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Author Topic: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure  (Read 1031 times)

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A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« on: March 28, 2010, 03:07:54 AM »
I run something similar to this in paper & pencil style with a few friends, and figured that it could be fun to try it out here as well. I'm looking for 4 players to begin with, and it will basically be run with a simplified homebrew system, close to free-form. Stats and such will be pregenerated by me to fit the heroic crew, and later on you can improve skills and such...

The concept background

Humans have settled on many worlds and spread out through the galaxy. At one point, explorers found some alien artifacts and brought them home to earth for study. A year later, all contact between earth and the colonies were broken, and a few weeks later, a civil war erupted between earth and the colonies. The people of earth seemed to have changed, some say that they are controlled by that alien artifact, some say that they are infected by a virus that makes them mad.
The civil war lasted for a decade before a group of rebels decided to shut down the Jump-nodes back to earth (and by doing so, they also got cut off from other sectors and distant colonies.)

90-100 years have passed, tech is highly prized, and the scavengers in space can gain wealth and status, but it is a hazardous business.

Small wars constantly erupts and fades between Earth loyalists and the Colony Military.

The sector

Two major colonies exists in this sector that can be reached (takes a few weeks to travel), plus a dozen space-stations and maybe twenty minor colonies. There are maybe a dozen fully automated stations, still aligned to earth, but they are far out in the fringe and seldom cause trouble unless provoked.

The enemy
What people fear the most, besides the automated stations and the droids attached to these stations, is something called 'the black ghosts', an alien spirit capable of posessing the human body. In time, these spirits will derange it's host and if not driven out, the human host will slowly be transformed into a psychopathic killer. They need a host to survive, or so the myth goes.

Pirates and stray replicants from the earth aligned stations can be a problem as well... And Space-sickness often turns people mad...

The ship ”Castille”
An old, bulky freighter with light weapons and a big cargo hold. Equipped with a dozen private quarters, a medical bay, lounge, gym, a small workshop and a few other rooms to be filled with stuff.

There are basically no spare parts to be bought, everything needs to be repaired or salvaged from wrecked ships, but luckily, there are thousands of those floating around out in this sector, all thanx to the great war.

There are maybe fifty other ships traveling between the colonies at this point, plus the colonial fleet that has maybe two big old warships and a few hundred fighters between them. The automated earth-aligned stations holds unknown numbers.

The leading roles (might be more later on, if it all works out.. Might need a co-GM to make it work smoothly)

A group of people took a loan from the largest criminal syndicate to buy an old freighter and create their own future. An Idea that sounded good back at the bar a few weeks ago, but now it's maybe not the best of ideas. The crew doesn't even know each other well, and some of them has never seen space before.

The Captain (NPC)

This character owns 20% of the ship and makes the calls. Takes orders from the 'Collegia'.
This persons great grandfather was part of destroying the Jump-node back to earth to prevent more of the infected to pass through in great numbers about 80-90 years ago. This person knows a bit about space and was born on a station-colony, and has a little of a military education. This person is the leader, and the main obvious goal is to buy out the Collegia from owning the ship. Looting wrecked ships is high priority. He's had his share of bad things and might pass leadership as the story unfolds.

The Medic (Salonike )
This character owns 10% of the ship
 She has some knowledge about the black spirits, and might even be a ritualist/occultist. Born on the biggest colony, Altaire 5. Curious about space.

The Mechanic (Sarah )
This character owns 10% of the ship
A mercenary with great combat skills, and a great mechanic. Born on Altaire 5 as well. Got an almost unnatural skill with machinery.

The Pilot (Odessa)
This character owns 2% of the ship
The best pilot money can buy.
Originally a fighter-pilot trained by the Collegia, maybe a pirate?

Other crew might be hired hands/mercenaries or passengers between the colonies.

It's basically up to you to develop the caracters from the simple templates above, but I'll give aid and loads of information about the places they come from if needed/wanted. Culture and stuff like that, lets hope for something fun. And it's mostly for long term, with bits of what you need (some violence, some action, some sex if needed, and hopefully a good story)
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Offline Carlissa

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2010, 07:15:48 AM »
Would pregnancy be a problem? ^^

Offline sinoraa

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2010, 08:20:20 AM »
I'll take The Mechanic. Seems like this could be some good fun

Offline MarvinTopic starter

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2010, 04:51:24 PM »
Pregnancy wouldn't be a problem I suppose, depends on how it plays i guess... Give me a pm and we can discuss it.

