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January 21, 2021, 08:43:53 PM

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Author Topic: Greece, Gladiators, Mermaids and Other Desires. (Various Seeking F or M)  (Read 747 times)

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Offline Requiem's PrideTopic starter

I’m back after a very tragic RL experience and trying to get back into playing here.

Most of my old desires were very dark and… bloody and while I’m still keen on dark and rough roleplays, I’m kind of looking for something else currently. Males or females welcomed and I’m open to any ideas or modifications on each of my ideas. I’m easy going.

A little too easy going. I know, none of my plots have a distinct “you be this. I am this. This is going to happen” thing in it, but I prefer to work on an idea with someone as opposed to deciding completely.
The last idea is the most developed as I already have the character completed in my mind.

As for the type of RPs I am looking for… I have very few limits and if it fits with the plot, my no’s can become maybe’s.

1.   Greek gods/goddesses.------ Hermes, supposed god of thieves, travelers and almost anyone who will pray to him is actually a female with a very “boyish” physique, but adult and female. Even gods believe he is a she. The plot would be just playing off either Hermes (me) and another god or goddess or even a human or gladiator.

2.   Gladiator/slave plot. This one is inspired by Spartacus: Blood and Sand. If anyone is interested in a Roman Gladiator RP, I’d love to discuss it.

3.   “Vampires”- This one is just a random idea I had. The characters would either and more likely start off as humans, preparing for their adult rites. ---Many, many years ago, each generation chose seven women in a coven to bare children. These children were raised as warlocks, destined to harbor a demon’s soul within them. If they succeeded in making the demon submit when they turned of age, the dying demon within them would give them immortality and very vampiric qualities. Shapeshifting, the hunger for blood, the desire for night… The sun did not harm them, but it was not their natural time and their magic would be much, much weaker…

4.   A more developed character, Snow. This plot also varies… Another merman/maid, knight, slaver, ferryman, other creature… Anything.---- Mermaids have been around for ages. They are said to have appeared mostly in ancient Greece, at least as a start and some mermaids will agree to that. Others believe different stories. The real origin does not matter to Mermaids like Snow.  She was born and she is alive now. That is all that matters to her. Some legends have it right. Mermaids do greatly love to give their hearts to humans. Mermaids also do not fully understand that humans cannot breathe underwater. Some say they drown men and women because they want to take them to their home and marry them, but forget that the depth and water drown the would-be lovers. Others say they lure men and women to the water in order to drown them for their own amusement.
Honestly? It depends on the mermaid.
Snow is a freshwater mermaid. She dwells in rivers and lakes for the most part. She can go into salt water, just like saltwater mermaids can go into fresh water, but it is not her natural place.
Her personality is very curious and she adores spying on those that come near her waters.
River Mermaid facts:
Physical maturity: 20-22 years. **Snow is close to maturity.
Life span: 100 years. **Snow is 19.
Habitats: Ponds, lakes, rivers. **Snow is most often found in rivers.
Hair colours: Whites, greys, greens, blues. **Snow’s is silvery white.
Eye colours: Any are possible.  **Snow’s eyes are crystal blue.

Diet: Carnivores. Mermaids eat fish, small sea mammals, land animals that get too close. Some have been known to eat humans.

The Tail/Land issue: Snow's natural appearance of her lower half is a long serpentine tail, much like an eel with the fanned fin at the end. Or, if she is in shallower water, she does in fact have two legs with clawed, webbed toes. Her natural place is under water, thus with gills but she can survive above land as long as her skin constantly remains moist.

5. Anything post apocalypse related.

6. Anything Greece related.

7. Final Fantasy still delights me.

8.Lycanthrope related would be absolutely adored!
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Offline Corny and Horny

I'd like to join you in your 'tail' with the mermaid, mind the pun, however, I'm not into dark, rough or bloody mind you. Are you still interested in the mermaid storypolt? Let me know, and I'll PM you details and questions.


Offline Ace Flyer

I sent you a PM. ^^