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Author Topic: Come For Fun and Depravity! (Mul)  (Read 658 times)

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Come For Fun and Depravity! (Mul)
« on: March 28, 2010, 09:11:08 PM »
This is where I'll keep the ideas I get from time to time.  More will be added as time goes on.  Those who know me know I'm a graphic and depraved individual, so feel free to look at my O/O's for a more detailed look at the things I enjoy.  Of course feel free to reply here or send me a PM if something tickles your fancy!  Without further delay, the ideas...

The Unicorn's Partner

You: A young, beautiful, virginal (for the time being) maiden prepared to make a number of, ahem, sacrifices to gain the incredible power of a Unicorn as your bonded partner.

Me: The ludicrously powerful Unicorn, a creature of which there can be only one in the entire fantastical world at any given time.

The Bones: Your character, for whatever reason, hears legend of the mighty powers one can gain from becoming bonded with a Unicorn.  Perhaps your character simply seeks power and adventure, or perhaps they're trying to obtain it for revenge.  Maybe they're simply tired of being bullied around, but whatever the reason they will go at great lengths to obtain the Unicorn as their partner.  The legend says that the Unicorn devotes itself to it's Bonded partner, utilizing it's incredible powers to strengthen it's partner and aid them in their endeavors.  It can communicate with any living creature through telepathy, fly at incredible speed, cast several potent spells, can purify diseases and poisons, heal broken flesh, and can even turn into the shape of a powerful spear that when brandished by it's bonded partner is said to allow the partner to utilize all of the Unicorns powers, sever evil magic and pierce through darkness itself.  Why is such a creature without a strong, noble partner?  Simple...the Unicorn (whom is male) is lecherous and impossibly perverted.  Though many maidens have tried to become his bonded partner, his requests (as well as his anatomy) are often too much for them to handle, and they often give up, offering up the story that they simply weren't 'worthy', too embarrassed to divulge the truth.  However, it is you who will brave the obstacles and the many lewd requests of the Unicorn in order to become his insanely powerful companion.  And you thought Unicorns wanted virgin maidens simply because the legend said so!

What to expect: Obviously expect a heavy helping of equine-based bestiality, along with all of the enormous horse-cock that comes along with it.  If the partner wishes the Unicorn to be able to adopt a more 'anthro' two-legged form, that may be possible.  Depending on what the maiden desires, there could be a number of fantasy style plot-lines to follow as well.  Recognize the Unicorn will demand your devotion to him in order to keep him by your side, and he is extremely perverted, so expect to be forced to wear some skimpy outfit and have to service him on a daily (or more likely hourly) basis.  In the end it should be a fun, fantastical romp involving magic, mayhem, sex, monsters, treasure, and all kinds of other stuff!

The First Female Monster Slayer (I don't mind playing the female while the other plays the monsters in this tale if they chose.)

You: A young, scantily clad girl who has become the very first female to ever graduate the Kingdom's Monster Slaying Academy.

Me: Any number of angry, huge-cocked monsters from fantasy such as Gnolls, Ogres, Minotaurs, Demonic beasts, Tentacle creatures, etc.

The Bones: In a high fantasy world of swords and sorcery, your character has managed to pass the long, arduous tests in order to wear the badge of a certified Monster Slayer.  Every since the Academy was founded almost three hundred years ago, all Monster Slayers have traditionally been male, however your character has managed to break the tradition and, in that way, make a lot of people very angry.  Determined to ensure that you quit as soon as possible, the Monster Slaying Association bestows upon you with the very first female Monster Slayer Uniform (feel free to choose it's appearance), which barely manages to cover any of your assets, and gives you the hardest, most impossible tasks to complete that not even a group of veteran Slayers would have any hope of fulfilling.  Either through sheer stubbornness or some lewd desire for giant monster-cock, you plod forward, meeting the tasks head on.  While nearly all of them result in you becoming horribly gang-raped, you always manage to seize the moment in the end after the creatures have exhausted themselves, Slaying them thoroughly and collecting your reward.

What to expect: Lots of exotic monsters with huge phallus's waiting to pummel some attractive maidens orifices into the ground.  There will be lots of rough double and multi-penetration, oral, anal, and vaginal, along with copious amounts of monstrous semen.  Also probably expect some verbal abuse, dirty talking, and degradation.  As someone whom wears the badge of a Slayer, don't expect to be treated kindly by the same creatures you're hired to kill.

(Half)Dead Space: Rise of the Futamorphs (I don't mind playing the female while the other plays the creatures in this tale if they chose.  Also, this is obviously based upon the game "Dead Space", although no knowledge of the game is required at all.)

You: A beautiful, fit, rough and tumble mechanic with a strong will and a desire to complete objectives.

Me: A large number of transmogrified Futa's with obscene large members, ranging from Human, to Demonic, to Bestial in nature.

The Bones: In the distant future a massive star ship has been missing for quite some time, along with the crew which happened to be all females, since they were found to tolerate Deep Space Hibernation better than men.  Recently the ship has been located via a distress beacon slowly being pulled into a planets orbit.  You are part of a special team as a master engineer and mechanic whom will board the vessel, reengage the many navigational systems, and repair the power core.  Unfortunately, a strange electrical field has disabled your ship, which subsequently crashed into the massive star ship.  Your new task is to either re-engage the drive on the star ship so you and your team can get home, wait until another ship comes to your rescue, or find a secondary vessel to use to escape.  What you don't know is that the ship has been effected by the Relic discovered upon the planet below, and all of the female crew (or nearly all) have been mutated into insane, sex-crazed, Futa's with two-foot long cocks and an overwhelming desire to power-rape anything they get their hands on in an effort to spread their disease.  Using a variety of tools and your wits, you must survive constantly having your insides rearranged by enormous Futa phallus's in order to prepare an escape vessel, all while trying to utilize the various 'Decontamination Stations' in order to stall or stop the transformation process in yourself.

What to expect: Lots of tall, beautiful, busty, Humanoid futa-females that want nothing more than to jam as much of their raging members into you as possible.  There will be several different 'species' of Futa, each with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.  If the player is ok with violence, in an effort to stay true to the game the player could even kill or defeat these Futa's by severing their phallus's or other points of weakness they discover.  Either way, expect plenty of action, over-sized penises, gallons of cum, and lots of Non-Con.  The main character should be fairly iron-willed, since she'll be getting gang-banged on a regular basis, and must still think about completing her missions afterward!
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Offline Skyara Snow

Re: Come For Fun and Depravity! (Mul)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2010, 09:37:53 PM »
I'd be interested in trying this with you!

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Re: Come For Fun and Depravity! (Mul)
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2010, 04:18:54 AM »

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Re: Come For Fun and Depravity! (Mul)
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2010, 05:04:18 AM »
(Half)Dead Space: Rise of the Futamorphs added!