A spot is yours, sinoraa. I'll give you a pm.
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2010, 02:07:27 AM »
Sorry that I was a tired and somewhat confused goon yesterday.

I sent a PM and will have it all sorted out I hope.

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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2010, 03:10:29 AM »
Name :
Position :


Health :
Strength :
Agility :
Awareness :
Willpower :
Social :

(Attributes are used for actions that won't require trained/special skills. Examples : Health for endurance and resisting poisons, Strength for lifting and resisting damage, Agility for dodge, Awarenes to spot hidden, willpower to endure pain, Social to charm.)

Skills :
Just listing the 3 most important ones for each, rest is up to you, need 4 skilled -x- skills to add.

Mechanic -> Master Engineer / Repairs & Maintenance
Pilot -> Master Pilot / Freighters & Fighters
Doctor -> Master Medicine / Surgeon
Captain -> Master Marksman / Carbine

Mechanic -> Expert Marksman / Carbine
Pilot -> Expert Artillerist / ship to ship artillery
Doctor -> Expert First Aid / Emergency treatment & Diagnostics
Captain -> Expert Leader / Inspiration

Mechanic -> Expert Demolitioner / Plastics
Pilot -> Expert Fighter / Close quarters combat
Doctor -> Expert Ritualist / Protections & Exorcism
Captain -> Expert Diplomat / Trade & Negotiations

Some skills examples
Athletics / Zero Gravity Manouveurs
Computers / Hacking
Science / Arcane Technology
Academics / History of the colonies

Merits :
Listing the free merits they get at start

Pilot : Ace Pilot
Mechanic : Mechanical Empathy
Captain : Inspiring Leader
Doctor : Occult Heritage

If you need some examples of merits, poke me and I'll give some suggestions

Personality :

Appearance :

Background :

Need details, just pm and we'll work it out


I'll try to be simple about explaining the system, in the future ooc topic, I'll post details.


(each character has up to 12 points to spend on attributes, a mechanic could have good use of superb health and agility as an example )

Average(cost 0points) lvl 0
Good (cost 2points) lvl 1
Superb (cost 3points) lvl 2

Example of how stats could be placed between the 5 attributes

Health : Superior
(Health covers endurance and constitution)
Strength : Average
(Strength covers damage resistance, hand to hand damage)
Agility: Good
(Agility covers speed, balance, nimbleness)
Awareness: Good
(Awareness covers perception, initiative)
Willpower: Superior
(Willpower covers self-control, will)
Social: Good
(Social covers social skills, charisma)


(each character gets freely ; 1 Master skill, 2 Expert skills and 4 Skilled skills)

Skilled (level 1), Expert (level 2), Master (level 3), Grand Master (level 4)

Background options

special/magic/merits and such fits here, 7points and i can suggest various things from the merits system that works with the type.

Ambidextrous, and similar advantages may be bought, use the Vampire/Ars magica or similar merits..  come up with suggestions or shall i give some?

The GM will use his own judgment to make decisions, and may roll one or more die to help in the decision. A simple rule is a good one: Bigger is Better....

If a skill roll is needed (player vs player or similar), each level in a skill represents +2 on a d10. Unskilled gets a -5 penalty.

Attributes works in a similar way, each level represents +2 but the roll is made with a d6 since attributes matter more. Attributes are covering may unspecialized tasks (lifting, charming, running, spotting, and so forth)

You can always start with a personality, background and appearance text to begin with.. And we'll sort the rest later...
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2010, 04:02:22 AM »

Altair 5

A major city called “Nova Carthage” holds the only space-anchor of the planet, and NC is the capitol city of Altair 5. (Tech level varies, but seems low throughout the city due to lack of newly produced tech, weapons prohibited. The law enforcers are well equipped and brutal.)

