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June 17, 2021, 10:10:58 pm

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Author Topic: Oceanborne (prince/anamalistic mermaid, looking for prince/ss for m/f or m/m)  (Read 648 times)

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Offline NadirTopic starter

The Prince's Pool was an old feature of the palace, tiled with precious stone and deeper than three men were tall in the centre and as wide as a small lake. There were several small 'islands' for basking, and a fountain that burbled continuously. There were fish living in the cool waters, little flashes of silver and gold glimmering to-and-fro. Its uses had, in the past, been anything from meditation to relieving the past princes from the hot sun, only semi-private as many windows looked down upon it and the corridors that framed it open-sided so it could be looked at by the passing court and servants - but it now had a new purpose.

It was now home and prison to a rarity.

She had been brought over a hundred miles in a darkened cart, wrapped in wet silk and packed with crushed ice. A gift for the heir - a marriage token from his future bride. A mermaid.

Slender and silverskinned, her top half deemed to have a few more bones than a human's, allowing her to bend and ripple in a fashion usually restricted to tumblers and dancers from the deserts. Her hair was long and misty white, with an oddly slick feel to the touch, never tangling. Her breasts were small buds, the nipples a soft grey shade. Her face was odd and alien, totally unlike any other's, the bones delicate and a grey pattern curing about her cheeks and forehead. Her ears were long and pointed, finned delicately and spined, and oddly pierced with heavy hoops of an unknown metal.

Her tail was three times longer than her upper body, coiling eel-like with a shark fin end. The muscles in it were hard and strong - but she was barely moving as she was slid into the pool, too cold from the ice and slow from the heavy opium smoke used to keep her calm in the rush from the sea. Her pale blue eyes didn't seem to see the servants who nudged her tail into the water, blinking slowly against the brightness of the rising sun. 

I'm looking for a writer for the prince. Not the mermaid.

I'd like to play this with the mermaid being confused, reclusive and aggressive. The prince can either resort to drugging or bondage (for a NC game) or he can win her trust by feeding her. Ideally I'd like this to contain pregnancy and oviposition. I'd prefer it not to be a romance, more a slave-training game. The mermaid will be quite animalistic in behaviour. I'd like to have it kill someone and eat some of them before anyone finds out.

The game can be Prince/female mermaid, prince/male mermaid (with a seahorse-like egg carrying thing) or princess/male mermaid.
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Offline Two Faced

I've actually been eyeballing this, because-- well, there's no doubt as to how interesting (and fun) this could be. At the same time I realize that something like this is horribly out of my style (and probably my writing league,) so I don't think I'll pursue it for a game-- but good luck! I hope you find someone to take you up on it soon.

Offline TheWriter

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It's up to you whether you think I'm the right sort of writer for the job, but it has been a while since I played something with a less modern feel to it; maybe the change of pace is what I need to shake this funk...  I'd be delighted to play the prince to your mermaid, given the chance.

Offline Jag

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Evil Eden...I hate love you.

Offline NadirTopic starter

*loffs on Writer and Michi*

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So very tempted.... Do you already have someone for it?