A Few Ideas From Tankou [MUL]

Started by Tankou, March 25, 2010, 12:17:27 AM

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Hello all! I am looking for a few different rp types.  First of all is a Mahou Sensei Negima game of some sort. I would refer it being manga based, not based around the anime timeline (I like the manga more). PM me if you are even the least bit interested in any Negima related stuff. Obviously it won't be at the time of the manga current but that goes without saying. I like Nagase Kaede, Zazie Rainyday, Yotsuba Satsuki, Inugami Kotarou, Ku Fei and several others. it can all be arranged if you decide to bit onto this idea XP

Secondly, I want a sort of twin style game. I'll explain below.

Retria and Threnia are twins who share  single soul to their two bodies. Thus they are, more or less, the same person. They feel all the sensations of the other, including sexual sensations and feelings of love and infatuation. when a man falls for one of them is he going to be prepared to handle the other. Technically they are the same person after all.

I would be playing Retria and Threnia. I am wanting it to be somewhat supernatural and fantastic, ya know? Retria and Threnia were made with the idea in mind that their magical power increases as they near each other and weakens as they are separated so it would tie in well to have some sort of magical suitor. We could discuss fantasy style races of everyone if you pm me. I don't have a set fantasy race in mind for the twins, to be perfectly honest. I think it would be interesting to incorporate pregnancy into this or perhaps some twincest between Retria and Threnia but that is all according to what you want.

PM me if you are interested!