NC is the capital and largest city of the colonies. The NC is a city state, ruled by a governor appointed by the NC Senate (Rich traders and politicians). In addition to being widely known as the oldest city in the colonies, Nova Carthage is a major trade center in the Sector and the major sponsor of the Colonial Fleet.
Currently, the city has an estimated population of about 10 millions and it's geographically embedded on the eastern foothills of the “World's Edge” mountain range at the shore of the Silent Sea, on a plateau 1000 metres above sea-level. The original colonists were inspired by the ancient Greece when they programmed the design used by automated builders, and therefore the city is filled with vaults, arches and imposing structures for public use.

Other settlements of Altair 5

Mainly farmlands and agricultural installations, maybe a hundred smaller communities are supporting the NC with foodstuff and materials.


Tertius is basically a green, terraformed moon that circles Altair 5. Minor towns, smaller settlements and huge farms can be found all over the moons lush landscape. Tertius has a Space Anchor located at 'Casa Tertius', originally a recreational resort for the military posted in the sector.

This colony is home to many of the richest people of the Sector, and home to many officers of the Colonial Fleet. Tertius is very closely tied to  Altair 5, specifically to NC.

Major Stations


This installation is the home of the major Trading company 'Nautea'. Currently, the station has an estimated population of about 200 000.

If you need a large shipment of livestock, crops, weapons or whatever, then this is where to go.

Nauteans are hard working, honest and practical. They are always looking for spare parts.

Mohandi 13

This installation was originally the science and educational station. Currently, the station has an estimated population of about 50 000. Most officers and high tech scientists got their education here on Mohandi 13.

If you need help with alien artifacts, transcriptions or scientific input, then this is the spot.

Colonial Fleet

Just giving a little info on them..

CD-F/T.A.P "Mencius" [/i]

[Colonial Defence Fleet Tactical Anchor Platform]

This is the HQ for the Colonial fleet, and has an estimated population of about 25 000.


These ships are patrolling the sector near Altair 5 and the nearby stations.

Norn C.S "Azrail" [/i]

[Norn-class Capital Ship]

Flagship, commanded by Admiral Edina.

Holds 250 fighters, 10 scout vessels and 8 shuttles

Bishamon Dreadnaught "Orcus" and "Jizo" [/i]

[Bishamon-class Dreadnaught]

Bulky warships

Mikula B.C "Rhineland" / "York" / "Hangzhou" / "Kirov" / "Orissa" / "Nagoya" [/i]

[Mikula-class Battle Cruiser]

Agile warships
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #7 on: March 29, 2010, 05:13:37 PM »
Name:  Salonika Patel 
Position:  Doctor-General Practitioner / Tantrist


Health: 1
Strength:  0
Agility:  2
Awareness: 2
Willpower: 1
Social:  1

  • General medicine  2
  • Emergency triage  2
  • Tantrist rituals  (Kama Sutra)  3
  • Occult-protections  1
  • Occult-exorcisms  1
  • Enigmas 1
  • Seduction 1

Succubus Pact  (5),  Bond to one of the elder mysteries. 
Which protects her from the 'Black ghosts'.
While it also allows her to see into a person
and see the possession.

Sexualize  (2), invokes a unsettling sexual aura.
Personality:  Salonika is a sensual creature.  With a compassionate caring soul.  Through strong and steady in determination of will.  Especially when performing medicine.   Salonika is also is also classified as a submissive.

Appearance:  Dark brown skin with dark brown eyes and raven black hair.   Salonika is five foot four inches tall and weighs around one hundred twenty to one hundred thirty pounds.  In a curvaceous voluptuous package.   Occult ritual tattoos that are glyphs and sigils  adorn her body.    Salonika is usually dressed in a medical coat/smock.   With being a tantrist, she usually wears nothing underneath.   If her the coat opens a fine golden chain dangles from  nether lips.    No alarm, it is merely the chain of her benwa balls.  Which she nearly has in all the time. 

Background:  Salonika Patel, as the name suggests.  Heritage is from India of Earth's past.   The youngest of seven children.   With being the only girl of her parents.   With being the only daughter.   Found her child hood a journey of duality.  On one hand being the youngest.   There is almost nothing she could not ask for.    In which Salonika would attend the largest university on Altair 5.  In which she would get her degree in medicine.   In becoming a doctor of general medicine practitioner.   

