Dreams of the Beast

Started by Anji, March 26, 2010, 01:50:01 AM

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Been gone for a bit, I want to get back in the swing of things and I'm itching to meet new people. Bolded items are those that I would like to play


Ace Bandages and Short Skirts (F/Cross-Dressing F, Strap-on eventually) TAKEN
Your average girly girl is struck by the sweetness of a young man she meets  as she goes along her day. After a few botched attempts at asking for a date, she discovers the young man is a young woman. Flustered, she asks anyway. The roleplay would be picking up just before the first date while the shock is still fresh but both are willing.

Garlic Bread Crucifixes (M Vampire/ F Human?, magic, slight non-con, kinks as we go) TAKEN
A young woman moves to a house she has inherited after the death of a relative. Surprised by how well kept the property is, she relishes the opportunity only to discover that there is a vampire living in the house (or so he claims). He isn't exactly pleased either considering that he is bound to the will of whoever holds the property.

This one I really want to play with vampiric stereotypes, it will be up to the player to decide what myths they choose or do not choose or even if they want make up some new ones. Just have him be sexy!

Pick-up games I would be really into (PM for details)
Anything World of Darkness
Anything Exalted
Zevran Aranai/OC (Dragon Age)- One of our lovely elf's escapades.
Remy "Gambit" LeBeau/OC - I would prefer to play a mutant, no one special just another mutant. Smut will be eventual.
Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner/OC - Same as above.
Miki/Kozue from Revolutionary Girl Utena (twins, incest overtones, possible actual incest) - I would just really, really like to try my hand at playing the female half. Real world setting rather than Ohtori might be interesting.

PM if you think you have an idea I would like.

Ace Bandages and Short Skirts with London
Garlic Bread Crucifixes with TimeKeys