Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart..(Closed For Now)

Started by PocketFullOfPosies, March 29, 2010, 03:20:50 PM

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“If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.”
   --- The Merchant of Venice (Shylock at III, i)

~~~Spoiler Warning~~~

I have been eager to act on this idea in my head for quite some time, and I believe that Elliquiy will serve as the perfect platform for my proposal. Despite it’s inaccuracies, I thoroughly enjoyed Tarantino’s war film Inglorious Basterds. My breath was quite often choked back in particular due to a bone-chillingly superb performance by Christoph Waltz. It is quite rare that an actor actually performs so well as a villain that I sink down in my seat without realizing it. What makes me all the more intrigued is the man’s intellect; how he is so ruthless and brutal with words and icy stares alone. Now I am in no way condoning or admiring the atrocities that the men and women of the SS committed throughout Europe, but I have seen several WWII request threads throughout Elliquiy so…I thought I would be safe to suggest my story.

I was left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth when it came to Shoshanna’s revenge. While certainly she took out a lot of people, she did not get the satisfaction of taking out her suppressed fury on the man who puppeteered the strings when it came to the murder of her family. I would like to propose a revenge story with a different little girl, and perhaps someone other than Hans Landa (though I wouldn’t mind him being used… <.< ) one where satisfaction can be made possible on either side. With either the SS officer finally being rid of that wretched little rat who got away, or with the now not-so-little girl stopping the heart of the man who severed hers so long ago.

Character death will be included in this, an aspect I feel that’s inevitable unless you can convince me otherwise. This story, I expect to be rather explicit in many aspects, from psychological torment to the sex itself. I have something plotted out for my character, as far as her history, where she is now, how they meet again, as well as a lengthy introduction written up (because I’m a bit sad like that..) but I would like you to consider how this girls family was murdered, and whether she was permitted to run or she escaped by chance. I would also be interested to hear any ideas you might have concerning this story, and what direction you would be most interested to see it play out in.

There are many things to discuss, and much depraved fun to be had.

Message me if you’re interested.



**Note: As stated in my other threads, I know I do not have a roleplay currently on E for an example of my writing skills at the moment. However, I am willing to send you an example of one of my posts if you desire to see one beforehand**

** Note 2: When I say my introduction is lengthy, it's about two and a half pages on Word.  Now I don't expect all of our posts to be that long by any means, but please give me at least five paragraphs. **