However, as she is afforded anything she wanted.   The age old customs of Earth's past.  Especially with her Indian heritage.   Her parents had begun shopping for a prospective husband for her.   As soon as she started into her first year at the university.       One weekend she is to go to her parents home.  To meet one the prospective suitors that her parents are going to choose for her.   Now Salonika to avoid conflict.   Would not go,  instead she would go with her roommates.    Who were into a club that met weekly.   Erroneously assumed it was something a Greek club.    In truth  she would learn quickly that it was a secret cult into the occults.    That acknowledged the circle, the interwoven powers of femininity.   Worshiping the goddess aspect.  This would put a strain on her relation ship with her family.   Rooted in the old fashion customs.   Of course if they knew the truth.   It would have been far worse then a strained relationship.  Salonika would have been forced to quit the university.

For as she became more involved in meshed into the cult.    She would first attend the rituals that were performed.  Sexual rituals that tapped into the energies of the unknown.  Of the feminine power of the universe.   From merely participating as a spectator to becoming a participant in the rituals is a seamless transition for Salonika.    From that point on, there is no turning back for Salonika.    As she is thoroughly drawn into the occult.   

School is nearly done,  graduation is almost finally here.   Along with a bombshell.  Through over the past years.   Salonika has done a good job of avoiding meeting the suitors her parents wanted her to meet.  One is finally chosen for her.   In thinking what is best for their only daughter.  They selected one that would be her husband.    Now trapped,  Salonika turned to the one thing that has brought her a sense of self and worth.  That is her practice into the cult mysteries.     Drawing upon a ancient ritual that dates back to Earth's Neo ancient era of time.   Salonika would perform the ritual of calling and submitting to one of the elder mysteries.     It worked,  for her betroth.  Suddenly elopes with his personal aide.  To the startle surprise of her parents as the one chosen to be her husband runs off with another man.   

Knowledge floods her of deeper mysteries of the tantra due to this pact.     Free now from the marriage.   Salonika would intern at Mercy hospital.    While also she seem to emit a pheromones that aroused others around her when in close proximity.    It is at the end of that internship.  That she runs across a strange case.   A spacer,   one of the cargo transport teamsters.    He has come down with a mysterious illness.    That so far no cure has been found.   However,  when she goes in to see him for the first time.   She can see the possession.    The entity that resides within him.  That night in her apartment.  She would commune with her benefactor.    Armed with the new knowledge gained.   The following night after her shift.   Salonika would sneak back into the hospital.   Sneak into the quarantine room of the spacer.    Where she would  perform a tantra ritual in exorcising the alien entity from the body of the spacer.     As she in the greatest height of the ritual when the height of sexual energies are at the highest.  She would draw the entity into herself.  Where the mystery she is bond to would destroy the 'Black ghost'.     

With finishing her internship now a license doctor.   However,  after that incident in which the rest of the doctors and hospital believed a miraculous cure for the spacer.    That what ever it was had run its course.   Salonika began reading up on  the 'Black ghosts.'    Not widely known,  yet enough to know that they exist.     Salonika would take her paternal grand parents inheritance and invest into of all things a space craft.    A old freighter hulk called the Castille.  In which she becomes invested with 10% ownership.   A very risky proposition as humanity and the level of technology has been on the steady decline.    Most that travel the space paths,  are pirates.   However, it is here that resides the 'Black ghosts.'   
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #8 on: March 30, 2010, 07:01:54 AM »
Captain and Pilot roles are still undecided (waiting for characters). Mechanic and Doctor roles are taken.

Mechanic - (sinoraa)
Doctor - Salonika Patel 

Hired Mercenary       - Francis McHenry
Passenger/Refugee - (Carlissa)

Can take a few more refugees/hired personell/travellers if anyone has intrest
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #9 on: April 01, 2010, 01:01:57 PM »
Name : Francis McHenry
Position :Hired mercenary



Health :Good
Strength :Superior
Agility :Good
Awareness :Good
Willpower :Average
Social :Average


Skills :

Expert Combatant - Chainsword
Expert Marksman - Pistol
Skilled Athletics - Zero Gravity Manouveurs
Skilled Burglar - Bypass Security
Skilled Laborer - Generic Repair/Maintenance/Assistance


