detectives, all Murderers know who the other murderers are, every night, one of the three '"Kiras'' will commit a murder.


The Mastermind behind everything.
- CAN be revealed through Shinigami Eyes
- Notebook CANNOT be stolen by Thief
- CAN kill '"Fake Named Detective'' successfully on first attempt.

Second Kira

-CAN be revealed through Shinigami Eyes
- Notebook CAN be stolen by THIEF, will get evicted from team.
- CANNOT kill '"Fake Named Detective'' Successfully on first attempt

Third Kira

- CANNOT be revealed though Shinigami eyes, due to no real possession of notebook.
- Notebook CAN be stolen by THIEF, will get turned into a detective.
- CANNOT kill ''Fake Named Detective'' Successfully on first attempt.

Other Rules

- Murderers can only kill someone sleeping in the OTHER dorm.
- Nobody is allowed to make his/her role public except for the Shinigami Eyes Detective, after which he/she will be evicted from the team.
- If the Thief becomes a murderer, and Second Kira a Detective, this will NOT be made public.
- You need to be an approved member.
- All PM communication should be CC'd to me so I can be entertained as well! ;)

People interested in playing should post here or PM me


Interested Players