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Author Topic: Imperial Intrigues M/M, a little M/F  (Read 604 times)

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Imperial Intrigues M/M, a little M/F
« on: March 30, 2010, 08:58:01 am »
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Imperial Intrigues

The Base thread

Basic idea
A vast empire rules during an eastern era of time with dangers and intrigues, the ruler of this vast kingdom is the young Emperor Tai Shun. He is known for his strength and ruthless personality, as well as his weird liking to be with people of the same sex as himself. Something the man does care to hide since he can do just whatever he feels like doing. Outwards Tai is also a leader to his people, he cares for them like a good ruler and was much better then the brutal nature of his father, he is well aware that if the people are unhappy they will try to take over. Because of this he makes sure to be on their good graces, but also putting away taxes for the army just in case some other country would try to attack them. But so far that is not happening since he also does his best to keep the other leaders pleased with gifts in the area of slaves and objects. But Tai is a lover of the good things in life, throwing parties and feasts is not uncommon or unheard of.

Being 27 years of age it has long been on his shoulders to get a woman to bring him an heir, he is aware of this and knows that he has to marry someone sooner or later. But he is not in a hurry and has over the years gathered a collection of lovers/servants/concubines to keep him company and give him pleasure. He is the kind of man that wants to know he is in control, ordering his lovers around is one of things. But he is far from cruel and will reward any servant that serves him in the way that pleases him. He also likes to think about them all as jewels in his crown, making them attend to his parties and sometimes meeting in a fashion to show power. Sometimes he can borrow out a lover to a guest if that person is on his good side. No surprise that his room is filled with soft pillows and carpets of the best kind, also that he made sure to only let the ones he really trusts share his bed during the nights. There might be magic at play to because so far no one has tried to assassinate him and succeeded. But this is just loose rumors and nothing more then that. But there is something magical about the emperor himself, he seems to be from another world with the aura of power he spreads and the powerful look in his eyes.

I myself will take on the role as the emperor in this little group RP, I will also take the role as gm to act as different smaller npcs that might be needed thought the game. The other parts can be many things people feel like playing. Lovers, Servants or family? Maybe visitors or just friends. People can always play as a gift from some other kingdom sent to impress Tai or win his favor? But the most wanted thing is the lovers, since I have had this idea in my head now and want((I changed the tense of this word to do something nice with it. All players in for some Male/Male loving RP with intrigues and powerplay. The lover making the emperor happiest will without a doubt be the one more to his favor. It will not be such a large group RP to begin with, but it might grow into more things as we play along? Only time will tell and I for one have a feeling that an RP like this is going to be interesting. This can stretch between the lines of Light sex to Extreme, so people beware of that fact. 

Eden: close friend/close to lover
Android: Jester

Character list

Feng Bao (Eden)(Close friend)
29, 5'7"
Arrogant and quick with his tongue and temper though he knows how to hold both. Married, soon-to-be-father, Feng keeps her out of sight and is ruthless and ambitious enough to have her involved in a fatal accident should something better present itself. Close to the Emperor, he has no desire to see his friend be killed or loose the court's favour, he is Tai's most adamant supporter.

Name: Ethan (MzNurse)(Servant/Slave)
Age: 17
Ethan was born a free child, sold away as soon as he was weaned from the breast. His mother never knew his father and couldn't afford the child. He was bought by a wealthy family, to act as a companion for their own newborn. At the age of five, Ethan accompanied the family on a sea voyage, where they were overtaken by pirates. While none of the adults survived, the pirates sold off the two blonde boys they discovered hidden in the wardrobe of the state room. He eventually wound up in the Emperor's Palace, at the age of eight, as an aide to Tai Shun.

Name: paiyou (Android)(Court Jester)
Age: 36
Jester, entertainer, critic, lover and loose canon. Has seen the emperor grow up in between his frequent visits to strange and far away lands. His true feelings are sometimes hidden behind the permanent smirk of his mask. Cunning, caring and sometimes manipulative, he knows how to get the emperor's blessing for his projects. As long as there is something in them to please the great man...

Anyone interested feel free to write so here, or send me a pm! I will make sure to add your request to the list.