Merits :

Good reflexes
Fast movement
Silent steps


Personality : Francis is a really easygoing, especially for a merc.  He might get angry, but he will forget, quite literally, in the next thought.  He is a type of Idiot-Savant when it comes to all things. He retains some knowledge of all kinds of random things, but his mental capacity keep track of these things is extremely impulse related.  He will face off against combatants and while firing at them ask if they got their weapons at the local trader or from a back alley man, usually by name.  He will recognize the names of equipment, their make, model, and statistics.  But in the next moment will switch to something else.  If asked about any of this, he just gives them a confused response.

Appearance : Francis is big.  He stands a hair over 2 meters tall, and is quite muscular from all of the heavy lifting he during his upraising. He is a classic corn fed country boy... but raised in space agriculture.  He hates farming because of it.  He has short cropped black hair and brown doey eyes.

Background :  Born on Hallidor Station, out on the fringe of known space, Francis grew up in the Agro fields.  He learned the ways of the "land" and how best to use it... Until he found SpaceBall.  Once he joined the SpaceBall team it was all over for this new star.  He could pound heads and leap crowds in space.  This became his dream... until the day he actually hurt someone.  Then he had to leave the "country" behind and make his way in the big ole black.  He joined a passing freighter and became a spacer... but all that work was just so annoying.  He hated having to fix this and move that... Then came Captain O'Connor.  He offered him the chance to bust heads... for profit.  He was hooked.  He followed the Captain for 4 years, until a chance meteor storm collided with his escape craft after a botched job near Praxyon Station.  No more captain, no more OC boys.  He then just drifted from colony to station, looking for jobs.

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #10 on: April 03, 2010, 02:56:46 AM »
Oh I could totally get in on this. I'd love to be the pilot.

Offline MarvinTopic starter

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #11 on: April 05, 2010, 04:58:53 AM »
post the character here, and we'll see what happens :)

Offline MarvinTopic starter

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #12 on: April 05, 2010, 04:17:38 PM »
One of the players will be gone til next weekend, so I'll press pause til then.

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #13 on: April 05, 2010, 11:17:37 PM »
Name : Odessa Silverberg, "Reaper"
Position : Pilot


Health : 1
Strength : 0
Agility: 2
Awareness: 2
Willpower: 1
Social: 1

Pilot : Fighters & Freighters - 3
Expert Artillerist - 2
Hypnosis - 1
Knowledge : Tactics - 1
Manipulation - 1
Occult - Charms - 2
Seduction - 1

Ace Pilot
Telepathic(5): Odessa is able to read the thoughts of others and project her thoughts on others as if they were their own. Could this be how she has been able to stay "off the radar"?
Charm Caster(2): Anyone opposing Odessa's charm spells suffers a -2 penalty to rolls

Though quiet about her past, unless boasting about her skills, Odessa speaks to people only when she feels the need to actually do so. She is reluctant to speak to anyone about her past. But when pressed about it she simply gets quiet, and stops talking.



Odessa's past is shrouded in mystery. Where she served, how she gained her skills, and other things. What is known is that she is a pilot like no other. Never been shot down, she claims.
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Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #14 on: April 06, 2010, 06:57:12 AM »
The cast so far

Pilot - Odessa Silverberg, "Reaper" - KunoichiRogue5
Mechanic - Sarah Freeman - sinoraa
Doctor - Salonika Patel - Elven Sex Goddess

Hired Mercenary       -  Francis McHenry

Passenger/Refugee - (Carlissa)

I might run a NPC temporary Captain until the supposed captain returns from his IRL vacation (and replaces the NPC). Will post here if that's what I'll do, and I'll fix the game thread with Character and OOC as soon as I've decided.

Offline gnoah

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2010, 08:59:04 AM »
Any room for a cook?

Offline MarvinTopic starter

Re: A Post Apocalyptic space adventure
« Reply #16 on: April 07, 2010, 08:41:35 AM »
You can still post here if you're intrested, I'll give you a message about openings and when you can jump in.

The Story
The Crew
OOC & Extra info

We could need mercenaries, additional crew and temporary passengers in a near future.
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